Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Morons: Another Update on the Violin a** Woman

Before I get into that, I have a smaller Monday Moron story. Yesterday I was out at Target's (cause yesterday they had the 90% off Halloween clearance stuff), and while I was out I also stopped at Walmart and got a couple of Rubbermaid Takealongs (not that they were particularly on sale, but I thought that I might never get a chance to buy more of them).

A moment of silence to mourn the passing of the Rubbermaid Takealongs.

Anyway, I was at the self checkout thing. If you've never used the self checkout thing, it is a place where you scan what you want to buy yourself, without a cashier, and a computer screen shows you how much each item costs, and then you put the scanned item in a bag. The bagging area is weight sensitive, and if you don't bag the item, or you try to put something in the bag that you didn't scan, the computer won't let you continue scanning items and you have to get an employee to help you. The computer will also ask you things like START, FINISH, TYPE OF PAYMENT, etc...

Unfortunately, in my area we are usually asked if we want to continue in Spanish.

But anyway, you have to look at this computer screen, and at the beginning it says something like WELCOME VALUED CUSTOMER, and then you either press start or just start scanning stuff. If the screen says something else, like there is a list of items, or maybe it says PLEASE TAKE YOUR CHANGE, then it isn't your turn yet, cause someone else is still using the thing.

And it would usually be obvious that someone is still using the thing, cause the person using the things is usually standing right there. Though I suppose that someone could still be using the thing and not standing right in that spot, cause maybe they moved a few feet away to add a magazine or gum or a magazine. If there is not someone standing right there, and it doesn't look like someone is a few feet away getting gum, then maybe someone changed their mind and just left, and you have to get help from an employee.

But usually it is just a matter of waiting your turn, waiting for the person ahead of you get her change and her receipt and collect her purchases and move away. Then you have to wait for the computer screen to think about it for a moment before it is ready for a new customer. And, if the previous customer is really slow, the computer screen says it is ready for a new customer, but you still have to wait for the previous customer to get out of the way before you start scanning things. If you start scanning things with the previous customer still there, and her bags are still there, then the computer will think that you are trying to steal something.

Pretty obvious stuff.

Besides, it is just rude to start scanning stuff before the previous customer leaves. Sure, put stuff down and get ready to scan it, but you can't actually scan anything until the previous customer leaves and the computer is ready for a new customer.

So I am at Walmart waiting for my receipt, and this guy comes up and starts trying to scan sodas. And I'm still standing there, and the computer isn't ready for a new customer. It is still going through stuff like PLEASE TAKE YOUR CHANGE and all that.

And the guy just keeps trying to scan his sodas.

Even if the guy is too stupid to wait look up at the computer screen and see if something is wrong, can he not see me standing there?

The guy looked older than me, and I didn't want to hang around and try to teach him to act like a grownup.


Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you about....

Quite a while back I wrote a post about a former friend. The former friend did really bad things and then ended up dumping his wife for a woman half his age, after he and he and his wife lost their youngest son. For more on the story, read this and this.

I hadn't heard much about them lately, but over the weekend I heard a bit. After the new wife decided to try to have a baby with another man, the former friend didn't want to be married to her anymore. But, her friends and family tried to smooth things over with them, and they didn't immediately get a divorce.

Anyway, she lost her job, because a lot of other people at her place of employment just refused to work with her anymore. So now she doesn't have a job, and she isn't the mother of an American baby. If she's no longer the wife of an American man, there's no reason she should be allowed to stay in this country.

And then the former friend also lost his job. I've heard different stories about this, but whatever the reason, he doesn't have a job, and his younger wife doesn't have a job, so he isn't going to have any money, place to stay, etc....

His mommy doesn't like the new wife.

I don't know where the new wife is staying, but after losing his job, the former friend had to move in with his mommy.

Did I mention that the former friend is in his sixties?

So the former friend, now in his sixties, is having to move in with his mommy, and she doesn't like his new wife and won't have her around. In fact, she dislikes the new wife so much that she has not only offered him a place to stay in her home, but if he will divorce the woman, his mommy will buy him a car.

I have heard that she is so sure this will get rid of the new wife, that she already bought the car and it is now in mommy's garage.

I'm not sorry that the former friend lost his job. I'm not sorry that the former friend has split up with his younger wife.

I am sorry that he's now going to get free rent and a new car out of the deal.

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Ananda girl said...

Boy... where is karma when it's needed? Sheesh!