Monday, August 30, 2010

Here I am in

a motel. I'm not telling where.

Anyway, I gave up thinking about traveling to the ideal place and just got in the car and went to the place that was available for free. Sort of free. Nothing is really free, but hanging out on a trip that my husband has to go on anyway is a lot cheaper than taking a trip on our own. Most of the gas is paid for, the room is paid for, etc....

What is not paid for is the food and any tourist stuff we might do. And, of course, we would have to eat something anyway, even if we weren't out of town, so eating shouldn't be that much of an expense.

Except that we aren't eating the cheapest food. We spent two or three times as much on yesterday's lunch than I thought we would. And then for dinner we went out again. And we spent an extra eight dollars to get weird sodas. Okay, one of the sodas will be a gift for someone when we get back home, but the other three were just us being tourists.

I am sleepy. To be expected I suppose, but it's been a while since this was part of my regular routine, and I forget what to do if I don't want to spend the week being sick and tired.

Today we went to lunch at a Chinese buffet, which we should not have done, as we plan to go to a special buffet later in the week. We didn't need two buffets in the same week, it was just the only thing that I could think of to feel better.

And of course after the buffet, there is sleeping, or at least really wanting to sleep.

Trying not to sleep, or I won't sleep enough tonight.

Anyway, I have a pool, which is outdoor and not that great, but at least there is a pool and I'm going to get in it for a bit after a feel better.

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