Sunday, September 30, 2007

Okay, now that's sorted out

The eBay stuff has been listed now. I have no idea what's wrong with Turbo Lister or whatever, but even with the proper passwords and such it still didn't seem to work. The regular stuff seems to work now, but not on Explorer. So we used FireFox instead.

So now everything is listed for a fair price, but no bids yet. And one of the listings seems really hard to find. So if I can't find it, and I know that it's there, I don't think that the customer will find it. So that's bad. I tried to edit the listing a couple of times, but that didn't seem to help.

Oh, well. It's just a bit of an experiment. Sometimes they don't go the way you would hope.

With the delay I had to set up five day auctions instead of seven day auctions. At least I have that option now. Last time that I tried to sell anything all the auctions were exactly one week.

They were having a bit of a special, so all six listings only cost me about three dollars in fees. So that's not too bad. The worst thing that will happen now is that I'll be out three bucks and I'll have a lot of pumpkin scented soaps and stuff to use myself. Which was the original idea anyway.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The eBay stuff is still not listed

Okay, so I've been toying with the idea of selling some of this Bath & Body Works stuff on eBay. This week I decided that it was worth a try. I've been talking to my husband about it, and he said that he thought that it was a good idea and that we should take some pictures and list a few things. I believe that the main discussion that we had on the subject was Monday, and he said that we would work on it Sunday. I don't know why he wanted to wait til Sunday, but okay.

After we had this discussion, I looked at some other stuff on eBay, and then I looked at the calendar, and then I told him that I'm afraid that we might have waited too late to list this stuff. So he said that he was sorry and that he would take the pictures on Friday. Okay. Friday I went to school and he said he would take the pictures while I was gone. I didn't think that he needed my help taking the pictures but I asked to make sure. It was just extra lab time, and I didn't have to go to school if I didn't want to. But he agreed that photos are his thing and he didn't need my help, so I left.

I came back so that we could go to lunch. After lunch he showed me the pictures, and he didn't take some of them. But it was time for him to go to work, so he'd have to take the rest of the pictures that night after work. Fine.

So he gets off from work quite a bit early, and he does something on the computer for a bit and then we watch the new vampire show on TV. And we talk a bit about how it was a bad day at work and about listing stuff on eBay and about going out of town. Then he does something else on the computer, and he's going to take those photos "in a few minutes." That's the main thing that he says now. Whatever is said to him, he manages to answer with "in a few minutes."

So he takes some more pictures, and then we come back in here to list stuff on eBay. And then he says something like, "Here you go, have at it, I'm going to bed." At first I think he's making a joke, but no. He just thought that I would be able to figure it out my self. If I knew how to do this stuff myself, why have I been waiting all week for him to show me? "But I have to work tomorrow morning." Well, he knew that Friday morning when I was offering to stay home from school. In fact he got home early, so when he said we were going to list stuff Friday night he thought we'd be doing this two hours later than we were.

So I get really upset with him, and he changes his mind about going to bed and shows me what to do. Only, for some reason, after I write all of the descriptions and he adds the photos, it just doesn't work. At that point he does stay up like another hour trying to fix the thing. Then he says that he's going to download something so that we can try again in the morning.

So the one thing doesn't work any better, and the other thing I still can't do by myself. He changed some passwords a couple of times after this and this. So I don't have the new password, and for some reason the little Roboform thing isn't doing whatever it normally does.

Really, I don't just hand people clay and expect them to know what to do, but for some reason my husband just expects me to figure out new stuff on the computer.

Anyway, the new stuff might or might not work, but I don't know because I haven't got a password. So the stuff probably still won't get listed until Sunday, which is greatly annoying because we will probably be out of town the next Sunday and that will make it more difficult to send off anything that gets purchased.

Somehow it is my fault that this all didn't get done earlier this week. He doesn't have any time during the week to do anything. But somehow while he didn't have time to help me with the eBay stuff, he was still spending most of his time at the computer blogging. In the time since I have asked him for help, he has managed to write fifteen blog posts, mostly about things he isn't even interested in.

He really does live in his own little world where blog posts take priority over time sensitive things in the real world. I suppose this Halloween stuff that I am trying to sell can wait til Thanksgiving, but blogging about other people's tattoos and football players is something that needs to be done right away. I'm a really nice person, but there are days that I really want to just delete his blog.

Of course, I do realize that would not bring him back to reality. He'd find something else to obsess over in a few days, and there's no telling what trouble he'd get into. I'm tired. I don't want to be his mommy.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Freaky Friday

Well, last week I was saying that it was too bad that people who read the hairy nurse's blog couldn't be automatically directed to something that they would find more interesting, like maybe the sex list or Monday Morons or the bimbo bashing stuff. So this week someone from Idaho followed me over after I made some smart a** remark about Mexicans and crackers, and somehow this person ended up reading the current post plus the false alarm post and why I am not exactly fat and the post about it being a good thing that I did not run into Mr. Friendly. Not sure how this person even found those posts, so I tried to find this person to ask. I didn't find anyone from Idaho, but I did find another blog to read while I was looking. So that turned out okay.

I got some pretty good news today. Not anything to get really excited about, but it looks like I'll get to go someplace in a week or so. But I think that I'll save that for maybe Tuesday.

And now a bit about Google searches.

This week there were three people wanting to know about Olenjacks Grill. I rather liked the place, but that's just my opinion.

Someone was specifically looking for this blog. That's always odd. If you don't follow me over from someone else's blog, how do you find me? And it seems like this person was in another country, but I don't remember which one, other than it wasn't Canada or England or someplace I already have readers.

We have yet another person looking for the soloflex infomercial, which I do not have, nor have I made any comments about it. And we have the usual searches for diet drinks, and a couple of people looking for the Marie Callender Semi-Annual Pie Sale. I might actually know something about that in a few weeks, but right now there is only this post about going there last year. Someone was searching for "everyone is going to hell." Someone was looking for Sluts R Us, and someone else was looking for the Sluts R Us store. And this week someone wanted plans for tricky dick penis costume.

Someone Googled nude photograph covered in mud or clay and a violin. I have had a bit to say about the woman with the violin up her a**, though I don't remember mud or clay being in the story. I have plenty of mud and clay elsewhere, including strange places in my house, but not in that particular post.

Someone Googled "wedging table." That's a plaster table covered with canvas, and you knead your clay on it before you make something from the clay. I don't have one at the moment. I probably should get one.

Someone Googled bath and bodyworks art stuff. So far as I know, the two are not related. But the person must have liked whatever he read, cause he Googled the same thing and came back about an hour later.

An AOL Search of a dream calling sick lead someone here.

Someone Googled working weird hours compensation. I think that person was lead here or maybe to the same post as above.

Someone was lead to this post, after Googling skyride accident photos. That post doesn't have photos. Most of my posts don't. Right now they're just a bit of a hassle and I don't need them most of the time. But since I had also Googled the skyride accident at the Texas State fair earlier, I didn't understand why that person didn't find the sought after photo before he got to my post. So I went to look, cause there was a really great photo of one of the cars falling, and it looked like the photographer was in danger of getting squished. But that photo must have been on the second or third story that I read that day, but when I went back to look for it, it had been removed. Weird.

Okay, here's the count for this week:

Giant Penis--1

Diet Drinks--3

People going to hell--1

Homewrecking Sluts--0

Rudy's BBQ--0



Olenjacks Grill--3

Sluts R Us--2

And the top twelve keywords are: going the hell rudys bbq for diet costume how calories penis giant

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More thoughts about eBay

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might have noticed that I shop at Bath & Body Works a lot. I like going to sales, and I like getting a good deal, and I think that the store is a pleasant place to spend a bit of my free time. And they give away tons of coupons. So I can go in and get a couple of things that are buy one get one free, and then I usually have a coupon to get something else for free.

