Friday, December 07, 2007

I did not forget that it is Friday

I should have done a Freaky Friday post this morning. I didn't forget that it was Friday; I was just busy with school stuff. I know that I said I was going to start doing Freaky Friday either once a month or every other Friday, and either way I should have done one today. I didn't, and I'm sorry. I'll try next week, or maybe I'll even try to write one tomorrow.

Technically, all I have to do for class is paint a pumpkin and a dragon. The pumpkin is in the kitchen now, and one of the dragons is in the car. I could just do that and say that I'm done with it on Monday. But two of these dragons are supposed to be Christmas presents, and they're not working out. Not one of them has come out of the mold without breaking pieces off. I've done like eight now. It's just not working with the plaster.

I'm going to give it a couple more tries. There's plaster drying in the molds right now, and I'll cross my fingers for Monday night. After the semester is over I'm going to bring the molds home and try colored cement and possibly that clear acrylic stuff. But the clear stuff is expensive, and you have to buy a special mold-release.

Also I want to put using the harder stuff til later, just in case I can't get it out of the molds.

I originally planned to do the dragons without the high relief. If I had stuck to the original plan, I'd have no problems now. But the teacher said that rubber molds could handle the undercuts, so I tried to recreate the same dragon from last semester.

So it's Friday night, and I am a.) not doing anything fun, and b.) not even working on any art projects. I am mostly just sitting here waiting for my mom to call. Of course, she probably forgot that I said I'd call her back on Friday, and unless something bad has happened she is probably out shopping.

Possibility 1--something unpleasant happened to my sister. Mom called Tuesday when I was out, and it was too late to call her back. She called again on Wednesday, and being that it was only like ten minutes too late to call, I phoned anyway just in case it was important. I thought that it was about the family dinner, which she said it was not. But then she said that she was too tired to get into it, and I said that I'd call her back tonight after I was finished with the school stuff. Still, I'm thinking that if something unpleasant happened to my sister, she would have told me about it regardless of being too tired to get into it.

Possibility 2--something unpleasant has happened to my grandmother. Or rather, something more unpleasant than the usual has happened to grandmother. Grandmother is not getting any younger, so it is never anything pleasant for her anymore. Again, if it was something really bad, she probably would have told me.

Possibility 3--something unpleasant and totally unexpected has happened to someone else. Now that really is something she probably would have told me about before now.

Possibility 4--the same old stuff with grandmother, and would I consider taking a job helping out grandma?

Well, no, I would not consider taking a job helping out grandma. Not if there's anyway out of it. About three years ago, mom talked me into this "job." I didn't want to do it then. I wanted a job, but I wanted a real job with more money and insurance and such. But my mom talked me into it, and right after I agreed to do it, the "job" offer did not actually result in a "job". They'd have to talk about it some more, and she couldn't tell me the schedule so I could make other plans to maybe take an art class, etc.... I needed the money at the time, but I still didn't really want to do it even then. I was afraid I wouldn't know what to do in an emergency, and I didn't want to have to lift her if she fell down, and if I got hurt on the "job" I wouldn't have insurance and workman's-comp, etc....

I had all of those reasons not to take the "job" then, and those are still valid reasons now. I don't want to do it. I don't want any commitments right now, other than school. I really don't want that much of a commitment, but if I didn't go to school right now, I'd go crazy. And school is something I can get out of whenever I want. I don't know how I'd get out of this "job" if it just wasn't working out for me.

So I'm afraid that is what my mom wants to talk about. I've already said that I wasn't interested, I don't think so, and all the other polite things that I say when I don't want to do something. I hate to have to say anything else. I really do not want to have another conversation about this, and I especially do not want to have this conversation now, during the last week of the semester, and right before Christmas and birthdays and all of that.

I should not be greedy and worry that she'll get upset and cancel the family dinner, but that is what I'm afraid of.

So I am mostly just sitting here, waiting for my mother to call, possibly to have a conversation that I don't want to have.

I think that I'll go watch Night of the Living Dead DVD or something like that. Won't that put me in a better mood?

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