Sunday, May 06, 2007

Monday Morons

Told you'd I would get around to this eventually. Sure, you've maybe heard most of this already, but read it anyway if you have the time.

Every once in a while I get a new reader who wants to know what is the deal with the name of this blog, etc... And the question doesn't really bother me, I just hate to bore the readers who have been around for a while with the same details over and over again. But I originally started this blog to be mean to the homewrecking-slut who came after my husband. That was like a year ago. I haven't given that woman the tiniest percentage of what she deserves.

And of course I've never actually done anything to her. I've just told other people about what she does. I don't understand people who go out and do horrid things to other people, and then whine about people being mean to them and not respecting their privacy and such afterwards. They somehow think that they're just supposed to be allowed to go out and do whatever evil thing that they want to, and no one is supposed to say anything about it, and no one is supposed to try and stop them. Back-stabbing, rape, theft, breach of contract, all sorts of bad things just happen in life and you're just supposed to accept it and not do or say anything about it? I don't think so.

Really. It's like no one ever told this dimwit that she was a slut before. Somehow my reaction to her coming after my husband was a total shock to her. Like she didn't know it wrong or something.

You would think that at some point over the years that maybe she would have maybe seen or heard of some other homewrecking-slut and that other people have low opinions of such creatures. Maybe she would have thought that being a homewrecking-slut was a bad idea because she didn't want other people to talk bad about her. You would think that just common sense would kick in at some point and she'd figure out that was a bad idea.

Okay, so even if she doesn't have the sense to figure this stuff out for herself, other people did warn her that this was a bad idea. She had all kinds of advice against it, and while I'm not sure that anyone actually told her that she was being immoral, she was at least warned that it was a bad idea and that there might be consequences. She was specifically warned that she would never hear the end of it from me. She was warned about this several times, and those warnings did not just come from me.

Somehow, she was still surprised.

Okay, so I have this blog that I originally started to have some fun at the homewrecking-slut's expense, and I think that I have mentioned her ten times. Ten times out of like a hundred and fifty posts. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not spending 24/7 with the Bimbo bashing. I have other things going on. I have other things to write about. I can and do reserve the right to go back to the Bimbo bashing whenever I want to do that. But I have a lot going on right now, and even when I have the time, I'd rather spend it doing something else.

So I hadn't mentioned her for a while. Right now the nice thing in my life is ceramics. I realize that some of my readers are bored to tears with the ceramics and would rather I go back to Bimbo bashing or some such thing, but I just haven't felt like it for a while. Then someone in my real life mentioned something about her, so I looked at her blog, etc... And I wrote about why I did that and I also wrote about something I read in her friend's blog.

A friend from the great white north had all sorts of humorous suggestions about what to call this particular person, but for now she will just be referred to as Bimbo's friend. The post I made about the Bimbo's friend going to a sex party was like two months ago. The post was no big deal. I didn't give a lot of details, except for the number of people there, and I didn't post the woman's name or anything like that. And I also wrote a bit about the homewrecking-slut herself, since that what got the whole things started in the first place, but again it was not a long detailed thing.

Anyway, the Bimbo's friend, who supposedly does not read my blog very often, (I'm surprised that she reads it at all) happened to find the post like a month later. So I'm not sure how she found the thing, unless she went through and read the whole blog, or at least a whole month of posts. It wasn't titled "Sex Party" or "Bimbo's Friend has Sex with Four Others" or anything else that would help a person find it, even if a person were looking. So that was strange. And the really strange thing is that she claimed she found the the thing when she had nothing better to do. Not true. For one thing, she was supposed to be doing something very important and should have been getting ready for that, not wasting time on blogs. And the other thing is that this happened in the middle of a trip, when she could be visiting people that she hasn't seen for months or maybe years, so if she just needed a break from the work she could have gone to visit a friend or relative. I can't imagine being in her situation and then wasting all that time blogging, much less looking for something on a blog she supposedly doesn't read.

I mean, I like you guys, and I like blogging and everything, but if I have something important to do, or if I get to visit another country, or if I win a cruise or a trip to Hawaii, how much of my time do you think will be spent blogging then?

