Wednesday, November 04, 2009

From middle of nowhere, Texas

I am quite sleepy, though I have done almost nothing today. Yesterday there was a long drive, which tends to make me tired even though I did none of the driving. Today the drive wasn't very long, and I am still tired.

I am in a dark motel room. I suppose that it wouldn't be so dark if I would open a window, but I don't even like opening a window at home. In a strange place it might really be creepy.

Anyway, if you don't open the curtains in a motel room, it is usually much darker than at home. The curtains really keep out the light, in case you are trying to sleep.

I am not trying to sleep, but I may give up soon and have a nap anyway.

My husband was complaining that he hadn't been this way in more than three years. I doubt it has been that long. In fact, I was thinking that he was scheduled to work out this way about three months ago, only he just didn't do anything cause I didn't go with him.

I looked it up. He as scheduled to be out this way, but that was one of those times that he had to call and say that he didn't have enough money to go out of town. So maybe he hasn't been here in a while.

Anyway, I was sure that I hadn't been this way in a while. So I thought even if I didn't do anything interesting, I might just enjoy the drive. I guess I did. There still isn't a lot of fall color to look at, but there is some.

And there are giant windmills.

Did I mention being tired?

Anyway, I talked him out of Subway yesterday, and we had pizza instead. Today we had Mexican food. Great salsa. But, as usual, we probably spent too much money, so I am wondering what if anything we should do on the way home tomorrow.

Today I got my picture taken with a giant rabbit. How often to you get to see giant windmills and giant rabbits?

And we drove to a historic building. A lady came out and offered to show us around. She was expecting a group of professional photographers, and we weren't it. But she gave us the grand tour anyway. Most of these people seem to like giving tours, unless you show up just before closing or just as they were about to leave for lunch.

I hope the other group didn't keep the lady waiting all day.

Tomorrow, if we have money left and aren't too tired, we should go look at another historic building and maybe go to a zoo.

There are sixty cable channels, and nothing to watch. I've seen about three hours of history channel stuff about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. It doesn't sound like anything new.

No wonder I am sleepy.

Well, I aways think that I'm forgetting to pack stuff. This time I forgot to charge the phone. And I forgot to pack the pillows. Motel pillows are usually too big for me to sleep on. These aren't too bad, but my own pillows would have felt better.

I guess I should clear off all these yarn on the bed. I might want to sleep on it soon.

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