Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Are there any real people who work at eBay?

I don't think so. If there are, they are a bit dim. And how do you get to talk to a real person at eBay?

Okay, so I've already written about buying a bootleg Star Trek Voyager dvd from a seller I don't believe knew that it was bootleg. And I was going to give the seller neutral feedback, but after talking to a few people it was decided that positive feedback was okay, as long as I still said that item was not as described and probably bootleg.

Here's what I wrote:
probably BOOTLEG, probably NOT seller's fault, offered refund, early shipping

It's hard to write what I'm trying to say in the limited less than one hundred characters we are given to write feedback, but I think that I got it all in this time, and still managed to say something nice about seller and that it really was supposed to be positive feedback.

This is a message that I got from eBay yesterday, after I had already told the seller that I would keep the item, and after I'd already left positive feedback.

MC015 Security notice: eBay listing removed
From: eBay
Sent: Jul-04-11 01:56 PM

eBay sent this message to (buyer).
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more.
MC015 Security notice: eBay listing removed

Hello buyer,

We're writing to let you know that this listing for an item you won or bid on is no longer available:


We understand this may be disappointing, but occasionally we need to remove listings. In some cases, the item itself is fine, but was listed in a way that didn't follow eBay's guidelines.

Here's what you can do next:

-- If you already paid, received your item, and you're satisfied, please disregard this notice.
-- If you won the item but haven't paid, don't pay. Since eBay removed the listing, you're no longer obligated to go through with the transaction.
-- If you already paid for this item through eBay, and it's past the estimated delivery time, you can open a case in our Resolution Center. Click the link below, and select the "I haven't received it yet" option. This will guide you through the process of opening a case.

If the seller offers you the item outside of eBay, we strongly discourage you from accepting the offer. These types of transactions are extremely risky and aren't covered by eBay buyer protection programs.

If you didn't pay through eBay or PayPal, and:
-- You paid by Western Union or MoneyGram, contact the company directly (Western Union 800-325-6000 or MoneyGram 800- 926-9400).
-- You paid by check, contact your bank to stop payment.



To learn more about eBay Buyer Protection, please visit:

I can only guess that I set some automated thing in motion when I checked a box that said counterfeit item, or whatever it was. But shouldn't there be some real person somewhere reading the feedback before sending out this stuff?

Wonder if I should write seller an apology?


silly rabbit said...

Oh my! There can't be anyone reading your message. It was clear and concise. They must have a word recognition program that saw bootleg in the comment and went wack-o. Its interesting that it did not notice that you were the one who used the frightening (to them) word and so still sent you the notice.

dmarks said...

there ARE people at eBay and I have dealt with them several times. Mostly over one evil seller and two evil buyers.

bernard carr said...

An American institution,it is like banging your head against a made in America brick wall . I am convinced trying to get help at ebay is an absolute waste of time .I can not get an ebay account even though I have had one for 3 years. It will not recognize my details

Lauras Letters said...

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dmarks said...

Laughing, the above is a spam I've seen at many blogs. Not that it does a lot of good: the forum is a closed thing that requires its own login.

silly rabbit said...

Where are you? I hope all is well. I've missed your posts.