In case you've didn't read it the first time, here's a link
cause I just don't think that you'd even find it without a link. If I ever get around to doing the serious labeling thing, I guess I will go ahead and label it "Sex Party" or "Bimbo's Friend has Sex with Four Others." But I can't be bothered with such things now, so here it is.
So weeks after this post, the Bimbo's friend wrote in her blog about reading something that upset her. And she understands why the person who wrote the upsetting thing might have a reason to dislike her. She wasn't so much writing about what she read as she was writing how upsetting it was and how surprised she was that it upset her. And I really didn't think much about it. She's mentioned being upset by reading other things, mainly stuff by someone dating her ex.

So for a moment I did wonder if she was upset by reading my blog, cause sometimes I add two and two and then jump too far ahead and come up with 16. But then I usually backtrack and say, no, the answer probably isn't 16, it's probably just 4 like it says or maybe 6 or 8. So that's what I thought, very briefly, I wonder if she's upset cause she read something in my blog? And then I thought, no, she probably doesn't read my blog, and even if she remembers that I have a blog she might not remember how to find it, and even if she looks at it occasionally she wouldn't be wasting her precious time reading it right now, and certainly not reading several weeks of stuff to find that particular post that.

Unless her friend the homewrecking-slut wasn't being much of a friend and told her to read that right before she had this important thing to do. Now that I think about it, that probably is what happened. The homewrecking-slut wouldn't have sense enough to keep it to herself for another week or so.

And so then I thought what I usually think about such things. Who cares? She can read it if she wants to. No one held a gun to her head and made her post about her sex life. If she doesn't like people making fun of her, then she shouldn't do things that people make fun of. Or, she should at least keep that sort of thing a secret. I would think that doing that sort of stuff in secret would make it more fun anyway, but that's just me.

So then two days later, there is this other post, with some things specifically addressed to me. So I guess it is safe to say that my post about her is what got her all upset. Still not sure why she was reading my blog, but that's definitely what she read.

First, she talks about learning that people are praying for her. So when I read the title of her post, I wasn't really paying attention, and I just thought it was like, pray for me, or wish me luck, or cross your fingers cause I've got something big coming up. But then it was like those people shouldn't be praying for her cause she's Jewish and since we think she's going to hell anyway why bother. Again, I'm not one of the ones praying for her, but this is exactly why she's being prayed for, because someone is worried about her soul.

Next she complains that if I really wanted to know about her lifestyle that I should have just asked her. Actually, I did just that a few times, and the last time she deleted my comment and I took the hint and asked no more questions. And when I did ask her questions, I did so anonymously, so I didn't link to a blog or anything like that. I would have hoped that she would have done me the same courtesy, but she didn't, so I deleted her comment.

But to be truthful, I wasn't that interested in why she decided to have go to this sex party. She went. That's enough. I think having sex with more than one person is wrong, and if you're not going to keep quiet about it, be prepared that someone is going to make fun of you.

Then she goes on to she that she doesn't understand what I have against her. Funny, but two days before she seemed to know why I might have a problem with her. True, my problem is mostly with her friend, but who held a gun to her head and made her be friends with a homewrecking-slut in the first place? You want to be friends with someone like that, then I don't like you either. Get a better class of friends. No wonder she has problems with men thinking that she'll do this same sort of crap.

But, really, I do have more problems with her than just that, though if she had stopped being friends with the homewrecking-slut, I probably would have taken that under consideration. The whole thing started with her blog. My husband is obsessed with London, and he started reading this blog because she was from London. And then one day she posted about all kinds of weird sex stuff. He should have stopped reading her blog then, but he didn't. So that was the first thing about her that bothers me, that she writes all this stuff knowing that married men and teenage boys are reading it. There could be all kinds of people reading her blog, but she knew for certain that at least one married man and one teenage boy were reading, because they left comments, and their ages and marital status are in their profiles.

So she knew that people who shouldn't be reading stuff like that were reading her blog, and they were hooked, and she kept writing.

