Saturday, February 06, 2010

The job hunt

Okay, well not so much my job hunt, it is more about my husband's job hunt. In order to get unemployment, you have to be looking for a job and so forth. And you can't turn down any offer of a job, cause that would mean that you aren't seriously looking, and then you would lose your benefits.

So don't apply for a job at McDonald's if you don't actually want to work there.

Anyway, at first he was concerned about this, cause there are only so many jobs out there in his field, and most of them are about up there with working at McDonald's as far as the pay goes. So he really didn't want to apply for them, cause if they offered him a job he wouldn't take it, but then if he turned down a job he'd lose his unemployment. He has a job, just the job doesn't have enough work for him right now. If he takes another job, they won't have any work for him. If he doesn't apply for other jobs, he can't get unemployment during the weeks that they don't have work for him.

I thought the solution to this problem was pretty simple. Only apply for jobs that you know you won't get. There is nothing in the rules about it being a practical job search, or even a job search in your same field, just that you apply for several jobs each week that you get unemployment benefits.

As for jobs in his field that he might actually get, he should only apply for those that are as good or better than the job he already has. There aren't many of those out there, but there are some. He should only apply for those that he would actually want to accept if offered.

So he hasn't applied for many jobs in his field, but he has applied for some. When there's been a really slow period he'll apply for a job that looks just as good as the one he has now. But none of those have offered him a job. In fact, so far no one has even sounded interested in him at all.

So this week, he didn't quite get a job offer, but they did at least respond by email, saying that they might have an opening, and that they would be interviewing in a couple of weeks.

Still, this is not a job offer. In fact, at this point they haven't even scheduled an interview. They're just telling him when the interview would be if they did interview him, so that way he can clear some time in his schedule.

So now there is the big decision to be made, whether or not to go forward with the application process. I have mixed feelings about it. I suppose that if he applies for the job I hope that he gets it and that he actually does make a lot of money and so forth. And I hope that it isn't a terrible job and that he enjoys it. I hope that all works out.

But in addition to my thoughts about him actually taking the job and what that would mean, I am just worried about continuing with the application process. I'm a bit worried if he tries to get the job and he either doesn't get it or he gets it and it doesn't work out. I'm a bit worried what will happen at his current job when they find out he's seriously trying to get another job and not just doing the minimum job search required to get unemployment benefits. And then I'm really worried what will happen if he gets the new job and then it doesn't work out. Would he be able to get his current job back, and would they have even less work for him then?

Maybe they'll cut his hours as soon as they find out he's trying to get this other job. And of course they will have to be told, cause he won't be able to go on this interview without asking for a day off, which usually means that he won't work for the whole week.

On my end, I haven't done much to get my own job. I keep waiting for things to be normal, whatever "normal" means anymore. But I think dealing with my own situation would be easier after his job situation is settled.

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