Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yesterday I was a bit tired

I think the whole stay at school all day thing will be a good thing. But only for once a week, and maybe not even that. And I think Wednesday is a good day for that, though I might change my mind once LOST is back on.

I went to school and worked in the ceramics lab for about an hour and a half. That was supposed to be a two hour lab session, but the instructor had to leave early. The poor instructor doesn't even know which class I am in, since I've now been to all of them except the Saturday session.

I wasted a few minutes wandering around the job fair that I forgot about. I wasn't dressed for an interview and I didn't bring anything thing with me, but I don't think it mattered. I don't really want to work at Six Flags this summer and I'm not going to join the Army. Thanks anyway.

I spent almost two hours in the library. The class has two recommended textbooks. You don't have to buy either of them, but they are both on reserve at the library, so you are at least expected to go and look at them. And I didn't do any of the reading last week, due to the ice, so I had a bit to catch up on.

I didn't quite make the whole two hours. I was hungry. I left and got a Jack-in-the-Box monster taco. I know, monster tacos do not count as diet food. But I only had the one, and no fries, and I remembered to get the small soda this time.

Next, I went to Hobby Lobby. All Yarn Bee yarn is half off, so I got three or four kinds that I haven't tried yet. And, there was some yarn that I really like that got marked down to a dollar, because that line is being replaced. I admit I like the new stuff a little better, but I might as well buy some extra of the old stuff while it's marked down. And it is a Yarn Bee line, and it didn't have a clearance sticker on it, so it was also half off, and they ended up being fifty cents each. And a couple of friends sent me the link to a 40% off coupon for anything I wanted that was not on sale. So I ended up with the sketchpad the instructor insisted I get plus a whole lot of yarn for less than twenty dollars.

From there I went to the mall. Bet you'll never guess what I did there. There is still a bit of clearance stuff at Bath & Body Works, and I have these coupons for some free anti-aging stuff. The anti-aging stuff is supposed to be half an ounce and it has a suggested retail value of twenty-seven dollars, but doubt that either is true. Still, as long as they are going to give me the stuff, why not try it?

While I was in the mall I also got some free shampoo and conditioner from the survey people. And not little samples either, these are like eight ounces each. If I bring back a questionnaire in two weeks, they are supposed to give me twenty dollars. And since I'm going to try to do this every Wednesday, I might as well.

So then it was back to the library for two more hours. And I still didn't finish all of the reading. I read four out of five chapters in one book, and two out of five chapters in the other. But most of it was stuff I already knew from my previous class, and I should catch up with the rest of it next week.

Then I went to the bookstore to buy clay, which they ran out of Monday. The instructor says I'm buying too much, but I remember last time I used almost twice what we were told to buy. And it is cheaper to buy it at the bookstore than at Trinity, so why not buy extra while I have the chance. The instructor keeps telling us that we're going to recycle clay, and I'm like, recycle it from what? Whatever.

So I worked in the lab for about two and a half hours and decided that was good enough and went home. It's good to be back in a class, but some of it I am tired of already.

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