Saturday, December 22, 2007

...and a beer in a tree

Okay, I saw something like this in the store this week.

So that's just about perfect if this is your favorite Christmas song.

I wouldn't say it was my favorite Christmas song, and of course I do not consume alcohol, but a beer in a tree is really funny. So now you can have ten beers in a tree.

Of course, I do not have beer in my tree. Actually, right now I didn't even put up the tree. But the weird things that are usually in my tree are spaceships.

This guy has a cool tree. Mine is not so cool, even when I put it up. I'm cheap, so I only have about six Hallmark ornaments, and half of those were gifts. I get to see a tree very much like this at a friend's house. But I don't know this guy, he just had cool tree pictures on his blog.


dmarks said...

I got the Bob and Doug McKenzie album when it first came out. I probably still have it. And yes, I loved that song. People in the northern 1/3 of Micigan actually talk like Bob and Doug.

laughingattheslut said...

I don't want a beer, or even a beer in a tree, but two turtlenecks would be good. French toast is good, sometimes good enough to eat three pieces.

But what the hell is backbacon? Is it Canadian bacon? I hate Canadian bacon, unless it is a silly movie with that name.

I don't think that I have five of those funny hats. I don't think that I need them either.

I don't want a six pack or seven smokes either.

Eight comic books? Probably not. Might depend on which ones.

Twelve donuts? That's probably not good for me to have all at once, but I could probably get some help with that.

dmarks said...

I love French toast ... just have not had it for a while.

I think back-bacon is Canadian bacon. The McKenzie Brothers would always mention it in their skits. I like the movie with the same name: hey, it has John Candy in it!

Philip. said...

Love the beer mugs!!

Have yourself a wonderful Christmas :-)