Monday, March 01, 2010

Not much going on

Last week I sort of scolded one of my readers for not posting and/or commenting for a couple of days. My readers do not live around here, and I tend to imagine them in ditches and covered with snow if they take a few days off from the blogging.

And here I see that it has been nearly a week since I posted anything myself.

Bad blogger. Bad.

But I haven't been doing much. Literally. I've spent most of my time in bed. (And no, I have not spent most of my time doing that. Just some.) And no, I'm not really sick either. I just feel like I'm going to get sick. I wish that I wouldn't get sick. I think that if I don't get sick this month either I won't get sick at all, or maybe I would get sick but soon get better. Long illnesses are more often a winter thing, and winter will soon be over.

Other than feeling like I might be getting a cold, I feel a bit queasy. I was wrong about the cabbage soup diet thing. It did not make me glad to eat food that is good for me, or at least, not for very long. I rather dislike the idea of eating anything green. No matter how good that it is, or how good that it ought to be, most of the veggies make me think of cabbage, which rather makes be feel ill.

And this after basically giving up on the diet after a day (or a day and a half, or two days with a non-diet day in between, depending on how you look at it). Imagine how it would have been after actually doing it the whole week.

Anyway, I don't feel so good and tend to spend a lot of time in bed. Mostly I have been trying to read, but it isn't a large print book, so I have to take off my glasses and hold the book two inches from my face. Still, this is probably the most reading I have done in four years or so. It is nice to read again.

Today I am sitting here because I cannot go back to bed. Today is that day that most women dread. I'm having to do it almost a month early, because if I schedule it when it should be it might interfere with possibly having jury duty. And though I do not expect to get picked, if I schedule something after the 12th I probably will get picked. It is one of Murphy's Laws or something.

So I am sitting here when I would rather go back to bed, cause if I go back to bed I might sleep too late and not be at the clinic by nine as I am supposed to be. What made me schedule it for nine in the morning anyway? I could have scheduled it anytime I wanted in the next two weeks. There's nothing to do at nine in the morning. If I had scheduled it for a couple of hours later at least I could have done a bit of shopping before, or had lunch afterward, or seen a movie afterward.

And I could have gone back to bed without having to worry about sleeping too late.

And I'm going to miss something on TV I wanted to watch.

But I didn't think of any of that, so here I am, trying to stay awake.

Okay, time for a bath. I need a nice long bath so that I'll have a nice clean a** for the nurse to look at.


dmarks said...

I've been bad about blogging too. And yes I spent a lot of time in bed. With a cold.

Ananda girl said...

Ugh. That time of year! I've been avoiding mine. Its also that time of year for just not feeling right. I have been the same way. And as for blogging... I have been horribly spotty. Most days its all I can do to get my post up, if I do.

Hopefully we will all feel better when spring hits and the sun comes out more.