Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How about a nice boring catch up post instead

Okay, so the reader that I told I would write about sex toys is having a really bad day and probably doesn't want to read today's planned post. So we'll save that for later, when she's up for a laugh.

Maybe I should write about the Homewrecking-Slut. Maybe we should just all sit around and compare notes on how stupid men are. But maybe she's not up for that either.

So maybe it's time for a catch-up post on just what's going on around here in general.

Thanksgiving was just my husband and me with my mom and my brother. My sister was at her in-laws. My mom made stuffing and a couple of other things, and my brother got the turkey and some other stuff at Popeye's. Pretty simple. Then we saw Grandma for a bit. She seemed a lot better than the last time I saw her, except that her eyes looked all puffy.

Well, I did not reach my goal of packing away the Halloween stuff before Thanksgiving. The really sad part about this is that I didn't really unpack any Halloween stuff this year. There's a lot of stuff that stays out all year: a plastic skull, some ravens, some art projects, some hats, some stuff I might need in a hurry if Hogwart's attire is requested, and a few other things. But there are still boxes and boxes of stuff that only comes out when it's actually time for Halloween decorations, and due to the travel plans and school I did not unpack a single box.

So all of this stuff that is out in the hallway is stuff that I bought this year. I've hardly managed to sort and pack any of it. I bought five new plastic boxes, thinking that would be plenty and there would be space for other stuff. But so far all I've boxed up is this year's costume. The rest of it is just sitting there.

Since I didn't have time to put away the Halloween stuff, I haven't yet unpacked the Christmas stuff. I suspect most of that is going to stay in boxes, and two months from now there will probably by stacks of Christmas stuff out in the hallway where the Halloween stuff is now. Or perhaps there will be Christmas stuff stacked on top of the Halloween stuff, if I haven't managed to put that away by then either.

I guess the vampire guy and I are not going to be great friends after all. Though at the last club meeting, I did have a bit of fun with a couple of Klingons. I usually play trivia games with K, but she didn't seem interested. So I drafted a Klingon instead. We were in the lead for most of the game, but then we somehow ended up in third place. Whatever.

Art class is a bit stressful at the moment. I keep trying to do extra work, but I never seem to get ahead. I have skipped a whole project and will have to settle for a B. But there are still more delays. Supplies don't arrive on time and that sort of thing. I should have cast a couple of dragons in rubber by now, except that we had ran out of rubber before the holiday break. The teacher ordered more rubber, only to find out that they had already closed up for Thanksgiving. So stuff that really should have been done last Tuesday won't get done until this Wednesday, if even then. The clay relief has finally been fired, and it looks okay, but I'm not overly impressed with it. Same with the wire dragon. The soapstone thing I skipped, but I might work on it by myself over the summer. My subjects for the paper casting were little sea-life scenes, which I now think are very boring, but it's too late to change now and I am stuck with them. The teacher thinks that they are good and wants to put them on display in January, so I'm buying frames and such for a project that I don't really even like anymore. My glass casting was a total disaster, due to something about the kiln not being set right. A classmate's glass project turned out nearly perfect, but mine is full of bubbles and holes. Some of the bubbles are golf-ball size. The big bubbles are in the back, but there are enough smaller holes in the front to mostly ruin the piece. Luckily, I made a rubber master and can try it again, once the problem with the kiln is fixed. The teacher hasn't tried to fire it again, so everyone else's glass is just sitting on a shelf. I have a dragon under a few inches of rubber, waiting for a bit more rubber to touch up a few places, and I have another dragon waiting to be cast, and then both rubber pieces need a sort of plaster box poured around them before the rubber molds can be used. So that probably won't get finished until the end of next week, if even then. In the mean time I'm at home working on a clay pumpkin, which looks okay but somehow not quite what I hoped for, but I'd better go ahead and finish it before it gets too dry. So that had better be by tomorrow or it won't have time to dry properly and get fired in time paint it. And for my last project had to buy a bunch of colored plastic spoons. I originally wanted green, but since there was no green at the dollar store I decided to use purple instead. Of course, right after I got started with the purple spoons, Party City had a sale, and of course they have plenty of green spoons. To late; I'm using purple.

As usual, the house is a mess. Only now there is extra mess cause I'm working on the clay pumpkin on the kitchen table. And I have a zillion soda bottles that I was saving for an art class. But the teacher didn't like the idea, so I can't do the project for school. So now I have this dilemma. Should I throw away all these bottles? It seems wrong to do that after I've been saving them all semester. Should I keep them in case I have another use for them? Or should I maybe go ahead and make something with them and just not have it be a class project? Anyway, if I am keeping them I need to find a place to put them, cause half of them are either just on the floor of the kitchen or in the bedroom.