If you do this from time to time throughout the year, you have accumulated a lot of stuff before everyone else gets into the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Anyway, I already have more stuff than I thought, and I still have coupons left and will possibly buy more stuff. But that's okay, cause I like the stuff myself and whatever I don't end up giving to someone in December will still get used, by me.

But, still, I have a lot of stuff. Last year I bought a lot of pumpkin stuff when it was on sale. I was wondering if maybe it would be a good idea to sell some of this stuff on eBay. I looked and there were over two thousand Bath & Body Works products for sale on eBay. There's almost a hundred items that are just pumpkin scented.

A lot of it seems to be selling. It is a total mystery to me. I suppose that there are people who like shopping on eBay just as much as I like shopping at Bath & Body Works. But mostly I think that the reason people buy things on eBay is that they want to get a good price, but most of the time the added cost of the shipping makes the good price not such a good deal.

Some of it is such a good price that it is still a good deal with the added shipping costs. So then I have to wonder why the seller is pricing the stuff so low.

Anyway, I have this pumpkin stuff that I really got a good deal on last year, so I'm thinking that I'll try to sell some of it. I'm going to list about seven things, and if I could get like seven dollars profit on each, then I'd make about fifty dollars. Not bad, but nothing to get really excited about either.

On the other hand, if I did make fifty dollars or more, I could invest it in the next sale, and sell more stuff on eBay later....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I hate my VCR

It seems like every time I get a new VCR, it isn't as good as the old one. The first one that my dad bought in the early eighties (or maybe the very late seventies) was a Beta. For some reason, we were the only people who liked Beta. I never understood why. They were better quality and the tapes took up a little less space on the shelf. People who had to do stuff at work preferred to use Beta machines, but for some reason most people in this country bought VHS for home use.

I loved that first Beta video recorder. It was a top loader and it looked sort of funny compared to the machines we have now. I don't think that it had a remote control, but if you were recording something (not on a timer) and you didn't want to record the commercials, there was this little pause button on a wire that you could plug in and it worked very well. I had the ABC extended version of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan with no commercials on a Beta tape. Seems like I had a lot of stuff like that.

Eventually, we couldn't rent any movies on Beta, and a bit after that we couldn't even buy any tapes. We finally gave up at bought a VHS. It wasn't as good. It didn't have the little pause button on a wire. And it seemed like when you recorded something that the video part and the audio part didn't start recording at the same time. So maybe you recorded some episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation on the same tape as some episodes of The Outer Limits. There would be a few seconds where you'd be looking at Captain Picard but you'd hear something from the other show. Or maybe there would be this loud screech in between recorded shows. It just didn't make smooth transitions like my old Beta machine.

Anyway, I got used to the VHS, and then maybe the next VHS machine was better. Or maybe I just finally got used to it not being as good as a Beta. I eventually bought a lot of tapes on VHS.

Well, having any VCR is good. I'd hate to go back to the time when I didn't want to leave the house on a certain night because I didn't want to miss Logan's Run or The Bionic Woman.

For a while my husband and I had a job traveling the country trying to sell portraits. We were never home. We bought an extra VCR to take with us on our trips. We would hook up the VCR to a different TV at least once a week. So after that job we came home, and for a couple of years we had two VCRs. We could just watch TV all the time. We could record stuff on two networks while we were watching something else on a third.

Then one of those stopped working, and the other one wasn't working so good either. So we bought a new one. And since all the new movies came out on DVDs, we bought a VHS VCR/DVD player. So we could record TV stuff on the VHS side and still borrow movies to watch on the DVD side. It was a bit annoying sometimes, because sometimes after we'd watch a DVD we would forget to switch it back over to VCR and we'd hit play and it would play whatever disk was left in the machine, or maybe we'd hit record and nothing would happen.

The other VCR quit working, and we didn't bother to replace it. The regular VCRs cost as much as a VCR/DVD player combo, and it seemed silly to spend the money to get another one of those. Someone had given us another DVD player that we never even took out of the box. And about that time our good TV quit working. We think it had something to do with putting the DVD player on top of the TV. That's where the old VCR had always been, and we just didn't think of the DVD player causing a problem. So we bought a new TV and were careful not to put the DVD player on top of it, just in case.

Christmas came around, and we got a VCR/DVD recorder combo from my mom. My husband was going out of town a lot, and I thought it would be nice if he could take the VCR/DVD player out of town with him. Well, that was the plan, only about that time the VCR part of the VCR/DVD player quit working. I think that we'd only had the thing for about a year. Piece of crap.

Anyway, now the VCR/DVD recorder is plugged into the TV. We haven't tried to record anything on the DVD side yet. It just seems like a waste of money to buy all those disks for stuff that I'm probably only going to watch once or twice.

Anyway, while having any VCR at all is a good thing, so far I don't like this machine. You have to keep reminding it that you want to use the VCR side. Sometimes in the middle of watching a tape, it just seems to switch over to the DVD side for no reason. So we're trying to watch Journeyman, and in the middle of it the Paramount logo pops up and starts playing a Star Trek DVD. Weird.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Morons--The Handicapped Sign

I don't have much in the way of morons to write about today. Over the weekend I already wrote about the skyride accident, so that was really enough about morons for now. I hope that everyone got a chance to read the last post.

Anyway, yesterday we were getting hamburgers at Chaps. I'm not into hamburgers so much as some people, but Chaps does make a good hamburger. Unfortunately, the good hamburgers with the grilled onions and such are a bit messy. So when we were getting ready to leave I went to the ladies room to wash up.

So on the door to the ladies room was the handicapped access sign. It's the blue and white sign with the stick-figure pictured sitting in a wheelchair, much the same as the handicapped parking sign outside that keeps most of us from parking in the spot right next to the door. Except for when the handicapped parking sign is in a place that I don't expect to find it, I tend to not even notice the things. But I noticed this one, maybe because I know that some of my readers either have to be in wheelchairs themselves or have to deal with them because a close friend or family member has to use them.

So there is this sign on the door of the ladies room, but there's not a similar sign on the door of the mens room.

Does that mean that the ladies room is fit for use by people in wheelchairs, but the mens room is not? Or does it just mean that they are both fit for use by people in wheelchairs, but there is only a sign on the ladies room? I suppose that the sign on the mens room could have fallen off, but if that's the case it fell off several months ago and they still haven't fixed it. I don't go to the place that often, but now that I think about it I noticed this last time we were there.

I'm a grown woman and after a number of years of going to restaurants and such I have finally gotten over the fear of asking strangers to direct me to the ladies room. I still don't like it too much. I don't like having to ask about such things and I don't like places that seem to have the restrooms hidden someplace. Worse yet are the trendy places that will have the whole waitstaff sing or cheer while they all escort you to the place in question. Chaps is not one of those places, but I have been to a few of them. And, if we get a really big group from the club together, sometimes they will all decide to sing "We know where you're going" if you try to discreetly leave the table.

So how would it be if you were a man in a wheelchair and you had to use the restroom at this place. Possibly you have already had to ask someone where the mens room was, and then after you find it you see that there's a handicapped access sign on the ladies room door and not on the mens room door. So now you have to ask someone if you are really supposed to use the ladies room or if the mens room just isn't properly marked.

Not that it would really be a problem for anyone if the gentleman in question did use the ladies room. Chaps is a small place, and their restrooms are not very big. The ladies room doesn't have multiple stalls, and it's the kind for only one person that you lock the door behind you. And the gentleman is not going to catch our estrogen, and we will not catch his testosterone after he leaves. It's just that it's embarrassing to have to use the facilities that are marked for use by the opposite sex.

