Friday, June 06, 2008

Free Movies and TV

About a week ago I got an email from a friend of a friend telling us all about a website that linked to free movies we could watch on the computer. Cool. Sometimes the quality isn't so great. Sometimes it's a copy of a copy. And the recent stuff probably came from someone who copied the movie with his cell phone. I'm not watching that stuff. But there's some stuff that I have missed, and some stuff that I haven't seen in a really long time. It's been fun.

So this site is mostly movies, and I was wondering if maybe there was something that had old TV shows. I thought that I found something that had The Bionic Woman, but then it turned out just to be the remake. Rats.

I looked around a bit more. This time I tried looking for Otherworld, which was about ten episodes of something that would have been like Lost In Space, only without the space. And, lucky me, I found it here.

Sometimes, the Internet really rocks.


dmarks said...

I will have to check that out. I wonder if it is one of those shows I watched and loved, but really can't remember details of...

Is that the one where early on, the kid steal's a cop's pass card and it lets them get around, and they are moving from one signpost/column to another?

laughingattheslut said...


It starts out during the family's vacation to Egypt. They go on a tour of one of the pyramids during the exact moment there is an alignment of planets and end up on another world. They land right in the middle of one of the forbidden zones. They find a road and start walking, looking for help. A car comes and a military guy asks for their identification papers, which they don't have. Military guy starts to arrest them and pulls out a ray-gun, there's a struggle, and the beam from the ray-gun bounces off of the car and stuns the military guy. They take his car and some other stuff and run. They don't realize that the key to the car is also a key to some other very important stuff and that the military guy has to track them down and get it back. So then it gets to be one of those shows like "The Fugutive."

I used to watch a lot of those "The Fugitive" shows, including one in which the main character was a dog. Maybe I'll look for that one sometime.

After looking around the site some, I have also found The Starlost, which I was seriously looking for about three years ago.

dmarks said...

I don't remember the dog show. I saw a few of The Starlost when it was first aired.

Great to finally track down that show again ("Otherworld"). I had forgotten its name. I thought it was above average in concerpt and acting. At least I thought so at the time.