Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have nothing to wear

I think that this weekend was more interesting than the last one. So far as I know, none of my relatives had smokers or grills or other expensive things stolen out of their backyards. So that is an improvement over earlier in the month.

We saw both Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D and Hellboy II. Hellboy II was okay. If you're a fan of Ron Perlman, and you're thinking that the king of the elves or the fairies or whatever looks familiar, that's Roy Dotrice, Father from the Beauty and the Beast TV series. Still, other than the wraith-like whatever they are, I think that I like the first one a bit better. There's no rookie character to look at everything weird like it's really something weird.

I'm planning to blog about Journey to the Center of the Earth later, so I'll skip that part. While we were in the theater we saw an ad for a British show called Baby Spice the Dinosaur Slayer. Not really. Actually it's called Primeval, and as with just about everything else that we're not watching on cable, my husband says, "I think I can download that." So we've watched the first two episodes and for now we like it okay, though it may not turn out to be Stargate or The X Files.

Saturday, I went to meet up with a fellow blogger and her club. Not that I need a new club. But it was a chance to meet a fellow blogger (only the second time that I've meet someone in real life after finding them online first), and I used to enjoy meeting other people's clubs. Back in the good old days (most of the 1990s) a lot of the clubs around here used to actually do things together. Recently my own club has gotten rather large. And sometimes we hang out with Klingons.

Speaking of Klingons, I have to decide if I want to go out with them in a couple of months. Several of them I like, but one I really don't. At least, I don't think that I like him anymore. I'm just debating whether or not I dislike him enough to avoid the whole group. The matter will probably be decided not so much on whether or not I decide I need to avoid this person, but more on whether or not I find something nice to wear.

And on a similar subject, next month my own club plans to go out and scare the straights, but I have nothing to wear. I suppose I could find some Hogwarts stuff to wear, but that's about it. Most of my more suitable costumes no longer fit me. And it is not appropriate to run around the restaurant in my underwear, which is more or less what I did at the last Halloween party. You know that you are not quite wearing enough clothing over certain areas when one of the men admiring your behind suggests that you might need to cover it.

Anyway, the game is to freak out the mundanes, not get asked to leave the restaurant.

It is July now, and I have not yet decided on a Halloween costume for this year's party. Nor have I decided which art class to take in the fall. The two are somewhat related, as if I choose something complicated for the Halloween party I either have to choose a class that won't take up much of my time during October, or else I have to do most of the work on the costume before October gets here.

Yesterday and today I spent about forty dollars on yarn. The original price of the yarn was closer to a hundred and twenty, so I was quite happy to find it on the clearance rack. I have made a couple of Dr. Who scarves and other long scarves, and I was thinking that I might also like a Dr. Who season 18 scarf. Except that I never made one, because it needed a different kind of yarn than I usually work with. The seasons 12-17 scarves were made of wool yarn, and you can make an okay copy from common 4-ply medium weight acrylic yarn. But season 18 is a totally different color scheme, and the yarn used is totally different. It has a more frilly or fuzzy look to it, and it is orange, red, and purple. I've had trouble finding those three colors that look good together in a more interesting yarn, and of course when I do find some that looks like it might work it is rather expensive. So yesterday I found some purple on clearance that might work, and today I found more purple and some orange that might work. That's great, except now that I look at how much I'll actually need, I think I might still be a bit short in those two colors. And the red is still regular price and would cost me another seventy dollars or so. I don't think that I want to make such an expensive scarf. Right now I'm not sure if I'm going to be doing this at all, or if I might do a similar type of scarf that is smaller or what.

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dmarks said...

The ads for "Journey to the Center of the Earth" remind me of a certain old TV show about a family on a routine expedition.

I quite liked the earlier "Journey" movie that had Pat Boone in it, and, if I recall, a goose or a duck with a ring around its eye. I saw that a few times when I was little, and once more recently.