So I don't know. I don't know if the sign for the mens room fell off the door and they are just too lazy to fix it, or if they couldn't afford to pay for an extra couple of support rails to be placed in the mens room, or if the bit of extra equipment in the mens room made it too crowded for people with wheelchairs or what.

It just struck me as odd, and I wondered if it would upset their customers with wheelchairs.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I've slipped into some alternate universe

I've just learned that the State Fair of Texas is opening a new skyride. The old one closed almost thirty years ago after a fatal accident. The new one is bigger and better and run by computer and can take people in wheelchairs, etc.... Anyway, it's supposed to be safer.

So I was wondering how much safer it was. I could see that the design was a lot different, but I wasn't sure that it was actually designed so that some idiot couldn't cause another accident. Or maybe the cars were all maned with armed guards who would shoot anyone who didn't behave themselves.

See, the way I remember it, the accident was caused by some guys who deliberated caused one of the cars to hit one of the supports and stop the ride. So that car stopped, but the cars behind it kept coming. So a second car hits the first car that stopped, and the a third car hit the first two, and then a fourth car hit the other three. Only the cable isn't supposed to hold four cars in one place, so the cable snapped and the cars fell.

I've sat here at the computer and read about ten stories about the new ride and the 1979 accident. And none of the stories mention anything about idiot guys causing the accident by rocking the car back and forth. Most list the cause of the accident as high winds, though some stories also mention ride defects and operators being at fault.

Maybe I grew up in some alternate universe where the skyride accident was caused by a couple of idiots who thought it would be cool to rock the car until it hit one of the supports and caused the ride to stop. Then somehow I crossed into a different dimension where these idiots decided not to ride the skyride that day, but the ride had a similar accident right after that due to high winds and/or ride defects and operator error. So maybe if I could find Jerry O'Connell's timer from Sliders, or one of Jack Finney's Woodrow Wilson dimes I could get back where I came from. Maybe in the other dimension the Homewrecking-Slut stayed out of my life, or maybe I married someone else or won the lottery.

In that other dimension, I'm probably not wasting so much time writing these blogs.

Does no one else remember that a couple of stupid passengers caused the accident?

Freaky Friday

Well, in addition to the Google search stuff, the tracker occasional tells me that someone has found my blog through the next blog button. And a lot of times someone has come to check out my blog after I have left a comment on someone else's blog. So maybe I have left a smart a** comment for the hairy nurse, and one of his other readers stops by. But those people are just directed to whatever the current post happens to be, and the newbie gets to read about ceramics or how I don't feel well or why I don't have a job or whatever. So the newbie probably doesn't come back. It's too bad that they can't be taken straight to the sex list or bimbo bashing or Monday Morons or whatever would really interest that person.

Enough about that. On with the Google searches.

Someone was looking for Jimmy Dips this week. And they were looking for the right one, cause they typed in jimmy dips chinese. Too bad the place closed.

We have three people looking for the Marie Callendar's Semi-Annual Pie Sale. This week one of those people wanted to find the pies in Dubai. Do they have Marie Callendar pies in Dubai? I have no idea.

Someone in the Netherlands is looking for "insidious truth." I wonder if this is what he was looking for.

Someone Googled quest all cell phones. Maybe that's part of an adventure game? I don't have a clue.

Someone is looking for concrete work in the Kansas City area.

Someone was wanting to know do Mormons believe Baptists are going to hell. Since I'm not a Mormon, I can't really answer that one. And I can't really speak for all Baptists either, but I would think that a lot of them believe Mormons are going to hell. Someone else Googled religions that think everyone else is going to hell. I would think that Baptists are on the list of religions that think everyone else is going to hell, but I would think that it would be a pretty long list. But again, I can't really speak for everyone.

Someone in England was looking for a "solar shield" spaceship. I'd like one of those too. The reader was directed to my post about the movie Sunshine, so I hope that's what he was looking for.

Someone Googled "when everyone seems to want to take money from you." Well, I can't argue with that really, but the reader was directed to my post about limiting everyone to having custody of one child. So I don't think that's what he was looking for. I still have not remembered the name of the book I was talking about, or the author.

Here we have someone looking for a penis. But he was in fact looking for the Tricky Dick Penis, so he at least found a post about the costume in question.

We have the usual diet drink stuff, some looking for Underwood's barbecue, and someone else looking for a copy of soloflex infomercial.

Someone from Arlington was looking for Olenjacks Restaurant. I went there a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I hope the post was helpful.

Someone wanted Burger King ren faire coupons. Unfortunately this reader was directed to my post about 9-11.

Someone Googled how to take care of a teen you have custody over. While it made more sense that this reader was also directed to my post about only having custody of one child, this probably wasn't very helpful.

My last visitor of the week Googled Dallas Superbowl 2011. I think I will be civil this morning and not say anything about football. Let's just say that the reader was directed to a Monday Moron's post.

Okay, here's the count for this week:

Giant Penis--1

Diet Drinks--3

People going to hell--2

Homewrecking sluts--0

Rudy's BBQ--0



And the top twelve keywords are: going the hell rudy's bbq how calories giant for costume penis truth

Thursday, September 20, 2007

An annoying recurring dream

Given that another blogger wrote a post about having an unpleasant dream about something that soon afterward happened in her real life, I thought I'd write a few posts about dreams. And seeing that one of my dreams has to do with yesterday's post, I might as well start there.

I seem to have some version of this dream often. It feels very real, but I don't think that it has actually happened yet.

So I get to a point where I mostly have a clean house and most of my stuff is almost organized. And I think that this is about as good as I'm going to get things, and the rest of the stuff I need to do might eventually get done if I'd just work on it a little bit everyday and stick to it. And it's not Christmas or anything like that, and I don't have school, and I don't have anything that I'm just dying to do. So I might as well get a job.

So after nothing comes along that looks like it would really make money, I end up taking some dumb job like I've already had. Like maybe I go work at a movie theater. You cannot pay the bills on what you make at a movie theater, but if you've got nothing better to do and would just like some extra money you might as well look into working at a movie theater. And it comes with free soda, free popcorn, and free movies. You can watch all of the movies that play at your theater for free, and you can probably make arrangements to see the other movies for free at some other theater.

So I take the job, and then I remember why I didn't want this job. The hours suck, and I'm tired, and I'm seeing most of these free movies by myself cause most of my friends have a regular Monday thru Friday nine to five job and I don't. And when my friends are out doing cool stuff for the weekend, I'm stuck working at the theater.

And I'm not a teenager anymore, and I don't like being on my feet all day. And I'm tired. I'm tired all of the time. And when I have the evening shift I sit at home all day waiting for it to be time to go to work, because if I tried to do anything fun or anything useful before work, then that would make me so tired that I would be tempted to not even go into work.

And then one day I'm more than just tired. I think that I'm getting a bad cold or something, and that if I don't feel better the next day I will have to call in sick. So the next day I call and tell them that I won't be coming in and so forth. And the day after that is the same.

Now when you call in sick, the idea is to stay in bed and rest and get better. Except that when you finally do get to where you relax enough to almost fall asleep, you remember that you can't fall asleep because you have to call work at a reasonable time to talk to the manager and tell him that you're sick and can't come in. So after a couple of days when it looks like you're going to be sick for a while, you just ask to go ahead and be taken off the schedule for the rest of the week, and you might as well be left off of next week's schedule too.

So I talk to the manager and he's not going to put me back on the schedule until I call back and tell him that I'm feeling better. Great. Now maybe I can get some rest.

