Thursday, December 18, 2008

Panic Time

Okay, today is Thursday, and I'm going to need most of the stuff on Saturday. Which means that except for maybe wrapping up some gifts, almost everything needs to be done by Friday. On Friday afternoon, I am sort of committed to doing some stuff with my mom. Which means that I won't have that much time to do stuff on Friday, and most of it needs to be done on Thursday.

Today is Thursday.

At least, I think that today is Thursday. I'm a little confused at this point.

On the knitting front, I think all the actual knitting is done now, though I'm wishing that I had done an extra scarf just in case. But I still have a lot of finishing up to do, mainly putting fringe on four scarves. So that's like eight hours of work to do, if it goes smoothly, which sometimes it does not.

After yesterday's shopping trip, which I had decided would be my last for the season (except for this thing that I'm doing with my mom tomorrow which won't result in getting any of my shopping done and is cutting it too close anyway), I still did not find a present for the pilot. After consulting with another friend, she's decided to give him DVDs, with gift receipts just in case he already has them. So I asked if she thought he had certain DVDs, which she knew he did, because he loaned them to her. So then I asked which ones she got for him, and then she told me I should get him the next one that had been on her list. Only the next one on her list was a comedy that I haven't seen, and I'm thinking that it's not a good idea to get someone a DVD of a movie that I either don't like or haven't seen, unless I've heard from him that's what he wants, which I haven't heard.

At this point I think I'm going to give up and give him one of the movies I bought from Walmart for two dollars, which he can't really return anyway, and a gift certificate for Blockbuster, and then he can pick out his own DVD. And, if he gets previously viewed videos, maybe he can get two or three.

Now, usually when I have to resort to this, I make a gift basket or something that doesn't look as boring as just giving someone a gift card. Usually I do this whole thing with candy and popcorn and such. Only I don't have the stuff to do that right now, and I don't really have the time to go and get it, or even the money to do that really. That's really annoying this year, that I don't have money for those last minute things.

Speaking of not having money for last minute things, I'm thinking of skipping the charity thing on Sunday. I didn't get them anything, and often I do not get them very much, but I usually get all dressed up and go, and I usually make this funny gift basket thing with candy. This year, I don't even have much money for that. It would cost about ten dollars to do what I normally do. I suppose that I could buy smaller candy, but the thing that makes it fun is redoing all the wrappers, and if I buy smaller candy I'll have to design all new wrappers, which I don't have time to do. Also, I don't see the paper I use, so I'd have to go buy more, which would be another five to ten dollars if I had to buy a whole pack of it. I should already have two or three packs of it here, I just can't seem to find any of it.

And then there's the dinner after the charity thing, which is fun and I wouldn't want to skip, but again there's that money problem. Plus I'll probably have to buy dinner Saturday night, so I'll have even less money. I can either have dinner on Saturday or Sunday, but probably not both.

On top of all that, the house is a terrible mess, maybe worse than it's been in a long time, and I cannot find anything. I'm having trouble even finding the stuff that is mostly organized, like wrapping paper and such. I know where the wrapping paper is, but not the boxes and bows and bags and tape. Which means that if I don't find them after I finish the knitting that I should have to go out and buy some more, which some of that money that I don't really have, etc....



Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

You do have alot left to do. Wow. I hope you find time to get everything done. I'm sure you'll figure it all out.

dmarks said...

Hope you don't stress out too much, and get some good night's sleep during between these days.