Friday, April 20, 2007

The Gay Guy at Galaxy Fair '94

Well, I have had a very tiring week, and I might get into it later. But let's skip all that for now and go directly get directly to the bit about the gay guy.
(The following was originally posted on another blog on December 31st.)
I'm sure that gay guy had a real name, but I don't remember what it was, and he might not want it in some strange woman's blog anyway, so let's move on.
So I was setting up stuff in the art room, and gay guy walked in wearing mostly black leather and a dog collar. He was being led around on a leash by a blond girl who later turned out to be his sister. And he told me right away that he was gay. I wondered at first if had been overly friendly, but apparently that is just what he does. Right away he's like "Hi, I'm gay." So that way he doesn't waste time trying to be friends with you if you can't deal with it. Pretty soon after that, religion came into the conversation. I'm a Christian, and maybe I should say that right away so I don't waste time trying to be friends with you if you can't deal with it. Anyway, we went on to talk about the art and whether or not he liked this or that costume and the usual stuff that you talk about at conventions.
So that was nice. Catch you later.
So later, I am in the costume contest with the borg costume, and I do just this tiny bit of the "When Harry Met Sally" restaurant scene as part of the show. And it was a lot of fun, and I tied with a friend for Best Trek.
So after the contest, I run into to this gay guy again. And he is like, you were all talking about being a Christian, and then you get on stage and have an orgasm. And I'm like, I didn't know Christians weren't supposed to have orgasms.
(The following is new material.)
I think that I was a bad influence on this man. I swear I saw him a few years ago at a costume contest at another convention. I'm trying to think of a nice way to describe what he was wearing. Let's see. He was wearing green spandex, and there was a ten inch green pole between his legs, and on the pole was a giant green eyeball with flashing lights. And he would walk around on stage in such a way that the pole and the flashing eye would sort of swing around in a circle.
There weren't many people in this contest, and I believe he won Best Original. Well, I'd certainly never seen anything like it before.


Rachel said...

I think that was the One Eyed Monster that you got a glimpse of there.
I would plan on that for my next Halloween costume but I don't think I can pull it off.

dmarks said...

That does sound kind of original. If it really was a few years ago, there are probably photos of it online too.

evil-e said...

I know the type you speak of....
•I was an art student and encountered some very different points of view on life as it were. I knew some gay folk that were OK and some that were just obnoxious.

•I used to live in an apartment building in Lakewood OH. This small suburb is notorious for it's gay population and the way it caters to their kind.

•I hang and have hung around a lot of punks and metal heads in my life. The music scene does attract that certain element as well.

You encountered, by my estimation, Mr "I am gay as hell and what are you going to do about it" blatent, over-the-top, hit you in the face, fashion fag (excuse my French) In other words, he thinks it fashionable and is still trying to convince himself that he is really into the idea.

laughingattheslut said...

He actually was a lot of fun to talk to the first time around. That green eye thing was a bit much in my opinion, but he did ask several times if parents had been warned to keep their children away from the costume contest and such.

The last few years before I got married I met quite a few gay guys. It got around that yes I was one of those serious church going kids, but if someone told me up front that they were gay I was okay with it. If I found out later, like after I asked one of them out or tried to get one of them interested in one of my friends, I tended to get a little upset about it. So it concerned me a little bit that this guy just walks up and says that he's gay, like I was going to ask him out or something, but that wasn't it at all, so it was okay.

Some of the people with him were a bit strange. There was actually a guy in a pink fairy costume.