So a few days or maybe a week goes by, and I feel better. And I think that since I'm not on the schedule for the rest of the week, that I might as well just not call in yet and take a few more days to get caught up with stuff that didn't get done while I was sick, like washing dishes and laundry and stuff like that.

And then something comes up, and I think that I might as well not go back to work just yet. I could deal with some stuff and go back to work later.

And one thing after another comes up, so that I get so busy for a bit that I've all but forgotten that I have this silly job to go to. And I put that out of my mind and think that they're always hiring new people, and if they were short handed they've probably hired someone else anyway. If they needed me, they'd call.

And a few weeks go by before I get everything back to normal. And then I'm thinking how it would be nice to have some money, and I should start looking for a job again. And then I remember that I already got a job, but I haven't been to it in so long that they either assumed that I quit or I've been fired.

But I haven't spoken to anyone at the theater, so I don't really know. In theory, I could just go and talk to the manager and tell him if there's any shifts available he can put me back on the schedule. And I've probably got a paycheck or two waiting for me in the office. All I have to do is go over there and talk to the guy.

But I'm just so embarrassed about my long absence that I can't seem to do it. I'd rather go through the whole process of looking for another one of these dumb jobs than to just go back to the first job and deal with it. I'm so embarrassed about the whole thing that I'd rather just give up the paychecks I've already earned than to go over there and ask for them.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nothing really important to do, and glad of it

I don't have a career. I guess I never really wanted one until recently. I always wanted to be a writer or an artist, and that either happens or it doesn't. You can go to medical school or law school and become a doctor or a lawyer and be pretty sure that someone will hire you. It doesn't really work that way with the stuff I wanted to do. You can't get a degree that says novel writer and feel certain that someone is going to publish your novel. Someone will publish your novel if you wrote a good novel that someone likes and believes will make money.

I had originally thought that my odds of getting a novel published would be better without having a career. I expected to get some sort of job that I would leave at the end of the day and forget about it, go home, and write or work on some art project. A career would have just been a distraction. A career would have meant having to think about work even when I wasn't at work, and I would never get any writing done.

So, no career. Only, I didn't end up getting that much writing done either. The jobs that I thought that I could leave at the end of the day seemed to follow me home anyway. It took time to relax. Often I would spend a lot of time talking about dumb things that happened at work. By the time I did that and then had dinner and the usual stuff, I was tired and didn't feel like writing. There usually just wasn't that much time for it.

So, no career, and not much writing. And not only did the jobs that I had still distract me from my writing, they didn't pay very much. I don't know what kind of career I might have had if I had planned better, but most of the jobs that I have had just didn't pay the bills. Even with the bad planning, I might have done something like manage a movie theater. Not much of career choice, but something that I was interested in just before I got married. After I got married I mostly gave up on the idea. It seemed like I was being asked to do extra shifts and take shifts that I really didn't want just because I might be interested in being a management trainee next time it was available. And I finally said, no thanks. After I get to be a management trainee I'll have all kinds of weird hours and not get to see as much of my husband and my family and friends, etc.... So working the weird hours and such before then without much in the way of compensation just didn't seem worth the effort. I'll just do my job that I was hired to do, and if someone wants to recommend me for a promotion, I'll jump through hoops then to get the job done, but not before.

At the time I was next in line for the promotion, but no one told me, so I quit to get the same job at a different theater that was closer to the house. And it was a different company, so I hoped that I would have better luck there. After a couple of years of working at different theaters, my husband convinced me to give up on the idea entirely and just quit the job and stay home. At the time it seemed like a sensible idea. I didn't mean for it to be forever, but later when I wanted to go back to work it was really hard to do with the one car and my husband's strange schedule.

I did finally have time to write for a while. I finished a novel. I typed it up and sent it off.

No one published it.

So no career, no published novel, no job, and no money to speak of. About five years ago it really started to bug me that I didn't have a career. I went back to school and thought about trying a few different things, but they didn't work out. Still, without the career I got one novel finished and I got to do a lot of other things, and until about a year and a half ago I was really enjoying my life. Then all that stuff happened, and it really sucked that I didn't even have a job much less a career, and I really felt trapped.

But this week is one of those rare weeks that I'm glad I don't have a career, and I'm glad that right now I don't even have a job. I don't feel well, but I don't really have to do anything today except try to feel better. I have no job to go to. I have no one waiting for me to do anything important. I had plans for the day, but for the most part no one but me will be inconvenienced if I don't do them. I can just go back to bed. I am not a doctor with patients who need me. I am not a lawyer with people waiting on me to get to the courthouse. I am not even a cashier whose absence will cause all the customers to be delayed because now all of the other cashiers have longer lines.

I have art class tonight, and I don't even think that I will go to that. I brought my project home, and if I feel up to it I will work on it later. If I don't feel up to it, it can wait. I can go back to bed and do nothing if I want to. And I don't have to worry about anyone but myself if I am behind schedule tomorrow.

I am taking a totally guilt free sick day.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morons--Mail Fraud

This morning my left eye is bothering me again, which is annoying because it hasn't bothered me much this week and I thought that whatever it was might be gone now. It was just the slightest bit of a bother on Friday, which I probably wouldn't have noticed at all if not for the really bad timing. Still, I hadn't woke up in the middle of the night with the terrible pain in my left eye since maybe last Sunday or Monday, so I thought it was going away. Wrong.

I am still thinking now that it has more to do with the hot weather than anything else, and it still might go away when it gets cooler. It did rain a bit last week, so it wasn't as hot as it has been.

Anyway, last week I got some mail. Mostly bills and the usually junk mail. And I got something from someone in Gainesville, Florida. It looked like a personal letter, but I don't really remember anyone from Gainesville, Florida.
So I open the envelope, and it's a pyramid scheme. Not even an ad trying to sell you something that then later turns out to mostly be a pyramid scheme, but a flat out send someone some money and then try to get some other sucker to send you money.

I think maybe I'd gotten a few similar things before, but I really hadn't read the whole thing before. I just saw that it was an ad for something and then tossed it. But I actually read the thing this time, and it is a chain letter. And it tells you to send people money and then copy the letter and try to get other people to send you money. And there's a copy of a money order at the bottom of the letter, showing that he paid someone else some money.

And then it tells you to make a note "Enclose is $15.00 for your shipping and handling," and that this request for a product keeps everything legal. I still see nothing about an actual product, so it still doesn't seem even remotely legal.

But even if it was legal, why in this day would anyone try this? And how did I get on a list of people who might be dumb enough to try this?

The other sheet of paper in the envelope offers to sell me the secret mailing list of people who are going to fall for this stuff. I didn't even read the whole page. Whatever.

One more thing. Prison Break is on tonight. Not that it's relevant to the rest of the post, I just thought that I'm mention it since most everything else doesn't return til next week and I almost forgot about it myself. And Survivor: China starts Thursday, if you're still into that.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Freaky Friday

Well, it looks like mostly more of the same this week.

There are people looking for stuff about diet drinks and people looking for Rudy's BBQ. The same person was so entertained by the diet drink review that he read it again three hours later. Good to know.

We have queries about going to hell this week, though this time they are phrased different. Someone wants to know why everyone is going to hell, and someone else was looking for Christians going to hell. But the most interesting search in this category is for a "book about woman dying, meeting jesus, and going to hell with him."

Two people were looking for a homewrecking-slut. Interestingly enough, both of those people were from England. I wonder if they were looking for her in particular. They should have emailed me. I have her number around here someplace.

Someone was looking for Army green yarn. I'm still looking for that myself.

Someone else would like Neville to come out. Be patient. He's not coming out til December.

