Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bizarre Billboard

My husband and I used to travel a lot, mostly within Texas. And when you are driving out in the middle of nowhere, you tend to notice the billboards. This is the only time I notice billboards. Billboards in the city are a complete waste of space.

Dumb things get advertised on billboards, and I don't know why. Billboards advertising specific things are useful. As I said, we used to drive around Texas a lot. So you look for Billboards telling you which motels have hot tubs or free breakfast or whatever. Billboards advertising nearby tourist attractions are a good idea. I like to know that if I need gas there's an Exxon at the next exit, and if I get hungry there is a KFC ten miles down the road. Stuff like that. And if I were a truck driver, I'd like to know where I could get a free steak dinner with every 100 gallon fill-up.

Those are all very useful billboard advertisements.

I don't think a billboard advertising alcohol is a good idea. I really don't like that truck driver to decide he needs a couple of beers after he's eaten his free steak dinner. People just shouldn't be reminded that it's Miller time or whatever while they're driving on the same road with me, or anyone else for that matter.

And I don't get the cigarette advertisements. The people who smoke are already hooked, and the rest of us aren't even going to read it. Now, maybe billboards advertising the quit smoking stuff would be a good idea here. The guy that just got a ticket because he went 20 miles over the speed limit after he realized that he'd smoked his last cigarette at lunch and he's going to need another one real soon, well, he just might be in the proper mood to think about trying to kick that habit now.

There are billboards for movies and other things that I don't think anyone ever reads. The only place we really notice advertisements for movies is at the movie theater and the video rental place. Or maybe the newspaper. But we're usually not going 60 miles an hour down the road looking for giant movie posters. Surely nobody cares about it then.

But the really puzzling billboard ad, the one that just doesn't make any damn sense, advertises vasectomy reversal.

I just can't imagine that anyone has ever been driving to Houston and saw this sign and thought, that's what I need. When I get to Houston, I'm going to call and ask about getting my vasectomy reversed. I had a vasectomy back when I was young and stupid, and I have regretted it ever since. But thankfully, I am going to Houston, and now I know that while I am there I can have it all undone. How wonderful.

I just can't imagine that they get any costumers from this sign. Is vasectomy reversal an impulse buy? Is that want people need to know on their way to Houston?

Apparently they need to know that on their way other places as well. But that is unfortunate for those people, because they have to turn around and go to Houston to get it.

Has anyone ever in the history of this place gotten a vasectomy reversal from them because they read a billboard?



Playtah said...

Wow! That is a whacked out billboard. I've NEVER seen a billboard like that. If you get a chance to go back there sometime, you HAVE to take a picture! Did they have a catchy slogan? Like, "You nix 'em, we fix 'em"? :)

laughingattheslut said...

I can't find any pictures at the moment. And there were no catchy slogans, at least none that I remember. Just this billboard, with VASECTOMY REVERSAL, in big letters, and you just don't see those words in big letters everyday. And there was a phone number for their office in Houston.

Anyway, if you are driving down the highway and you see that, and you're not expecting it, you tend to spray soda all over the front seat.

laughingattheslut said...

Okay, maybe there is a picture.

If you go to this website

look at the blue and yellow bit at the top. That was pretty much it.

Anonymous said...

Then you have all those billboards that advertise billboard companies. I'm sure you've seen those?

The real message that they advertise is "We are either so disorganized or we charge too much so we can't get real advertisers on our billboards."

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