Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm a bit ticked at Target

Okay, so every year after Halloween and Christmas I go to the clearance sales and load up for stuff for next year, and I buy a bit of candy and other food stuff while I'm there. And my preferred store for this after holiday shopping is Target. Though I do stop in at a few other stores, Target is the main one that I make a special trip for.

So after Christmas the stuff is 50% off, and then almost a week later it goes down to 75% off. And that is when I buy most of the stuff, when it is 75% off. So I was expected the 75% off sale to start maybe Wednesday, but I decided to go and have a look at the stuff yesterday.

And to my surprise the 75% off sale had started. So I bought a few things, and then I headed to a larger store down the road, because they usually have more stuff left.

Only when I got to the larger store their stuff was still only 50% off. This has never happened to me before. Always before, the sales started on the same day in all the stores. So I asked one of the employees about it, and he said he didn't know what was going on, cause he'd also heard that the store by the mall had already started their 75% off sale. So I thanked him and headed to the store buy the mall. But they were only 50% off too.

So that was weird. I don't know if it's a Dallas versus Tarrant thing or what. Anyway, I wasted most of the afternoon looking at clearance stuff but not really buying much of anything.

Today I will go and look at a fourth store, just to see what they have left. I'm not needing that much for next year anyway, but I was hoping to get some food stuff, some of it it for the party tomorrow. I really don't cook much party stuff, except for the weird food contest at Halloween.


dmarks said...

I wonder if one could ask if one Target honored the other's prices.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

That is a weird situation. I wonder why one store would have the 75% off sale and the others didn't. Hmmmm....

laughingattheslut said...

Well, I have now been to two other stores having the 75% off sale, and I've spent about fifty dollars, so I think that I can take a break from the shopping for a bit.

dmarks said...

Might be time to go tomorrow, but I have only one Target to choose from. Maybe they have those Christmas nougat candies we just can't find anywhere this year.