And then comes the homewrecking-slut. The two of them comment on each other's blogs, and they are friends in real life. They both live in London. They are both into weird sex. The blog of the homewrecking-slut just wasn't as interesting, and my husband didn't read that one.

So there maybe is some online flirting going on, but I thought it was harmless. There's an ocean between them. Even if either the Bimbo's friend or my husband got any crazy ideas, well, first they would both have to be dumb enough to get the same crazy idea at the same time, and then there's that ocean to deal with. And I didn't get suspicious of my husband doing crazy things that anyway. He's obviously very much in love with me. He wrote about me in his blog and all of that. He just wouldn't cheat without someone seriously being after him. And there's no reason anyone would seriously be after him. He's pretty average in looks and he doesn't have any money. So the idea of the Bimbo's friend being after my husband seemed pretty ridiculous.

I knew he was talking to them. The funny thing is that for a while I really felt sorry for them. They were being used. But, they seemed to get off on being used, and to be honest I was getting something out of it myself. On the one hand I think parading your sex life to the world like that is wrong. But on the other hand, if someone else is stupid enough to do it, and your partner is easier to get in the mood because someone on the other side of the globe is letting herself be used....

And anyway, I got tired of being his mother about six years ago. I decided that some point he's just going to have to grow up and behave himself, and I'd mostly be happier if I was patient and just waited for it to happen. But I guess some people just never get to the point when they realize their actions have consequences, and I just had no idea that I even knew anyone like that.

At some point the Bimbo's friend writes about how she hates married men hitting on her and answering her personal ads and so forth. I don't know if that was supposed to be a message for my husband to back off or if that was just on her mind because of something that happened in her real life or what. Anyway, once in a while she makes it very clear that she does not get involved with married men.

So her friend the homewrecking-slut jumps up and down and says "I do! I do!"

Okay, not exactly. But my husband starts reading the other blog. He'd known about her for three or four months before he stared reading her blog. She's a slut, and she lives in London, but she's also a dimwit and just not very interesting. But, he's a writer, and she was the main one feeding his ego. So after about a week of reading her blog, he sends her his email address. I still don't know if he meant anything bad by it. I read what he sent her, and it didn't sound like anything. Two days later she answered him, and she obviously thought that they were going to be a couple. He tried to set her straight and said that he wouldn't do anything to hurt me and that he was only even talking to someone like her because she lived so far away. She wrote back something like, "but don't you want to come to London and f*** me in the ass?"

I don't know what they wrote after that during the first week. I do know that she very quickly invited him to come stay with her in London, and I know that she agreed to do something like in the movie "Same Time Next Year", and that he had the idea she was going to pay for all of this. She said "Don't worry, I'm good at making money."

She still had to work on him another two or three weeks before he really thought he was going to leave me.

Anyway, while this person who doesn't even know me tries to convince my husband to ruin my life, her friend tries to tell her that it's a bad idea. I'm not sure that she was worried about what would happen to me or that she actually has a moral stand against people sleeping with other people's spouses or ruining marriages and so forth, but she was at least concerned that the homewrecking-slut might get chopped up into little pieces for her trouble. I don't know if she seriously tried to do something to stop this, only that she didn't do anything that worked. She didn't do anything like say I can't believe that you would do something like this and if you go through with it I won't be friends with either one of you afterward.

So what do I have against the Bimbo's friend? She's the one who started this whole thing by writing about her weird sex life and flirting with my husband in her blog, the homewrecking-slut and my husband met through her, and I think that if she wanted to put a stop to this she was in a position to do so. People like that are never going to stop what they're doing if other people keep wanting to be friends with them.

And there's one last thing that the homewrecking-slut did, and I think that the Bimbo's friend might have given me some warning, but she's not a good enough person to do that either.

So knowing how her blog was the start of something horrible for me, did the Bimbo's friend change her ways?


The Bimbo's friend doesn't blog as much as she used to, but she still blogs about once a week. She doesn't have as many readers as she used to. Or at least, she doesn't have that many people leaving comments anymore. I think the last one to leave a comment was that teenage boy. Sometimes the homewrecking-slut leaves a comment. But the rest of them seem to have lost interest.

