Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How I hate just sitting here

I have nothing exciting to write about today. I overheard an odd conversation the day before yesterday, but that seemed like a Monday Morons kind of post. I've already written the draft for that, and now I'm just sitting here.

It's not like I don't have plenty of stuff to do. I recorded three hours of TV yesterday. I could watch that, except that the TV is in the room where my husband is asleep, so I can't do that. Over the past two days I have managed to make these armatures out of stuff like newspaper and balloons and Styrofoam cups, but I'm not working on the clay yet because I have to clean up a work area first, and that might make noise. And I should probably clean the kitchen so I can cook something later, but again that would make noise. And the sheets need to be washed, but someone is sleeping on them at the moment.

I haven't even had a bath yet. That makes noise. Not that I don't sometimes do that anyway when I have to go to school or something, but when I don't have anywhere that I have to be in the mornings, it seems rude to take a bath or a shower when it might wake him up for no reason.

This really sucks. I have so much to do today, and I won't get started on any of it for at least another hour while I wait for him to wake up. And I probably won't do much of the rest of it til after lunch while I wait for him to go to work. Which means that I will probably get about four hours of real work done before I have to make dinner and decide whether or not to go to a night class.

I brought this other bed in here so that if we had such different schedules that one of us could sleep in here and not disturb the other one. But we don't have different schedules. He has his schedule, and except for art classes half of the week, I just sort do things around his schedule. But I don't guess that would have helped me much today. Even if he were sleeping in here I couldn't do much. Well, if I kept the volume down I could maybe watch some TV, and I could go ahead and wash those sheets that he wouldn't be sleeping on, but the rest of it would still have to wait.

It's going to be a long day.

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