Someone was looking for the International Wildlife Park. I worked there for a year, and it's been closed since the early nineties.

Here we have two searches: if I were to take over the world, and when I take over the world. I'm going to get around to that myself one of these days.

Someone was searching for bath. Someone else was searching for Bath & Body Works. I hope that they found this coupon helpful. And here is the new one.

Someone Googled TX COPPER THEFT HOME DEPOT. That reminds me, if you are looking for copper wire, say for an art project, it is in hardware. You would think that all of the wire would be together in one spot, say in electrical, but it's not. And the guy in electrical doesn't seem to know that there is wire in other parts of the store. And if you want anything other than 18 gauge copper wire, you are probably out of luck unless you want to strip the wire in electrical.

Someone Googled "truth about an idea or something you've done." Whoever it was must have liked whatever he found, cause that same person returned the next day after the same Google search.

Then we had people looking for the Big Pie Sale in October 2007 at Marie Calendars, and "food factory tour" Atlanta.

Someone Googled sluts r us. There's a store I refer to as Sluts R Us. It isn't really called that, but I can't ever seem to remember it's real name, and Sluts R Us is more accurate anyway.

Someone wanted to know the truth about morons. Well, there's plenty of that here, but there are so many morons to choose from. So what particular kind of morons do you wish to know about?

Okay, here's the count for this week:

Giant Penis--1

Diet Drinks--7

People going to hell--3


Rudy's BBQ--4


And the top twelve keywords are: going the hell rudy's bbq giant costume for diet how penis truth

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Food

Yesterday we went out to lunch at some other place that we normally don't go to and spent too much money. Not quite as much as Sunday, and we got to take home leftovers, so it wasn't as bad. Still, it was probably more than we should have spent after Sunday's splurge.

My husband is a traveling photographer, but for now he's mostly in Texas and most weeks he doesn't even go out of town. Still, he's been at this a while and he's used to going to places he's never been and he's gotten used to eating lunch by himself, etc.... If you're going to have a job like that you get used to that sort of thing. And most people he works with are used to it too.

But once in a while he works with someone who doesn't like that part of the job and wants everyone to hang out and eat lunch together and stuff like that. My husband works with many different sales people, and you don't even know who you are going to work with until you go into work on Monday or Tuesday. So this week he is working with a salesman who gets upset if they don't all eat lunch together at least once a week. And the other salesperson he works with this week is this lady who bought him lunch last time, so he owes her a lunch. So the three of them agreed to eat lunch together, and my husband said he'd try to get me to go too.

The salesman wanted to eat at this place. Fadi's is in Dallas, and I hate driving in Dallas. So I almost didn't go, cause I didn't think that there would be time to go to lunch and then drive home, and then he would still have to drive to the other side of Dallas to go to work. But we decided to run a few errands in separate cars, met at a Walmart that is still a few exits away from the scary Dallas stuff, and then he would drive me to the restaurant and then back to the Walmart before he had to leave for work.

This is probably only my third time to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant. So I never know what to order. But this place you just order the sampler platter, and if you don't know what you want they give you one spoonful of everything that doesn't have meat. And then if you spend an extra two dollars you can also have the fish or a kabob or something.

Most of it was really good. Unfortunately, except for the humus and the fish, I don't know what most of it was, so the next time I'm in a Mediterranean restaurant I still won't know what to order.

Lunch was fun. The salesman speaks Arabic or something, and he's about to quit and take a six figure job as a translator. He's going to move to Dubai. I hadn't heard that part of the story before. I'm not sure how far $150,000 a year goes in Dubai. But it still sounds very exciting.

So it was fun to meet both of them. And then they left and my husband drove me back to the Walmart. On the way there, as if we hadn't spent enough money already, we stopped at Starbucks. I don't like coffee, so I usually get one of those frozen blended cream drinks. This one was cream blended with pumpkin pie stuff.

Tomorrow I will try to find something else to write about besides food.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th, six years ago

Okay, so I'm sitting here debating whether or not I want to start a new post, and what should I write about, etc.... And then I notice the date. So I guess that settles that.

I had already written most of this on another website, and when today came I was just going to copy it. But the other website is still down, so that sucks. I will try to get it all down again. I think a couple of you might have already read the original or a shorter version of it.

I had rather an odd 911 experience. Not as odd as some. We were not stuck in another country, and we were not stuck in an airport. And we did not work for the military or an airline. And we did not have to worry about any family being stuck somewhere. I did have some concerns about a pilot, but I was pretty sure I would have heard if something had happened to him.

In 1999, my husband got a job as a traveling photographer. He'd been a traveling photographer for a while, but this particular company sent him out to other states for months at a time. He took the job over my objections, but in 2000 and 2001 I ended up taking a sales position with this same company so that I could travel with him.

We had been away from home for several months and had spent the summer in Maine, New Hampshire, and finally North Carolina. Instead of trying to get home for a week or so before our next job, we drove to the ocean and did tourist stuff on the Outer Banks before heading to our next job in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Leavenworth has a few prisons and a military base with some kind of school. People from all over the world attend this school. I don't have a clue what it's for, just that all the students are in somebody's military. Anyway, the company was hired to take the pictures for their school yearbook.

We arrived on the evening of September 8th. On September 9th we drove to Kansas City and went to the Renaissance Fair. We had been there the year before, because of this same job, and we'd met a few people. We asked someone if she wanted to have dinner with us while we were in the area, and we made plans for the next weekend.

On September 10th we had to go back to work. This is a big account for the company, and this is the main time of year that we work with other people. We had only seen one of the other salesmen about five months before that. And we had only been to the main office once that year. So that day was unusual for us just because we saw all of these people that we hadn't seen in a long time.

The motel we stayed at was just across the street from the entrance to the base. Once in a while someone will stop you and ask what your business is and stuff like that. That day they were doing some sort of inspection and had everyone stop and state their business while they had a look around the cars and such.

Then we were told where we would be working and set up our equipment and such. It was in a nice new building, and I was much happier with the place compared to the building that they had us work from the year before. At the end of the day, the sales were disappointing, but I was just so glad to get all the set up work over with and know that I didn't have to deal with that again for at least a month.

Most of the time we had the 2-8 shift, and at this place we had the 3-9 shift, except on Saturdays. So we tended to stay in bed late and watch TV and such. So when we woke up we turned on the TV and flipped the channels a bit. The world was all very normal at that point. Then we watched a tape of something that was on while we were at work the night before.

Then stuff started to get weird, but we didn't notice for a hour or two while we were watching this video tape. After the tape was finished my husband called the main office to tell them Monday's numbers. And then he had an odd conversation, cause he was talking about one thing, and the lady on the other end of the phone was talking about something completely different.

She said something like that's just terrible. And my husband says something like it's not great but I wouldn't call it terrible. And the conversation went like that for a bit and then it really didn't make any sense, because my husband was talking about sales figures and the lady at the office was talking about something she'd seen on TV. So then we turn the channel on TV so that we can see what she was talking about.

You already know what we saw on the TV.

So after a bit we got what was going on and decided to stay at the motel for a bit instead going to do whatever it was we were going to do that morning. So we had a couple of sodas and I went downstairs to get some ice.

There was a scene outside that looked like a movie or something. There were cars as far as the eye could seen in both directions. Everyone was trying to get onto the base. Some weren't allowed on the base, and the rest of them all had to stop and be searched. So all of these cars were just lined up like that for hours.

So I guess if they're not letting people on the base, we don't have to go to work today.

We called the office to tell them what was going on outside. But they just said something dumb like we'd better get an early start if there's a long line. You don't get it. There's a long line, but it's not really moving and they are turning people away. I don't think we should try it.

