Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween movies

Okay, so probably nobody else would like to celebrate the season the way I would. As much as I enjoy the Halloween Party, it might be better for me if it were some other time of year, like maybe in March. They are not so much into the ghosts and such. I guess my idea of a good Halloween get-together would be if we all dressed up mostly in black, lit candles, ate weird food on my spiderweb design plates while maybe the theme to The Exorcist played in the background, and then we all watched movies like The Initiation of Sarah and the Vincent Prince version of The Last Man on Earth.

During my last trip out of town I turned on the Syfy channel, only to be disappointed in what they called The 31 Days of Halloween, which turned out that week to be some not very good movies, most of which didn't seem to be much in the theme anyway. I guess they were only choosing from movies they had made themselves (the before mentioned monster movies mainly about mutants and sea creatures passed over by Peter Benchley). Not impressed.

But it was early in the month, and I can only hope that some decent vampire movies are coming later.

So I'm going to try to locate movies that I would want to watch in October. I will come back and add links as I find them.

The Initiation of Sarah (1978 TV movie)(ending missing)

The Initiation of Sarah (remake 2006 TV movie)

The Last Man on Earth

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dmarks said...

I have "Last Man" on DVD somewhere.

I'd be one of the best people to invite to a party with the Theme from the Exorcist playing: I have 20 or more different versions of it.