Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things I found while cleaning

So I've been trying to do some cleaning this weekend, and I decided that it was finally time to take everything out of the car. So I've found some interesting things, mostly in the car.

I found two non-working calculators. One of them was actually melted.

I found some kind of tool, still sealed in the box. It's rather like a Dremel, but cheaper. I have been looking for the thing, and I remember buying the thing. But if I bought it for something specific I do not remember, and I don't even remember what I meant to do with it the last time I was looking for it.

I found a copy of an email sent to me by the Homewrecking-slut last year. I should post that sometime. There were a lot of things I hoped that she might be sending me, like she misunderstood the situation and thought that we were getting a divorce anyway and now that she knew better she would back off so we could go to counseling. And then there were more practical things that I thought she might be sending me to get me to not try to drag out the divorce, like a promise that they were not going to go on a bunch of vacations and such until he paid what he owed me, or that she might even be offering me some money herself to help things. But for some reason she decided to send me this letter trying to convince me that my marriage wasn't suddenly over because he'd found some slut from London who was constantly talking to him about sex and offering to let him live in London with her. For some reason she wanted to try to convince me that she was doing the right thing and that they were just meant to be together and all of that. At some point she goes on about how she knows how I must feel, but there's nothing that I can do about it so I should just give up and then we'd all be happier. She actually tried to convince me that she was a good person and that most of the stuff on her blog was made-up. Ten minutes later she emailed my husband and told him that she lied to me and told me she was just a normal person pretending to do all this weird sex stuff, but actually she did even more weird sex stuff and just didn't want to write about the extreme stuff on her blog.

I found a lab manual for a science course that I didn't even take. More than twenty years ago I took Astronomy as an elective, without the lab credit. I took Geology as my science requirement. When I went back to college, one of the degree plans required more science credits than I had, so I made arrangements to just do the extra lab part without having to take the whole course again. But then I ended up with a different degree plan and didn't ever use the lab manual. I bought the thing in Spring of 2002, and it was still in my car. I guess that's why I had the melted calculator there too.

I found a bunch of stuff about getting a vasectomy. I've always worried about getting pregnant, and I thought he was concerned about it too. At some point I offered to make it worth it to him to go ahead and get the problem permanently taken care of. I'd also heard a rumor that there were other benefits from the procedure, but I've since been told that was a myth.

I found a bunch of stuff about the divorce. And I found the address and phone number to the motel my husband stayed at when he left me for a few days. I ended up staying at the place with him most of the time he was there. He didn't want it to be over between us, but he was too embarrassed to tell the Homewrecking-slut that after she'd already bought the plane tickets.

I found a jar candle that I put in the car last December, just in case I was in a gift exchange or something like that I forgot about. Funny that the candle wasn't a melted mess but the calculator was.

I had to move a bunch of clay and other ceramic stuff into the house. Class has been over for a few weeks, but the stuff has been in the trunk of my car cause I don't know where to put it in the house. I still don't know where to put it, but right now it is on the floor in the hall.

I found some stuff I got from All-Con last year. There was a fictional newspaper to promote a horror film that I didn't see.

I took out a folding metal chair. I have no idea why I even had that in the car.

And I found a Star Trek 10 movie poster that the theater people gave us for going in costume to opening weekend. Mine got wet, and I left it in the trunk and forgot about it.

I usually enjoy finding old stuff like that when I'm cleaning, but most of this stuff just made me sad.


dmarks said...

I just can't imagine what heat in that part of the country can do to stuff in a hot car.

I once lent a friend a record album, and he left it in his car. No, record players do not play rippled records.

How much money did you find?

Babybull40 said...

Leaving stuff in our car is a common occurrence.. We just cleaned our car out and it is all dirty again.. Once we found moldy biscuits under the passenger seat that my parents forgot about from a trip to Florida.. it was pretty gross...

laughingattheslut said...

Sadly, I only found about seventy-five cents.
All kinds of things melt in cars here, I just hadn't seen much stuff like that in my own car. I saw lots of melted tapes from my job at the library ten years ago.
Two years ago I even had the exploding soda can. You hear that can happen, but I'd never seen it before. I guess I was just lucky til then.

dmarks said...

That's what you get living in the "Oven of the Nation", I guess.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

It's funny all the stuff we find when we clean!

laughingattheslut said...

And I'm afraid it is time to clean out the frig again.

evil-e said...

Sounds like everything went all Dali in the hot Texas sun.

Sounds like Mr Whoopee's closet on wheels (Tennessee Tuxedo show)

That is a lot of stuff to find, including old wounds.....

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Now you made me want to clean out my car..but I'm afraid.......