But the lady on the phone seemed to think that we should still go to work as usual, because no one had called to cancel their appointments.

Do you think that maybe they have other things on their minds and maybe they forgot all about appointments to get pictures made?

But she didn't seem to believe us. It took about two hours later before they could get through to someone and confirm that as far as we were concerned the base was closed and we would not be going to work that day.

Now the office is ticked off that they had to "pay" us to sit around and do nothing. In fact, we were not "paid" anything except for the motel room and meals. Somehow they always seem to think that is the greater problem than the fact that we're stuck in the middle of nowhere and not making any money. At least the people at the office were in their own town and still collecting a paycheck.

The next day was pretty much the same. The people at the office thought that we should just try to go to work as usual, while I'm looking out at all the cars inching by. The usual five minute drive took almost two hours, if you really were one of the people allowed onto the base. But the people at the office wouldn't officially give us the day off until they had talked to someone on the base, and that didn't happen until like one or two in the afternoon.

The next day the main office has been told that we will not be allowed onto the base for the rest of the week. We might be allowed to get on with the job next Monday, or it might be cancelled or postponed. They're just not sure yet. So we can either stay at the motel for a few days, or we can go home but we might have to come back on Monday or Tuesday. The office thought that since we didn't know for sure that we would be working the next week that we should just go home rather than waste money on the motel room.

I said that if I made the trip all the way home to Texas, I would not be coming back. And the company equipment could just stay where it was and someone else could pick it up later. Maybe someone on the base could just bring me a couple of things that were my personal property. Or the company could keep paying for the motel room and such and I'd be happy to go back to work on Monday.

The office didn't like that, but they finally agreed to keep paying for the motel room at least until Monday.

So we decided to drive to Kansas City for the day and go to KC Masterpiece and do some shopping and such that we would normally do on our day off on Sunday. The restaurant still had a bit of business for lunch, but the rest of the places we went were nearly empty.

The lady from the ren fair was just too upset over the whole thing. She cancelled our dinner plans for the weekend and decided not to go back to work at the fair that year.

It was odd how some things had all but shut down, and other things were business as usual. No one wanted to go shopping, but the big haunted houses were open.

Monday came, and we were told to go back to work. But it wasn't as easy as that.

They were afraid that someone would try to blow up one of the buildings. So half of the parking lots were closed. And they didn't want us working in the nice new building were we had originally set up our equipment. So the first thing that we had to do was go to the nice new building and pack up our equipment and take it someplace else. Only this is one of those places that no one allowed to park. So we had to park somewhere else and walk. Packing the stuff up takes about an hour, and then we still had to get it into the truck. So my husband went to get the truck while I waited with some of the equipment. And he parked it someplace that really wasn't a parking space, but we weren't going to be there very long. So he went to get some of the equipment, and he got back to the truck to find five guys with guns looking at the truck, trying to decide if there's a bomb inside. So they finally figured out who we were and guarded the truck while we got the equipment inside so we could take it to the other building.

The other building was that awful place where they had us work the year before. It used to be a gym but it was going to be remodeled and used for something else. Half of the building was already fixed up and being used. Those other people in the nice half of the building did not play well with others. There was a lot of arguments about locks and they had the restrooms blocked off and stuff like that. So it was not a pleasant time at all.

There were some other really odd things that happened. Since a lot of people couldn't park where they would normally park, they decided to park outside the base and walk a few miles. The really odd thing was that a lot of them we walking to the nursery with strollers.

So it's not safe for the military people to bring park their cars because there might be a terrorist bomb, but it's okay to bring your kids to the nursery as usual?

On the other side of us was a small shopping center with a Subway, two pizza places, and a bunch of military recruitment offices. And a there's a 7-11 right next to the recruitment places. So while all of this stuff was going on, someone put a bomb in the 7-11. And the bomb-squad came with the little robot thing and they blew up the bomb in the little metal box thing.

I few weeks later I slipped and fell in the Burger King parking lot. I had to go to the hospital and get X-rays and such as that. And they gave me the wrong phone number for the guy that deals with the insurance claims, so I nearly ended up suing Burger King. Anyway, that's another odd thing that happened that wouldn't have happened if there wasn't a terrorist attack, because we would usually eat at the Burger King on the base. But it was just too much trouble to get onto the base, even when it was right across the street, and we just decided it would be faster to drive to the one on the other end of town.

So I did not go to work for a few days. We were not making that much money, and my arm really hurt even if there was not a big enough break to show on the X-ray. We were leaving that Saturday. Someone was putting up these big concrete barricades, and we were told that if we were not out by 5:30 on Saturday we would probably not have room to drive the truck out and we would be stuck there. We did not care if people bought anything. We did not care if they thought that we were rude and complained to the office. We were not doing any retakes or anything special. We were going to get everybody's picture taken in time to get out before 5:30 and we didn't care if they liked it or not.

One of the unhappy people asked if I was proud of my attempts at customer service. Let me see, I've worked for three days with a busted arm, I'm getting no commission at this late date, I'm working someplace where I've been treated like I'm suspected of some criminal activity, I've been told to get everything finished by 5:30 today, and so far I am on schedule and today I've haven't started swearing yet.

So, yes, I'm proud of my attempts at customer service. I'd appreciate it if you could move along now.

So we did manage to do our work and get the equipment in the truck and drive out before the concrete barrier people blocked that end of the street.

We went home for a couple of weeks and then we had a job to do in California. While we were on the road we saw signs up at the travel centers and the motels and such saying "Thanks for traveling." My husband joked that they might as well have put our names on them, since most of the places we went we mostly had the place to ourselves.

We went a few days early so that we could go to Disneyland and such. There were no lines at Disneyland.

I was going to quit the job anyway, and in fact had tried to leave six months earlier. After California I was fired. One of their complaints was that they had to pay for me to have extra vacation time during the week of 9-11.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I know that it's Monday, but

I don't especially feel like writing a Monday Morons post today. The big moron this week is my husband, or maybe it's me for putting up with him, but in either case I don't feel like writing about it. And the other thing that I had decided to write about earlier just doesn't seem worth writing about at the moment. Maybe later when I have more on the subject to write about.

When I started the Monday Morons thing, I said that if I ever had a Monday that I didn't have anything else to write about that I would write about the Homewrecking slut. But I don't feel like doing that today either. Maybe later.

I have noticed that lately I haven't been writing much during the week. I write Monday Morons, and then I write Freaky Friday, and there aren't many posts in between. If I have something good to write about the weekend, I tend to put it off until Tuesday so that I can write Monday Morons, and then sometimes by the time Tuesday gets here I don't bother with it. So there's Monday Morons and Freaky Friday, and those posts don't really say anything positive.

So I'm going to write about my weekend instead. Actually, I've already written about most of it. Friday involved a lot of shopping, and coupons for Bath & Body Works, and lunch at Jason's Deli. Not much happened on Saturday.

Sunday we spent fifty dollars on a brunch buffet. Now that's something we just don't do. We wouldn't just go someplace that was going to cost fifty dollars unless it was a special occasion, or we had a coupon, or someone else was paying. But about a month ago my husband was reading this foodie magazine, and he read about this place, which wasn't that far away. So we were planning to go.

Except that he couldn't remember the address. And he couldn't remember the name of the place. And he lost the magazine.

So Friday when he wanted to go to lunch, I asked if he wanted to go to this place in Arlington, but he still couldn't find the magazine or remember the name of the place. Just wandering up and down the street in hopes of finding the place didn't seem like a good idea, so we headed for Jason's Deli instead. Jason's Deli is in a shopping center with a Half-Price Books and the Sluts R Us store, along with a lot of other stores and some other restaurants. And I asked if he wanted to try one of the other restaurants instead, and he looked around and said that he didn't know what most of them were, so we might at well go to Jason's Deli like we'd planned.

