Wednesday, January 05, 2011

No money, no sugar, no fat, etc...

Today Target's (or, the two that I've been to today), have 90% off Christmas clearance. Not that there's anything left really, but that was not so much the reason for giving up on the idea. No, I'm just out of money again, otherwise I would probably go look at one more store. Then I'm thinking that I might find just a bit more money, but that I still should just stay around here, maybe buy a few more things I saw at the grocery store, and then maybe on more grocery type things like a loaf of bread instead of Christmas stuff that I might not even use next year.

And I should have bought a bunch of nuts on the 31st, but again I didn't have that much money left, and mostly ended up buying things for the party. Anyway, both of us have decided to watch what we eat, and the nuts would have been something we would use anyway (him more than me), but I figured that if he really wanted them he could go back and get them himself, which he did not.

Really trying to restrain myself here and not go to that store.

Besides that it would probably be a waste of time, and perhaps wasted money (assuming that I can find some to waste), then there's the waste of gas. Nearly three dollars a gallon for the gas. Not time to drive around and look at stuff I'm probably not going to buy.

Anyway, I really should stay here and clean. The bug guy will be here in two weeks. And I've somehow managed to spill something, and it's gotten to that point where I've put off the cleaning so long I'm almost afraid to get started on it.

Must stop being lazy.

My husband is gone for the week, but it looks like it will just be the one week. The job sucks again. So, one week away, and then we don't know. Maybe nothing.

The club is having dinner, not right here, but close enough that I would normally go, but I don't think that I will go. There's the whole watching what I eat thing, and I can't sit in front of bowls of chips and salsa and not eat them. It will only be six weeks or so before my husband is back to asking me out for ice cream (if he even makes it that long), and I'm really trying to do nothing of that sort until then. So I won't be going out Sunday, and I even have to decide what to do about the next Saturday. Of course, I will go out then, but then I have to wonder if I'll eat anything or get a soda or what. To go out and buy nothing is rude, to go out and buy things I shouldn't eat is bad, and going out and then special ordering something like broccoli seems a waste.

Guess I will figure it out.

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dmarks said...

We had a totally peanut christmas, and we'd better eat them before they go stale.