Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Might be gone for a few days

I say might be gone because I sometimes back out at the last minute. I have become one of those people who frets about things like "Did I remember to turn off the stove?" to the point where sometimes I don't enjoy the beginning of the trip that much. And this isn't that great of a trip to begin with. And it is only till Thursday, so by the time I stop worry about things like "Did I remember to turn off the heater?" I will be home anyway.

I tend to feel even worse when I don't clean the house first. I had plans of straightening the back room Friday and Saturday. I don't remember what happened Friday, but Saturday I didn't do much because I didn't want to get tired before the Halloween party. Sunday I wasn't doing very well with the lack of sleep and such. Monday I was just lazy. I washed the dishes and did some laundry, but the rest of it is still a mess. Having not straightened the backroom I didn't straighten the living room either, having no space in the back room to move things to while I cleaned anything else.

And any time I have to wear a costume there is more than the usual mess, after I have tossed things about looking for something. So the other rooms are a mess too. There isn't a room left that is even remotely in order.

So this bothers me even more. I tend to think that when the house looks the worst is when there will be some emergency that requires someone to let themselves into my house. I will probably worry the whole three days that something will happen to the hot water heater, that the house will be robbed, etc.... Then someone from the office will have to go into the house, see what a mess everything is, and start looking for a reason to have us evicted.

There are fewer and fewer business trips, and I manage to actually go on very few of them now.

But, after the confusion of where was when and such, I did plan to go to middle of nowhere west of here, and now another day has been added to a slightly larger town a bit down the road from that, and as of right now I am still planning to go.

I have already turned off the heater, so at least I won't have that to worry about.

I am not sure what if any Internet access I will have, so I might be out of communication range for a while.

Assuming I still manage to put my bags in the car and actually leave the house.


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Ananda girl said...

Oh... I hate that thought pattern. I've had to leave work and go check the stove.

I need to work in my house... I don't like to have visitors. It's an older mobile home and not very nice. I agreed... what was I thinking... to let my new friend come over. I must have bumped my head! Now I can't stop worrying about getting the house perfect, which is impossible!

I hope you can enjoy some of your short time away.