Friday, November 16, 2007

Freaky Friday

Well, this Freaky Friday post will be for almost two weeks worth of Google searches. I say almost because I am still missing a bit of the list from before. I am thinking that doing a proper Freaky Friday post ends up taking more time than I would like, so I will probably start making this an every other week feature instead of a weekly feature, or perhaps even just make it a monthly feature. In any case I will not be posting the Google searches next Friday, since next Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and I will be busy that morning.

A fellow fan of vampire films would like Neville to come out. We must be patient. But it is less than a month away now. I believe the movie starts on December 14th.

Next we have a few more people wanting a mould of penis, a homemade penis mold, dick costumes, giant dick costumes, penis costumes, penis plaster molds body, giant penis's (what belongs to the penis, I don't know), giant penis blogspot, and how to make a mold of my penis. And, here's a new one: pics of wolf's penis dick.

Then we have someone looking for dumb things to pass the time. At least, I think that's what was wanted, but what was typed was dumb things to past the time. Also a search for the dumb things I have done, which would be a long list.

Someone looking for a Mutton coat got to read my thoughts on not being a vegetarian.

Here are some searches that lead people to my review of diet drinks: diet 7 up drink health, drinks that are good for you hibiscus, which has more sugar Coke or Dry Ginger, are diet low-calorie drinks good for you, which soda has more carbonation, black coffee diet drink, is ginger ale better for you than regular soda, diet coke calories truth, and diet drinks are really good for you.

Fans of Rudy's are looking for rudy's barbeque denton tx nutritional value, Nutritional value of Rudy's, rudy's bbq nutrition, nutritional value of Rudy's BBQ, and rudy's bbq waco. To clarify that last one, Waco is a town in Texas, and is not a search for a wacko at Rudy's.

Here are some searches about hell: cause were all going to hell anyway, everyone is going to hell, woman thinking everyone is going to hell, long sermon going to hell, does almost everyone go to hell, and is anyone actually going to hell. Okay, we are not all going to hell anyway. If you are some who is, get help. As for the woman thinking everyone is going to hell, that might be a search for me personally, but remember that I just think that almost everyone is going to hell and not literally everyone. As for the long sermon going to hell, that could mean a lot of things, but for the record having to sit through a long sermon is not the same thing as being in hell. As for does almost everyone go to hell and is anyone actually going to hell, unfortunately, the answer to both is yes.

Someone was looking for a vorlon costume. I'd like to find one of those too. There is also a search for vorlon halloween costume buy, and fairytales gone bad costumes.

People want to know about busiest travel days christmas, and busiest travel days 2007.

Fellow fans of Bath & Body Works were looking for bath and body works Eucalyptus Spearmint Soap, semi-annual sale bath and body works 12/27, and bath and body works wallflowers causing fire. Again, I don't know for sure about the wallflowers fire hazard, only that one of my readers warned me to be careful. Also, someone wanted to find ice cream scented lotion. I don't remember any, but Bath & Body Works would be a good place to look.

Someone is still looking for pictures of the skyride accident. I still don't have any pictures. And I still remember the "accident" being caused by idiot teenagers.

Next is someone looking for the middle of nowhere Kansas. Also there is the long search of kc renfest galerie or bilder or pics or picture or pictures or gallery or photo or photos or galleries or album or gallery. Then someone was looking for Joplin Mo holiday pies for sale, and people who smoke in Joplin. I know, Joplin is in Missouri, not Kansas, but I went to Joplin on that same trip so I thought I'd group them together.

People were looking for nude photographer wife, and freaky nude people.

Another misguided person was looking for Superbowl 2011. We won't discuss that today.

Next we have some knitting related stuff: yarn camouflage, doctor who scarf red heart yarn, and thyme color. I should ask once in a while if someone wants to buy a Doctor Who scarf. But I wouldn't have time to make many before Christmas anyway.

Another person is concerned that a "non custodial parent wants to move." They were directed to my post about making everyone a single parent of one child. This was based on a sci-fi book that I read, but I cannot remember the name of the book or the author.

Someone wants to know about shakey's pizza fennel seeds. I don't remember if Shakey's pizza had fennel seeds. Fido's Pizza in Wichita Falls had fennel seeds, but they've been closed for a very long time.

Someone is looking for freaky atlanta sluts, and a couple of people are looking for dallas area sluts, and someone is just looking for homewrecking sluts. That particular Homewrecking Slut is in the London area, but I'm sure homewrecking sluts in general are in a lot of places. I can't tell you anything about freaky sluts in Atlanta, and really I don't have any insight on the Dallas area sluts either.

Someone found my blog by Googling smashing things. I cannot be of much help without knowing which things are to be smashed.

This next search is a bit outside my area of expertise--how to find out if you are buying a haunted house. Sorry, I don't know.

Then there were searches for all quest cell phones, why is truth the murphy's law, soloflex informercial, and alternate truth.

Someone Googled "star trek" drunk "I'll take you home again." The "drunk" in question was Kevin Riley, though he was not actually drunk, but infected with some dangerous disease that has the symptoms of being drunk. The episode was "Naked Time" from the original series. Mr. Riley locked himself in engineering, turned off the engines, and sang "I'll take you home again, Kathleen" over the loudspeakers for the whole ship.

Someone looking for "m and j show" online diet was directed to the post about last month's Halloween party. I suspect that it was a different M and J who usually win the costume contest if they show up in time.

Someone found my blog after Googling fall on back and elbow 10 weeks cause miscarriage. I suspect that happens a lot. The particular person I was worried about is still pregnant at almost two months.

Some Googled popcorn diet and was directed here. I invented the thing, and for a while it worked. But that probably wasn't what they were looking for.

Okay, here's the count for this week:

Giant Penis--10

People going to hell--7

Diet Drinks--9

Homewrecking Sluts-- 1

Sluts R Us--0

Other Sluts--3

Rudy's BBQ-- 4



Bath & Body Works--3

Busiest travel day of the year--2


And the top twelves keywords are: costume, penis, dick, giant, the, going, hell, texas, state, fair, rudy's, bbq

Okay. Have some fun and have a nice weekend. Leave comments.

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