My husband is gone this week. It's really strange when he isn't here. He was gone the first week of school, but other than that he hasn't been gone much since we had that last big fight in August. Things are never really wonderful anymore, but recently things were almost pleasant most of the time. We go to lunch and such. So he's gone for a week or so, and I end up missing this man that I wish I had never ever met. It is odd.

The good thing about him being gone is that I won't lose any lab time or anything like that. I keep going to school to do extra work, and then half of the time I leave early to go have lunch with him. And I really can't afford to lose any lab time this week, so this might be a good thing. Maybe I'll get more work done with him out of the way.

I find myself wondering what else I can do while he's away that I wouldn't do if he were here. I'm eating a pumpkin pie. Not that I couldn't eat a pumpkin pie with him here, but he hates pumpkin pie, so half the time when I want to buy one I end up putting it back and getting something that he might like. This week, he isn't here, and anything I buy I'm going to eat all by myself anyway, so I might as well buy a few things that he doesn't like. And I'm trying to think if there's anyplace that I should go for lunch. The Mongolian grill maybe? I like it, but it doesn't seem to be his favorite place.

I should be able to relax a bit by Friday. The clay pumpkin should be drying and waiting to be fired by then, and the only other art project that I can work on at home is the thing with the colored plastic spoons. And that won't make a big mess. With my husband gone I can even work on that in bed while I watch TV. Maybe I will go to Fort Worth and buy some glass. I'll be going to Fort Worth on Saturday anyway to hang out with K and a few other friends.

Officially, there are only three more classes before finals week. Where did the time go?


Purple Pigeon said...

I can totally sympathise with all the art work - I've just come out of three years of art based uni, and before that, a year of art college, two years of art A-level and two years of art GCSE.

So i know about the having to get stuff done, and ending up hating your own work before its even finished. I also know what its like to have the teacher mess things up, and for them to be contrary about what you make. One of the reasons that i screwed up my degree is cuz the tutors kept changing their minds about my work, and so i ended up rushing to produce some half rate crap.

Ooooh, a bit of a rant, there!!

Anyway, probably a bit late with only three more classes to go, but make stuff that YOU like, and not just to please them.

As for the sex toys, bring em on!!!
I'll probably need them now anyway!

I can't believe i just said that.

laughingattheslut said...

Well, I liked the sea-life stuff when I started it. You see stuff in stores that you think is cute but you don't buy it, cause you think that if you really wanted it you would just make it yourself. So here was this paper art assignment, and I thought, I'll just make a starfish and a sand dollar and such. And then afterwards I thought, why didn't I make more dragons instead? The plaster molds for the paper are pretty much the same as the molds for ceramic tiles, so I could have made a dragon pattern and then used the molds to make everyone ceramic tiles after I finished with the paper. It wasn't thought out and it's totally not the teacher's fault that I didn't make more dragons.

Can't fault him too much about the rubber either. Places are expected to be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving, and some places that aren't going to get Black Friday Christmas shoppers might be closed on Friday, but you just don't think that anybody would already be closed on Wednesday. And due to how the rules are set up at school if he's bought a bunch of stuff at the same time earlier, the school wouldn't have paid for the supplies. He has to buy about fifty dollars of stuff, take the receipt, get his money back, wait a few days, buy fifty dollars more, take the receipt, get his money back, wait a few days, etc....

He could have just sent us all to the other side of Dallas and told us to buy our own supplies, but some of this stuff is expensive, so as long as he can find ways to get the school to pay I guess I'll just wait.

I don't think any of my stuff is really bad, except for the bubbles and holes in the glass, but I just picked some things that weren't that difficult so I could have more time with the projects I liked better, only in the end I still feel rushed.

dmarks said...

Do you have a mascot at your Mongolian barbecue? We have a guy who dresses up in a balloon suit that looks so vaguely like a Mongol warrior in a black and yellow outfit. It looks even more like a cross between a bee and the Michelin Man.

It can be quite interesting seeing him wave at the passing cars on very windy days as he almost blows away.

laughingattheslut said...

No, we do not have a mascot at the Mongolian grill. Just a couple of guys who once in a while nearly set the ceiling on fire. Most entertaining.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

It does seem that when the s/o is around we never seem to accomplish as much as we'd like. Hmmmmm.....