Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Wicked Witch is dead

Okay, not really. Nobody died. I'm just happy that the election is over, and S didn't win. Not even close.

I ended up voting for A, R, and M. The winners were A, R, and J. J got 69 votes. M only got 26. D, who didn't send me a flyer (or anyone else that I spoke to) got just 7 votes. I can't remember what the others got, but S got less than 50, and I think the other two got about as many. I should check on that later. Of the people who voted, 85 chose A, and 88 wanted R.

I was worried about choosing between J and M. It was hard, and I was afraid that the votes split between them would allow S to remain. J ran last year, and it seems like he got more votes last year when he didn't win, but I guess more people in general voted last year.

M can run again next year, if he wants to. I was surprised that of all the people who didn't win last year, only T and J ran again this year.

Of course, the person I most want gone runs again next year. Or, at least, next year is when his term is up, and I assume that he will run again.

There's a story going around that S was not a good loser, and almost had to be carried away from the voting area. I was in the general area, and I would have thought if there was anything interesting like that going on that I would have heard it a couple of doors down, but I did not. So I don't know if it's true. But it wasn't even close, and a recount wasn't going to help, so I don't know what it was that she supposedly hung around to complain about.

Next year should be interesting.


Ananda girl said...

Well most of your picks got in!
If S was going to be such a bad sport then its good S did not win. People like that are very pushy and don't like compromise. Not a good trait for a representative.

laughingattheslut said...

I did not know if J or M would be better, and decided on M at the last minute. I am not unhappy with the vote total. Even M's father is happy.

M can run next time if he wants to.

S never run an election. A couple of years ago she was appointed to replace someone who stepped down. People do that, mostly cause of health problems and scheduling problems. So S shouldn't have been that surprised that she didn't win this time when she'd never won before.

The sad thing is that three years ago I voted for most of the other people we are now wanting out. They sounded good on paper, and I thought that it was important to vote for someone, even if it was someone that I didn't know. One of them is that evil temporary manager who bullied me into cutting my honeysuckle. Another is a guy who got a lot of votes on the promise that all meeting minutes would be posted for public viewing, but that rarely happens. I can't say I know anything much about the third guy, except that R can't wait to be rid of him. That leaves the people voted in last year, a buddy of R, a buddy of mine (B) that might have been a mistake cause he's also buddies with the temporary manager, and another guy that I don't know, but at the time he was running for election he seemed nice and was campaigning with B.

Well, I don't know if it is going to get better, but the current manager and the office secretary seem glad to be rid of S and glad to keep A. And they have told the temporary manager he doesn't need to be hanging around anymore.

dmarks said...

You ought to run.

Ananda girl said...

I agree with dmarks! You should run next time.

laughingattheslut said...

I don't know that I should run next time, but there are only three hundred of us, and at least six of us have to run per year, so that there are at least two people running for each seat, for a term of three years, so that we end up with a board of nine or ten. I am unclear on a few things, like are there nine or ten, and then there's the president who is appointed by the board, but I'm not sure if they vote for someone on the board or if they appoint someone not yet on the board. And I think that the president only votes in the case of a tie.

Not sure about many things, but eventually someone has to run, or there will not be at least six people running each year.

I have not seriously considered running, as even the smallest participation on my part (the several hours that the monthly meeting drags into), would prevent me from going on these little trips with my husband. I would hate to have to factor that in. It's bad enough that I can't go anywhere during the summer, unless it happens that a heavy rain is predicted for the exact same time as the trip.

It would really suck if he got to go someplace interesting and I had to stay behind because of the board meeting or some other such thing.

silly rabbit said...

Ah... I had not thought about the trip thing. I can see your point on that. It would eat up a lot of your time. (aka anandagirl)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Elections can be brutal.