Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am stuck at home

The car hasn't worked for a week. Despite having the starter replaced and the battery replaced and all of that, it still doesn't work right. Something is draining the battery and I have no idea what it is. Having the mechanic find out would probably cost a lot of money, so I didn't even bother calling this time.

So I don't have a car today. Today is the club's annual outdoor meeting. The outdoor meeting is not really my thing, but I usually put in an appearance anyway. And I like eating hamburgers and hotdogs as much as the next person. I just don't get into the water guns and all of that. And I'm not smart enough for to bother with the engineering test either.

So I was mostly okay with missing the meeting, until today, and now I just really don't care for being stuck here. We had invited some Klingons and some Browncoats, so there will be new people to met, and I won't be meeting them. Great. Just great.


evil-e said...

The car has turned into your bane. It now has managed to screw up your social life.

Killer said...

It might be your alternator. You can get it checked at most auto supply chains like Auto Zone. Many of them will even take it out of your car for you if you act helpless enough.

laughingattheslut said...

Act? What act?

But seriously, I know nothing of cars. But I thought the alternator was something that charges the battery when you're driving. Something is draining the battery when it's just sitting there at night.

Someone convinced me that the battery could go bad because of the bad starter, but do all three (starter, battery, and alternator) go bad all at the same time?

dmarks said...

I tried to post this comment last night... but just as I clicked Submit the already-terrible Internet connection completely died.

I draglined my memory, looking at all the past car problems, and I did remember something a lot like this occurring. It turned out that the starter was at fault for the draining of electricity overnight.

Babybull40 said...

That sucks with the car.. You have had some issues with that car.. Too bad you can't trade it in for one that works..cause it's interfering with your social life..