Thursday, December 27, 2007

And Happy After-Christmas Clearance Sale Day To You Too

Well, Christmas itself has finally come and gone. I've exchanged gifts with everyone that was on my list except for two club members who were out of town. I have an assortment of hot chocolate mixes from the official club gift exchange, and an unexpected gift basket from an out-of-state friend, and I have a sweater from my mom and a necklace from my sister and a few other things and some gift cards. I really did encourage people to get me gift cards, unless they wanted to get me miter clamps and such, which most people probably thought was a joke. So sadly, I did not receive any clamps, but I did get over a hundred dollars worth of gift cards.

Last year, we lost a gift card to our favorite restaurant. So I immediately stuffed all of "my" gift cards into my wallet. My husband is still holding on to some of "our" gift cards to some restaurants.

I was up early Wednesday morning, ready to go to shopping. Maybe I got up too early. My first stop was going to be Target, which opened at 7am. So I spent some time looking on the Internet. I didn't want to spend a lot of time waiting in the parking lot, so I thought 6:45 would be a good time to leave. I checked the clock on the computer every once in a while. Finally, it was time to get going.

Only the clock in the car said it was ten minutes later than what I'd thought it was. Don't you hate that? You're just doing something to kill time, and then you end up late to whatever it was that you really wanted to do.

So I got to the store about eight minutes later than I planned. So I expected to see some people with carts full of just the stuff I wanted. Don't you hate that?

Well, I really didn't want that much. Except that I was going to get a ton of storage stuff if that had been on sale. But it wasn't. And why should it be? The week after Christmas is right when people are supposed to buy the stuff, so it wouldn't be on clearance yet. But the orange and black boxes were on sale the day after Halloween, so I thought maybe they'd mark down the red and green boxes the day after Christmas.

No such luck.

Well, we had gone to the store Friday and looked around and said that there really wasn't anything that we were just dying to have at 50% off, but there were a couple of things I should get if they were still there. And of course I'll be looking again when the stuff is 75% off later, but that won't be at least til Saturday or Sunday, and possibly not til next Wednesday.

I got a spice rack. How boring is that? Well, this one looks almost looks like a set of test-tubes, except that the bottoms are flat and they have screw-tops. So when I get done with the spices, it will go with the Halloween lab-set decorations.

I picked up some candy that my husband wanted. I didn't buy any decorations. With school and going out of town and such, I don't think that I've really done any major Christmas decorating since we've moved. So I'm thinking I shouldn't buy much anyway, cause I don't know what I need. I know, I don't really need any of it. But I'm thinking that I probably don't have enough stuff that really goes together, and I should probably take a complete inventory of what I already have before I buy lights and such.

So what I mainly came for (other than the storage boxes that I didn't buy cause they weren't on sale) was food. I didn't see any Hickory Farms stuff, so I was about to leave when I found where it was, mostly hiding behind the 50% off sign. I took about three things to the self-scanner, and they didn't seem to be on sale. After discussing the matter with another shopper, we decided to take the stuff to the checkout anyway and make them give it to us at half-price. They can't argue that it isn't on sale when they've put the 50% off sign right in front of the stuff.

The cashier had to call three different people before she'd give me the discount. While that was going on we let another customer go ahead of me, since he only had some mouthwash and a DVD player. The DVD player wouldn't scan, so she just asked him what it cost and he said that it was on sale for thirty-five dollars. So she rang up thirty-five dollars and took the man's money, and he left with his DVD player and his mouthwash. I still have to wait for the manager if I want seven bucks off of some cheese, but if you want discounted electronics they'll just take your word for it?

I finally get my discount and pay about twenty-five dollars and leave. I'm so proud of myself that I didn't go crazy and buy more. I pretty much just bought what we'd discussed and some cider and some crackers. Not much at all.

Well, the grocery store down the street used to be the place to get goodies after Christmas, so I went and had a look. Either there wasn't much of a sale or it was too early for them and they hadn't gotten around to marking it yet. Whatever. I should have gone to some other places, but they were near the mall and I decided to go home first and find out what other people had planned for the day.

My brother wanted to have us over for lunch. I thought lunch might be at eleven, and it was like 9:30. So I decided to put off the mall area shopping for a bit. Besides, I should see what yarn I needed before I went shopping.

My brother didn't plan lunch until 12, and then it ended up not being until after 12:30. So I could have had time to do a bit of shopping. Whatever.

After lunch we were going to see that Alien movie. We decided we were a bit late and would wait til the next show. So I'm off to the mall area to get some yarn.

Only I get to the checkout at the fabric store, and I can't find my wallet. I think that it must have fallen out of my pocket while I took out a measuring tape to check the size of a storage box. It was right at the front of the store, maybe someone turned it in?

No. Maybe you left it in the car?

I didn't think so, but I went to look anyway. Didn't see it. Called my husband and he didn't see it either. Called my brother too, but no luck.

So I've lost my wallet with my gift cards and my checkcard. So I have to turn around and go home. I go home without any yarn or anything.

I look for my wallet near the computer and in the bathroom and on the bed and in the kitchen, but I can't find it. I call Target and the grocery store to see if they've found a wallet. No luck. I retrace my steps to my brother's place, but still no luck. I go home and call the fabric place, but still nothing.

Time to give up and cancel the checkcard. And to be on the safe side I also cancel my library cards. I currently have three library cards. Not that I think someone is going to rush to the library and steal books and videos, but just in case.

So that's all done. I start to feel a bit better. The three of us still go see that Alien movie.

And then when I was about ready to go to sleep, I found the wallet just under the bed. So I'll have to do without my checkcard for a few days, and I'll have to go and get all new library cards, but that's okay. At least I didn't lose my Christmas presents and I don't have to go to the DMV for a new driver's license.

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