Sunday, December 07, 2008

Going to what might be the most boring place in Texas

This was supposed to be a one day trip, no big deal, but I was going to go anyway. Tomorrow. A couple of hours ago, my husband tells me that we're going to go ahead and leave a bit early. So I won't be here again until Tuesday, and I might not have the Internet while I'm gone. And I suspect that I will be a bit busy when I get back, so I might not be on the computer again until Wednesday.

So please forgive me if I didn't visit your blogs, response to comments, reply to your emails, etc.... I didn't forget about you, I'm just gone for a few days and I'll get back to that stuff as soon as I can.

And I'm off to an exciting time of knitting and watching cable TV, etc....


dmarks said...

Have fun. And remember, however boring the place is, it might sound a little exotic or even fun to those of us who aren't really traveling at the time, and hardly know the state of Texas.

bulletholes said...

You must be going to Waco!
or Odessa!
or Lubbock!
No, Lubbock haS Texas Tech and they are doing well this year...
maybe Abilene?

dmarks said...

Bullet: How about Henderson? That place is so sleepy.

(I don't know Abilene from abalone)

bulletholes said...

Henderson! The home of the Oil Well Fire Engine Museum! They have 3 red ones and 1 black one!

Something like that.