Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where is the Tardis? Where are our Klingsons?

Okay, so I was answering someone's email, telling a long tale of battles with tree limbs and such, and I lost it. And it was several paragraphs long when I lost it, and I haven't the patience for typing it again just now, so it will probably be in a later blog post.

On another important matter, there is the Tardis.

Not my Tardis exactly, but one made by some friends of mine. There's a contest of making a Tardis and then taking interesting pictures of it. Here's the link to my friends entry www.wheresthetardis.com/entry/100407 and the rest of the contest is at www.wheresthetardis.com.

I'm a bit disappointed. My friends probably deserve to win, but probably there are not going to now. There are some really great pictures, but I don't think that people are going to see most of them. The team worked really hard on this. The entry was supposed to say something about the club, and they entered before the deadline and received confirmation, but a week later there were still no pictures on the site. So they tried again on another computer, and nothing. The deadline was extended a bit due to receiving many more entries than they had expected, so my friends went to another house and tried a third time on yet a different computer, this time not using the club's name in the title, so the entry is called All American Tardis. Boring name, and many other entries were also called American Tardis. So if you are looking for my friends pictures, they are a little hard to find.

Also, the first picture, the only one a lot of people will see, is rather dull. They are on page three. There's the Tardis. No big deal. They took a zillion pictures and this all most people will see, cause most people won't click to continue looking at the construction and so forth. And even that page doesn't have the more interesting pictures. For that you have to go here http://ussjoshua.org/2011_TARDIS_Project/All-American_TARDIS.pdf , but it doesn't show up as a link at the Where's the Tardis site, so you have to type all of that in. From there you have to click on other links, a few of which do not work advertising the places that allowed them to take pictures.

has pictures of The Doctor, a younger version of The Doctor, The Master, a guy from UNIT, a Federation captain, a Klingon, some actual space stuff, and the yellow brick road and a munchkin.
http://ussjoshua.org/2011_TARDIS_Project/TARDIS_Halloween/index.html has pictures from the Halloween party, including another Doctor, and a couple of girls in Dalek dresses.
http://www.ussjoshua.org/2011_TARDIS_Project/Construction_Photos/ has pictures of the team putting the thing together.

There are more links to even more pictures, but I've had trouble with copy and paste stuff on Blogger, and I'm tired of typing all this stuff in twice.
Anyway, it is all very cool stuff, but I don't think that many people are going to see it.
Part of the contest involves getting votes from the public. But in order to vote, you have to be on Facebook. I think that I've already had a rant about Facebook, so I won't repeat it now, but let's just say that the Facebook thing is also causing some problems.
Anyway, if you're on Facebook, please go to page three of the contest and vote for the All American Tardis and maybe look at some of the other entries. It is a bit fun.
Now I want a Tardis. In my backyard. Maybe I could put my lawnmower in it.

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