The Bimbo's friend posted about the sex party to entertain someone new. The new reader happens to be another forty-something married man. She tracks her readers, so she must know that I've read her blog regularly this whole year, and she must know that a few friends of mine are reading too. And apparently someone from Virginia is reading, and it rather annoys her.

That might be all of her regular readers: a teenage boy, a middle age married guy, the homewrecking slut, someone from Virginia, and a few of my friends. Those are the people reading, and she must have a good idea why those people are reading.

I'm trying to remember what else she said. Actually, the Bimbo's friend left a comment that I deleted. I thought that I had a copy, and I was going to add it later without the link, but I can't find it. It wasn't like what she usually writes. Now that I think about it, it sounded more like the homewrecking-slut. Sort of whining. I think that she said she didn't know why I hadn't changed the name of the blog. She just couldn't believe that I was still using that name. And why was I still going on about this stuff and why didn't I just get over it?

I thought that was an odd comment. Why would I change the name of the blog? I'm not hiding from them, and why else would I do that? Getting a new blog and a new blog address and telling everyone I've moved seems like a lot of trouble to go to, and I don't know what the purpose of that would be. Other than explaining the name to a new reader once in a while, it isn't causing me any problems. And for all I know there's someone out there who wants to talk about just this sort of thing, and she probably won't find me under Trek Girl or Fembot or JaneDoe of Dallas or whatever I'm supposed to change the name to.

And as for getting over it, actually, writing stuff in this blog was part of getting over it. I try not to talk about it in real life anymore. Certain friends still talk about the homewrecking slut in my real life, and it bugs me sometimes. I've got this one friend with his own problems that I don't mind talking about her, and even then he asks first. He doesn't just blurt out stuff. So I talk about it with him sometimes and once in a great while I want to talk to someone else about it, and I realize at some point there will be counseling and I'll have to talk more about it then. But for the most part, this is the only place I want to talk about it. I'm prepared to deal with it here. If I'm not up to it, sometimes I just won't sign in.

Of course, this isn't something that I'll just get over. Everyone knew that. I keep thinking that at some point maybe I'll almost get over it. I told him he could come home if he talked to someone at church, and I thought if he became a Christian that I would get over it. He had no intention of talking to someone at church, so I don't know why he even bothered to call me much less come home. I thought that after like six months I would mostly get over it, but that didn't go like I hoped. And I've thought that maybe after the divorce I'll mostly get over it. But it turns out that there's not going to be a divorce, at least not this summer like I thought. And I thought that taking a ceramics class would help me, which it did, just not in the way that I imagined. I guess the closest thing that I'll ever have to getting over it is if I someday meet someone else and have a different life, and that's not likely to happen any time soon.

The other thing that I can't get over is the health issues. Some are minor annoying things that I haven't had to deal with for years until this happened. They were stress related, and they are back. Other things are possibly also stress related, but maybe not so minor. I don't know yet. I still have to see a few more doctors. Maybe some of this stuff is permanent. I think if it is that I'm going to be reminded of this everyday when I have to take some pills, even if nothing really bad ever happens because of it. Kinda hard to get over that.

The good news for the moment is that the homewrecking-slut has gone back to the members only blog thing. If you don't have the password, you can't read. I'm not sure what the point of that is, since probably my friends and I are the only ones left reading her blog, other than her friend and the teenage boy. I think that she's just blocked half of her readers. Still, it is good news for me, even if it turns out to be temporary like before. And until that blog goes back to being open to the public, a certain friend and I will stop accidently clicking on her blog instead of mine.

I've already addressed the praying for people bit and the didn't your mother teach you not to make fun of people in other posts. I can't remember anything else that was supposed to be addressed. If I think of something else I can always write about it later.

