Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have created a monster

Okay, so as I go through my little routine of looking at the stuff and trying to decide what goes where, or what I should get rid of, or whatever, I am now trying to find stuff that I would like to give to someone. Like, I paid good money for this, and it is still in good shape, and even if I'm not using it right now I still don't want to throw it away or give it to Goodwill. But giving some of this stuff to specific people is somehow different, and it makes me feel better, sometimes.

Like, I thought at one time I would get into beads, but then I didn't really. D was into beads. Apparently, D is still into beads. So, I picked out just a few that I just really like and might still make something with someday, and I divided the rest into already made stuff that only a kid would like, and stuff still in the packages that D would want. I gave D most of it, and some necklaces that were already put together (not by me) were given to a little girl that one of my neighbors babysits.

D was just thrilled with the beads and has promised to give me something in return. I really like the promised thing, but I don't need it. I was just wanting the beads to go to someone who would appreciate them. Anyway, D tends to be a bit forgetful. I'll be happy if she gives me what she said that she would, but I won't be mad if she doesn't.

The little girl got a few more things. Basically, if I don't need it anymore, and it's something a kid would want, she probably got it. Except that I'm putting a few things away for someone else, and I'm thinking that some things should go to the club for when we have kid parties or do something in public that involves kids. Like, I have a bunch of little things that were toys from Happy Meals. We could just give those away to random kids if we are out in costume.

So the last thing that I decided to part with was my VHS tape of Watership Down. Watership Down is just the best animated movie, based on a very long novel of the same name. It is about rabbits. I love this movie, but, I am getting rid of most of my VHS tapes, and, my brother has the DVD, which I can borrow any time that I want. So, I saw my neighbor, asked if she still had a VHS player, and said either she or the little girl could have the tape. She asked to make sure that I meant to give it away for keeps, and then she said thank you and all of that.

A few days later, I asked the little girl if she had watched the rabbit movie, and she said not yet. And then she asked if I was still cleaning out my closets, and if I still had any toys, and if I had any play food. (I'm not sure why I should have any play food, but she asks me that a lot.) I told her that I might have a few more toys, but that they were for someone else.

And then she asks me if she can have a toy.

No, I already gave you one. (By now she has been given a VHS tape, jewelry, a plastic tiara, and a stuffed bunny, plus the neighbor has been given microwave bakeware in case she ever wants to try that or to use them as Jello molds.)

Again, she asks me if she can have a toy. Again, I say no.

I move to the other side of the yard to talk to someone else, and she asks again. She just keeps yelling.

Can I have a toy. Can I please have a toy. Can I have just one.

This goes on for a bit, until the neighbor hears her and comes outside to see what all the yelling is about.

We both shake our heads and go back into our houses.

I've created a monster.


dmarks said...

We did a massive cleanout of VHS a couple of weeks ago, and I found a Watership Down VHS that I did not know we had.

I saw this when it first came out once, and then last year on the free "on demand" on cable, and was stunned by how good it was.

We decided to hang onto the VHS of it, since we don't have the DVD and it has been months since they showed it for free on cable.

Ananda girl said...

I loved Watership Down, both the book and the movie! When my kids got older, I donated it to our school library, where I assumed I would always be able to view it. Now I wish I had kept it for my grand kids instead. Oh well.

Children can be very selfish. Sounds like your monster is used to getting what she wants if she yells loud enough. It's not your fault. Good for sticking to your guns on that... she needs to learn no means no.

Absurdist said...

As the second in a series of posts of cleaning out your house, and the multiple storage units, you are beginning to frighten me!

But I am a bit of an organization freak. Coming from a long line or disorganized pack rats, and the fact that I have moved 17 times in 18 years, I guess that has kept me pretty clean of junk.

Here's how I take care of things:

With the exception of the "hope clothes" (those clothes that I SWEAR I will get back into), if I haven't used it in 1-2 years, it's a goner.

I do have my exceptions as well. I am a total bathroom whore. I have to MAKE myself go through those cabinets and drawers and get rid of all that crap that has been in there that I tell myself "but Michellllleeeee, I could use that someday! I just may need it!", even though I haven't touched it in four years.

And I do have a ton of technical stuff that I do need.

But you know what? I haven't missed a thing.

I mean really. Does anyone need all that crap? No. If it's in storage, and you haven't seen it in one, two or five years, and you haven't USED it in that long, then you really and honestly haven't needed it, have you?


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