On Sunday, he managed to find the name of the restaurant and the address and so forth. And it was the restaurant in that same shopping center, on the other side of the Sluts R Us store.

So of we went to Olenjacks Grille. But when we got there, they were mostly having this Sunday brunch thing. And if you didn't want the Sunday brunch thing, you couldn't order stuff off the regular menu except soup or a sandwich. The buffet seemed rather expensive, especially since you don't get to take home leftovers, but we decided to do it just this once.

I skipped most of the breakfast stuff. I didn't go to the expensive restaurant to eat bacon and sausage and such. But I did have a bite of the cinnamon toast with blueberries and strawberries. And I had the white cheddar grits with poblano peppers and corn. Both of those were really good.

There were also Buffalo ribs, which my husband really liked but I did not care for. And there were collards or mustard greens or something like that, which are still not that great even in a nice restaurant, but I decided to try it anyway. There were two different pastas with shrimp, and I liked the one that I tried. There was a boneless pork-chop covered with sausage and onions and such.

And there were several salads. My favorite was tuna. This is not the kind of tuna salad that you make with Chicken of the Sea and mayo or Tuna Helper. This was avocado and cilantro and cucumbers and tomato, and some tuna that maybe wasn't dead yet. Add some rice and seaweed, and you could make sushi with it. Not something that I would normally eat, but very interesting.

Then there was the dessert table. I cannot tell you everything that was on the dessert table. I cannot even tell you everything that I tried. I had a couple of things that were very good, but I'm not sure what they were. I also had chocolate chip cookies, a brownie, and some cheesecake. The brownie and the cheesecake were good, but they were a bit much for me after all the other stuff I had.

I really wanted to go back and get more grits and try the other shrimp salad, but I new that we were both already close to the "I've eaten too much and I'm going to be sick" stage. So it was time to go.

The sad thing about eating at a buffet is that you can't take home leftovers. But the good thing about not having to take home leftovers is that you can immediately go shopping.

So we went to the mall to walk off some of the calories. I got more stuff from Bath & Body Works. And then we looked around at some other stuff. We thought about ice cream or smoothies, but decided it was still too soon after lunch.

Then I went to Sears for some more on-sale undies. I'd been there earlier, but I hadn't bought anything bright red. I don't think that I look especially good in bright red. But then I got the little red riding hood idea, so I need lots of bright red stuff. And now that I've bought half of the costume, I guess I'm mostly committed to wearing it.

Next we went to a bookstore, and then headed home.

On Sundays we usually go to my brother's place at about eight to watch The 4400. But last night was the club dinner, so I said I'd probably be a bit late. Too many of us showed up, and six of them had to sit at another table. And that was without about four people who always go to the club dinner but weren't there this time. And the pilot wasn't there, which wasn't a shock or anything, and K wasn't there, because K is never there on a Sunday because she's already depressed that it is almost Monday. Whatever.

So I really didn't feel much like eating, so I after I finished my soup I went to talk to the six at the other table. Then we sang happy birthday to "Mom" who is like eighty-five or something. One of my other buddies at the table also had a birthday this month, and he started to say something, and I'm like do you really want the ice cream bad enough to have the embarrassing song and such that goes with it? They were nice enough to "Mom", but that's just cause she's old. The rest of us might not be so lucky.

Then I almost left in time to get home by eight, but then I was talking to one of the newbies after dinner and it was eight-thirty before I got home.

But they weren't mad that I was late. They didn't even care that I was late. The Cowboys were on, and they cancelled the whole watch The 4400 bit.

I hate the Cowboys. I don't care for football or sports in general, but it is the Cowboys that interfere with life here.

Actually, right now I hate the computer more, but the computer is here all of the time and I know to expect problems because of it. I forget about the Cowboys and such for a while, and then they are back to screw things up when I'm not expecting it.

My eyes are still bothering me. If I tape one of my lids shut I don't wake up in terrible pain, but it's still annoying anyway.

Anyway, I was having a nice weekend, but now life sucks again.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Bath & Body Works and other stuff

Friday we went out shopping for a bit.

Okay, I thought some of you might want one of these
Actually, three of you are in the UK, and I don't even know if there are Bath & Body Works stores in the UK. And several of you are men, so the coupon probably doesn't help you either.

Anyway, with this coupon you can get a free body butter worth $14 if you spend $15 or more on other stuff. And, right now there is also a deal where if you buy a body butter you get a free body wash. So I bought a body butter, got a free body wash, and I also bought a Halloween nail file that costs $1.50, so that brought the total to $15.50, and then I used the coupon to get another body butter for free. So that's two body butters and a body wash and a nail file for $15.50 plus tax. The regular price of all that stuff is like $38.

Next week I will probably take the coupon to the other store, only I'll probably get one body butter and two wallflowers and a trail size of 3-in-1 soap for the same $15.50.

Besides the Bath & Body Works stuff we did a bit more shopping. I got a book about knitting sweaters at Half Price Books. I've never attempted to make a sweater. Maybe if I look at the book long enough I'll be inspired to try it.

Then we went to lunch at Jason's Deli. My husband had never eaten inside the place before, but the people he works with are always going to get him sandwiches and such. He says he gives them five bucks and tells them to get whatever looks good. You can't get a sandwich from Jason's Deli for five bucks. I guess they just like him and didn't want to embarrass him by telling him he didn't have enough money. Just two specials and two sodas cost us seventeen something. I took one of the menus and put it in his car, so next time the group wants to order lunch there he'll have a clue what to order and how much money he owes.

After that I did I bit of Halloween shopping. I didn't quite find anything I was looking for, but I bought a few wig caps just in case. Someone is always going to need stuff like wig caps.

My husband bought a couple of books and what looks like a Chanel purse. I don't even look at the stuff anymore. It all pretty much looks the same to me. But he was joking around about the genuine imitation Chanel bag, and then he looked at it and decided to get it just in case it was a Chanel bag. So then we went and looked on ebay and found a similar one that's going to start at one hundred that is supposed to be worth about three hundred. Except that one was brown and this one is either black or a very dark blue with gold trim.

So that would be cool if we ended up getting a hundred dollars for some silly purse because I was looking for Halloween stuff.

Then I went home and bid on something on ebay. And it looks like I won. So I did end up getting part of my Halloween costume, I just don't have the item in my possession yet.

It was not a bad day, and my eyes didn't bother me much. This encouraged me to spend most of the rest of the day being lazy, so as not to do anything that might bother my eyes. But then I was thinking that it is time to deal with that last bit of floor in the hall. While I was waiting for the first layer of glue to dry, my brother called to invite me over to try some BBQ. The meat had too much fat on it, so it was really good.

After I came home from my brother's place, I put down the second layer of glue and then looked at stuff on the Internet while I waited for the glue to dry. And as often happens, I forgot what I was doing and what time it was and all of that. Someone sent me a link for Dr. Who music remixes. I wasted a lot of time playing around with that. So then it was getting late, and I thought that if I started working on the floor, my husband would probably get home right about the time I got finished. But if I waited another hour or two, he would be home, and I could finish the floor with him safely out of the way back here, and the floor could dry while we were sleeping.

But he came home and wanted to go to Whataburger, and by the time we got back I decided it was too late for me to finish the floor.

So now I'm waiting for the floor to dry. It doesn't look great in spots, but that's okay. It's not like the stuff looks pretty anyway.

So that's all of the carpet gone except for the living room, which I have decided to leave for now.