I keep thinking that I'm going to write this one post about how stupid homewrecking-sluts are in general. Not so much about their lack of morals, but just, what the hell were you thinking? Anyway, after I finally get around to getting that off my chest, I don't think that I will talk about it anymore, unless someone else wants to talk about it. And I'm not telling you not to talk about it. If anyone wants to talk about it, hey, this is the place, so go ahead and talk about it here. There might be someone else out there who wants to talk about something similar that happened to them. I'm afraid that I'm not going to have much in the way of advice, except to say that people like this should be confronted and maybe if more people took a stand against this sort of behavior it wouldn't happen as much. But other than that, maybe you'll just feel better if you vent. So if you or a friend are in a similar situation, this is a good place, go ahead and vent.

I think that's about it. Sorry I posted this so late, but I was at school and such.


evil-e said...

Quite the epic, thanks for the history lesson.

In my opinion, these two idiots did not deserve the time of day. They were obviously going on the fact that you were annoyed in the first place. It seems like you might have "fed the fire". "if you ignore them, they will go away"
--it works.

I am not condoning what they did, but give your guy a little more credit. He is obviously with you, in the US. Those two were in the UK and just trying to ruffle your feathers.

Just throwing in my 2 cents..for what they are worth.

Babybull40 said...

Is ceramics the only thing you do to pass your time? And what about your Husband? Even when he is around it seems that you tolerate his presence. That's what I get from your writing. I might be way off here.. But maybe it's time for you to move on with your own life and who says you have to be in another relationship if you guys did divorce? You are selling yourself short by doing this. If he isn't doing things that he promised then he needs to get on with his life without you in it..

When are you posting some pics of your work?

Playtah said...

Wow. I never heard the whole story. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Your husband should be kicked very hard in the crotch for even allowing himself to be pulled in. Seriously, what married man would think it's ok to carry on like that with girls online?! It sounds like most of the blame should be his for not turning off the computer.

But I agree--the Whore and her Whoring Friend are pieces of work. Perhaps they will both get hit by an East German tour and then either meet their Maker, or be forced to do months of non-whoring while they recover. If they wrote a book together, it would be called "The Vagina Dialogues". People like them annoy me. I can't imagine how much they gall you now.

It's very admirable that you have come through this like you have. It takes a very strong person (even if you don't feel like you're very strong) to weather a journey like this, and you should be commended.

Rachel said...

Laughing ~ How many words to you type per minute? This post would have taken me forever to write!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Let me applaud you for banishinhg these two idiots who don't desrve the time of day from you....they desrve each other and I hope they are miserable forever.

dmarks said...

I always have trouble thinking of the best words to say about situations like this, but I think of Playtah's last/third paragraph.

Not everyone can stay standing and keep walking forward with a hurricane blowing against them, so to speak.

laughingattheslut said...

I don't think that I've come through it very well at all. And every time I think, now I am ready to get on with things, something else seems to happen.

And I don't really type that fast. Just like I don't do ceramics that fast. I just put a lot of time into it when other people aren't looking.

I don't know if I'm going to post pictures of the ceramic stuff or not. Someone is going to take pictures of about half the stuff, but even then I seem to have trouble getting them posted.

Anonymous said...

Look, the initial offer from the girl in London was obviously what made it all so appealing to him.

It's sad, I think, that when people get married the "wild" side of life has to be abandoned.

Many men desperately yearn for the wild side of life. It's not the only thing that matters -- or the most important thing that matters -- but it does matter.

Anonymous said...

Look, the initial offer from the girl in London was obviously what made it all so appealing to him.

It's sad, I think, that when people get married the "wild" side of life has to be abandoned.

Many men desperately yearn for the wild side of life. It's not the only thing that matters -- or the most important thing that matters -- but it does matter.

laughingattheslut said...

My wild side was just getting started. He wasn't interested. I actually felt bad that I was pressuring him. I was wondering if he needed some little blue pills. I gave him some space and we just went back to...well...boring sex isn't quite the right term, but he wasn't up for much. And then I thought that my giving him some space was working and he might be up for a bit more.

And then this dimwit mentions that she comes with a London apartment, and off he went.

So now there's no wild side for either of us, and it rather sucks.