Monday, June 07, 2010

A new toy and a new board member

Yesterday I bought myself an electric saw from Sears. It is a Craftsman reciprocating saw, pretty much the cheapest one that they sell, and the sale price was thirty dollars, about half of the regular price. I have no idea if this is better or worse than the clearance one I thought of buying two months ago, but I have a saw now and I guess that is all that really matters.

It does not make life perfect. Work is still work. It does not cut through branches like butter or anything like that. And you have to rest just from holding the thing. But the situation is much improved over just having to do the work with an axe.

It will take some getting used to. And when I finally decide to cut down the two small trees, I will probably need something else to do the main trunk. But maybe this will make the trunk smaller, and it doesn't scare me near as much as getting a chain saw.

So I will see about clearing away most of the stuff already on the ground today, though I can't actually have it left for trash pickup until Wednesday. Still, it will be good to get everything cut closer to the recommended three foot sections. Last time I did this the branches were way bigger than that, and I worried that they wouldn't be hauled away.

Our little community elections are over for the year. I worry that I didn't do the right thing. I changed my mind about a few things at the last minute. I am afraid that my buddy B mislead me on a few things, but I voted for him anyway. He is now on the board. The lady that was almost evicted was short by about nine votes. The guy that B liked who was already on the board was re-elected. At the last minute I decided that one of my votes should go to the guy who said he wasn't on a side, but he only got about two-thirds of the votes that he needed.

The main guy from the other side got the third seat. A second guy from the other side only lost by three votes.

My buddy B will tell himself that he won because the majority of the people wanted him to win, but really he won because a certain other person split the votes of the opposition. 32 votes were wasted on some guy who isn't even going to be here a few months from now. If just six of those votes had gone to the main guy from the other side and the second guy from the other side, B wouldn't have won, and we'd probably be having a recount or something.

Since that second guy only lost by three votes, we might have a recount anyway.

As near as I can figure out, 183 people voted this year, which is more than I have ever heard of voting since I have lived here. The numbers do not quite add up. I think that maybe one person decided to only use two of the three votes (or two people decided to only use one of their three votes). I have done that myself (not this year), so it isn't impossible. Just sometimes after all the arguing, you decide that no one deserves your vote. Anyway, I added up all of the votes, divided by three, and came up with 182.666.... Last year we had 145 voters, almost half of the possible voters, and that was a big turnout. 183 (or 184, or whatever) is just huge.

And while I am happy for B (and hope that he hasn't seriously mislead me), I do feel for the other people, because I don't think that the majority of the people got what they wanted. 32 people were distracted by this guy who doesn't even want to live here anymore.

Of course what I and the majority of the people really want is for us to be rid of the "temporary" manager, but there was no way to directly vote for that.

It is over for now, and I hope for the best.

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Ananda girl said...

I have been using a bow saw to get limbs off. I was using a limb saw and it was hard to do... then randy told me to use the bow saw and they come off very easily. Of course, my limbs may be smaller than yours.

Chain saws scare me silly!