My left eye is killing me. It was fine when I went to bed last night, so I didn't do anything special. It was fine when I woke up after midnight and went back to sleep. It was fine when I got sick about three in the morning. At about six in the morning I woke up in terrible pain, but I managed to get back to sleep for another hour. It's not so bad now that I can't move around the house and do stuff, but it is still damned annoying.

I do not like to go to the mall and such on a Saturday with all the crowds, but I think I'm going to see a movie later anyway.

Freaky Friday

Well, I've now had visits from twenty eight other countries in addition to the usual US, UK, and Canada. And there was that one reader using Anonymouse. Let's see what they wanted.

A lot of people came looking for Rudy's barbecue. Unfortunately, most of them want coupons, which I don't have. Sorry guys.

Someone was searching for homewrecking sluts. I don't think I'm going to comment on them today.

Someone was looking for dumpster divers "half price books." Half Price Books is a bookstore chain in Texas, and I usually end up there at least once a week whether or not we really need another book. Dumpster diving is sort of a sport. I should do a blog post on dumpster diving sometime. I should probably do another one about the bookstore. So far as I know, dumpster diving and the bookstore are not related.

Someone Googled dickel bottle, saurian brandy. I've already done a bit about that. Anyway, I've been lucky enough to find two of the smaller bottles at Goodwills and such for a reasonable price. I kept one and gave the other to my brother for his last birthday. My husband found one of the really big ones at an estate sale and then sold it on ebay.

Someone was looking for Quatermass. Quatermass was an old British sci-fi show. The episode that had the Martian Crickets was later made into a movie and released in this country as Five Million Years To Earth. I always like to hear from fellow fans, but unfortunately these people just don't leave comments.

The usual people wanted to know about diet drinks. Someone else was looking for soloflex infomercial. And another person wanted to find the Marie Callender semi-annual pie sale.

Someone else wanted something nice for my husband. That's the second time I've seen that one. I doubt they found what they wanted in my blog.

Someone Googled "kissed two boys in the same" and was directed to the Sex List post.

Another person Googled book title take over. I don't have a clue what that would be about.

Someone found my blog after a search for relief sculptures.

Someone found my blog while searching for the "edge of hell" kansas city. I love Kansas City in the fall. They already have a few haunted houses open during the weekends. I've been to both The Beast and The Edge of Hell. I forgot to mention in my earlier posts that they do weddings. I've always said that if I ever get married again I'm going to skip all of the drama and just go to Vegas. But there's a couple of other things I would think about like a Star Trek wedding or a wedding at a Ren Fest. But getting married in the werewolf forest at The Beast would also be cool. And wouldn't you just love to be able to tell people that you got married at The Edge of Hell?

Okay, here's the count for this week:

Giant Penis--0

Diet Drinks--3

People going to hell--0

Homewrecking Sluts--2

Rudy's BBQ--5


And the top twelve keywords are now--going the costume hell giant diet for Rudy's how husband penis BBQ

Have fun. Leave comments.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I lost my Internet connection for about five hours or so, right after I published that last post. It was a very inconvenient time for that to happen. I decided to be brave and work on a little bit more of the floor, and afterwards I basically just have to sit here and wait for stuff to dry.

And then there's no Internet. And of course there won't be anything I want to watch on TV for a few more weeks, and my eyes aren't up to reading at the moment, so those particular five hours without the Internet just seemed really awful.

Why can't the Internet connection go down at a more convenient time?

Why can't the computer refuse to work when my husband is wasting our time together blogging?

Why couldn't the Internet refuse to work the day that the Homewrecking-slut decided to go after my husband?

Why can't the computer just automatically go off-line when it's time for me to go to school or do something more useful? Why does it just have problems when I literally have nothing better to do, or when I actually need to get directions or look something up?

I'm sure it's a conspiracy of somekind.

Am I just getting old or what?

My eyes are a bit of a bother lately. I've become light sensitive. I blink a lot. I've used more eye drops in the past two months than I've used in the past ten years. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with terrible pain in my left eye.

I've taken to trying some odd things to deal with it. Last night I sort of taped my left eye shut. I did not wake in the middle of the night with terrible pain, but I guess it wasn't a total success, since I was already blinking a lot when I started to write this. Sometimes just reading the computer screen is a bother.

I still can't quite convince myself that there is really anything wrong to see a doctor about. If I go see a movie after lunch, I'll feel better. Seeing a movie usually fixes the problem for the rest of the day. I can hardly take it seriously if going to see a movie helps. But, I can't go see a movie until after lunch, so most of the day before that is wasted, and then there's the drive time and the time I actually spend in the theater, so I can't seem to do anything useful until about three in the afternoon. Plus I don't really want to buy a movie ticket everyday or waste all of that gas money.

I am pretty sure I'm having an allergic reaction to something in the house. My eyes do not seem to bother me as much when we are out of town. Is it this stuff that I've been working with to fix the floor? Is it the anti-bacterial soap from Bath & Body Works? Is it dust in the bedroom from when I took out the carpet and moved furniture?

It's probably not that I've become allergic to my husband, since he goes out of town with me. And it's unlikely to be anything like my clothing or my makeup, since that's about the same everywhere. It just seems like I should be able to make a list of things that are here that are not out of town and figure out what is different from before I had this problem, but I can't seem to figure it out.

I had just assumed that I was tired from working on the floor. The floor is here, and the floor does not go with me out of town. But I guess that wasn't it, because I haven't worked on the floor for about a week and a half.

I guess it could just all be in my head. It could be that I feel better when I'm out of town because I'm not expected to do any work there. I could be that even though I prefer to sleep in my own bed, I am getting more rest when I'm not here.

Or it could just be one of those things that was going to happen when I got older, regardless of what work I might or might not be doing, regardless or what might or might not be in the house.

All of that sort of thing sucks anyway. I've decided to quit taking the blood pressure meds. I couldn't tell that they really did anything, and I mainly seem to have high blood pressure at the doctor's office. I would think that if I really had some sort of problem that needed meds that I would still notice the problem when I'm at the drugstore or at Walmart.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Morons--Homewreckingsluts

Well, possibly this is not the best place to put this, but it caught my attention a while back and I decided to blog about it. I guess Monday is as good a day as any.

No, it's not about her.

So about this time last year I was thinking about the problem of a particular Homewrecking-slut, and I was thinking that I'm not the first person to ever have to deal with such a person. And I was thinking that in this day and age there should be a website about it. So I was looking around, and I Googled homewreckingslut, and I found what I was looking for.

Or, at least, I found what probably had been what I was looking for. I think it was like but when I found it there wasn't much going on. Now some of the really important stuff was still there, like a link that helped you find a divorce lawyer or counseling and stuff like that. But I didn't go there to find a lawyer, I went to read about what other women had done to other home-wrecking sluts. (I guess I just wanted to know if what I was thinking about was totally off the wall, or if maybe someone else had a better suggestion.) Anyway, except for the find a lawyer link, almost everything that I clicked on took me to a picture of a spray-painted car and a sign that says they'll be back soon. Well, in the real world places close down once in a while for repairs and improvements and such, so I suppose that the same sort of thing happens with websites. So I'd check back once in a while, but that was all I ever saw there.

After a while I had better things to do, and I didn't check as often. And then I didn't check for several months. And then I couldn't find the website. And then back in March the domain name became available, so I guess the ladies that ran the website didn't have time for it anymore.

So now there is a new website at, only that one is...well...just a bunch of sluts. I guess that they sell adult videos. I haven't looked past the first page, so I don't know for sure.

So that was a bit of a disappointment. I don't know what happened to the ladies who ran the original website. I hope that they are okay and just didn't have time for it anymore because they are off enjoying their lives.