Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another day without jury duty

Monday, I would not have minded getting it over with. As it is now, I think maybe I would like to put it off til next week, maybe even next Friday.

Not that I really want to get out of it entirely. Now isn't a really bad time, so it is better now than it might be later. Still, I am unlikely to actually get picked. It will probably only be the one day.

But if the one day had been Monday, that would have been better, since I would not have had to worry about parking. And, I had thought, that any day this week would have been the same. But my husband was unexpectedly added to this week's schedule yesterday. I can hardly complain that he's going back to work, even if it might not last.

Still, it would have been better to get the jury thing done without worrying about parking. Or, if I actually get picked for a jury, it would have been nice to go that first day without having to deal with parking. Worrying about all the other little details is enough for the first day. Worrying about parking could have waited til the second day.

But, it isn't going to work out that way. My husband will be working on each day that I might get called. So now I'm hoping that it is a week from Friday. I would still have to deal with the parking that day, but then I would have Saturday and Sunday off to deal with the traumatic experience, even if I did get picked. And I think that the next couple of days I might have other concerns that would be an added distraction that I don't need on top of maybe being a juror and having to deal with Dallas.

I hate Dallas.

Today is a beautiful day. I regret wasting so much of it. I have even attempted a bit of gardening today. I am trying to mix some soil, and I planted one bluebonnet. Okay, one bluebonnet is not a big deal, but I waited too late to plant seeds. And the one plant should make seeds that would probably plant themselves nearby for next year. After that I had to mail a letter (a letter that I've put off mailing for about two weeks), and to get over that bit of unpleasantness I stopped at a local plant place and spent five dollars. I now have two pepper plants, two tomato plants, a spinach and a lettuce. I couldn't buy much more than that. I have to keep at least ten dollars on me, just in case I have to go park in Dallas I don't want to get my husband to go to the ATM after working so late. And besides, the beds really need a bit of work before I start filling them with tomato and pepper plants.

Yesterday I tried to drag out more stuff to sort out. As some stuff like the yarn seems to get more organized, it leaves me with this growing mound of other stuff that I haven't figured out where it goes. I have noticed now that the pile of stuff is large enough that it mostly blocks the path to the dryer. So either I can't do laundry, or I can't add to this mound of stuff.

But, no jury summons yet, so maybe I can put off the laundry one more day.

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