Friday, November 02, 2007

Freaky Friday

Being the week of Halloween, there were a lot of searches for costumes and such. Mostly, the Trick Dick costume or the Giant Penis costume. One searcher particularly wanted a professional penis costume. I'm not sure if that means a costume that is professionally made or if the specific penis in question is employed, but whatever.

Other costume searches in the non-penis variety include two vorlon costumes, fairy tales gone bad costumes, and Halloween striped nylons.

Other Halloween searches in the non-costume variety include the truth about Halloween, Halloween party gone wrong, 15 floor haunted house, and Halloween parties in Dallas needing a DJ.

We have a search for almost everyone goes to hell and does premarital sex mean you are going to hell? No, premarital sex does not mean that you are going to hell, just not being a Christian means that you are going to hell. I would think that there is more premarital sex going on among non-Christian than among Christians, but other than that I really can't say much about it. Except sometimes the premarital sex is so bad that you just think you're in hell.

People read the diet drink review after Googling vernors diet calorie, half regular coke half diet coke, how much calories in a glass of pepsi, are diet drinks like diet coke any good, what is the calories regular Dr. Pepper, is fresca an okay drink, and 64 oz fountain drink. Personally, I do not like Diet Coke. There are 100 calories in most regular sodas like Dr. Pepper. In my opinion Fresca is an okay drink. And, if I'm ever going to lose any weight, the 64 oz fountain drinks will have to go.

Twice, someone was looking for where to buy fireweed jelly in maine. I do not know where to buy fireweed jelly in Maine or anywhere else. So far as I know, I've never had fireweed jelly. I do, however, like fireweed honey, which I usually had to wait for a ren fest or something to buy. But now they sell the stuff at Central Market, so I only have to make a drive to Fort Worth.

Someone Googled bath and body works what is black dot. I have no idea.

Next, someone Googled busiest travel days, and that set the tone for the rest of the week. After people Googled busiest Christmas travel days, busiest travel days of the year, 2007 busiest travel days, Christmas busiest travel days of the year, busiest travel times of the year, busiest traffic day of the year, and what will traffic be like on the day before thanksgiving? All these people were directed to the Almost everyone is going to hell post.

JUST KIDDING! All those people were directed to a post I wrote about having to drive from some small town a few counties away to the DFW area on the day before Thanksgiving. I was surprised at the lack of traffic on that particular road, and it stayed that way until we got to the DFW area. But most of that traffic seemed to be going to the mall instead of people traveling for the holiday.

Someone Googled killed chicken, and someone else Googled mutton coat. Both of them were directed to my Thoughts on not being a vegetarian post. Is is just me, or is "killed chicken" an odd thing to Google?

Someone Googled fennel pizza. They were directed my post on Favorite Eating Places, where they could read about the long gone Fido's Pizza in Wichita Falls. So that didn't help if they were wanting to buy the pizza. Okay, so if you're just dying for one of these pizzas, this is what you do. You go somewhere and buy a cheese pizza, and ask that they take it out of the oven a couple minutes early. Then you take it home and brown at least half a pound to a pound of breakfast sausage on a skillet, and then add like the whole little bottle of fennel seeds. Well, maybe that's too much, so just try half the bottle. Then you put the fennel seed and sausage mixture on top of the pizza and put the pizza in the oven for like five minutes. You're not supposed to add more cheese, but you might try it anyway to help the sausage stick to the pizza.

Poor Dmarks. Someone found my blog by Googling "christine baranski nude." How did my blog get a higher ranking than his on that one?

Someone wanted to know about deal or no deal canada audition. While, I didn't go to the Canada audition, though I suspect it would be a lot like the one I went to, only much colder. Good luck.

Last we have someone looking for the Ultimate Sweater Machine. They can be fun once you get used to them. But they do take a lot of getting used to.

Okay, here's the count for this week.

Giant Penis--19

People going to hell--2

Diet Drinks--7

Homewrecking Sluts--0

Rudy's BBQ--3



Sluts R Us--0

Bath & Body Works--1

Busiest travel day of the year--21

And the top twelve keywords are: costume, penis, dick, giant, the, texas, going, state, fair, hell, rudy's, bbq.

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun. Leave comments.


dmarks said...

Yes, Insidious Truth comes up in the first Google page on "Christine Baranski Nude" hits, and mine does not come up at all. How odd.

In my own search results, someone found my page via "Dr Laura when husbands cheat", which I think would have been more likely to go to your blog than mine. It's like something has been reversed.

(I won't clutter this comment with the rest of my top/interesting search results for this week. Maybe next week, or as a separate post on my blog for the first time in a while)

David in DC said...

I downloaded extreme tracker because of your freaky Friday posts.

I'm obsessing over what posts bring people my way now.

Thanks, it's fun

Liz said...

I wonder what the Internet is thinking? Mutton Coat?

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I've definitely had sex and thought I was in hell..........