Friday, July 25, 2008

Who the hell named this car? and rants about being tired

My husband again had a three day work week. This is becoming a regular thing, and a regular thing that we do not want. Still, he had four days off, and we were thinking that we were going to do this and that and possibly get a lot of work done. If one has a four day weekend that one is not spending in some nice out of town spot or digging up rocks in Arkansas, one should at least spend the long weekend doing this and that and possibly getting a lot of work done.

We had actually talked about what we were going to do on the previous Thursday or Friday. I don't quite remember all of what we said that we were going to do, but I do remember we said that we were going to do something, and that he needed to cut the grass and cut his hair. And it was a given that we would see Batman at some point that weekend. So there were some vague plans of some sort, I just don't really remember what they were, other than we would see Batman and that the grass needed to be cut and we should try to get some other work done. This wasn't something I just assumed would happen; we did actually talk about it.

Somehow, whatever our plans were, it did not really work out that way, and we hardly got anything done at all.

For us as a couple, the weekend as usual started on Sunday. Saturday I had it in my head to try to do this and that, and then I remembered what Saturday it was and went off to see some friends. There was a club meeting, and then there's usually something to do after the official meeting, maybe several things, but I usually only make it to the meeting and the one thing afterward. This time I ended up doing four things. I went to the meeting, sat in on a meeting after the meeting, hung out with a small group afterwards, and then went to someone's house to hang out with the big group and watch videos. Didn't actually say anything at the after meeting, and didn't actually watch any videos at the last thing, but I did actually go to all four things, which I don't think I've done in well over a year. So I got home like at two in the morning and got about four or five hours sleep.

So on Sunday after we'd both blogged for a bit and watched Sunday Morning, we decided to watch Batman. Only we'd somehow missed the fact that the first show started at ten and had to wait for the second show at twelve something, and while we were waiting we watched another episode of Baby Spice the Dinosaur Slayer. And in another post I've already said how the movie was followed by a bit of shopping and then spending too much eating at Chaps.

What I didn't say was how see spent the rest of the day whining about how tired we both were. We hadn't done any work, and we didn't spend that much time shopping. The only other thing either of us had done that even remotely resembled work was heating up breakfast and watering the plants. How could two people be so tired from eating and watching a movie and watching a bit of TV and half an hour of shopping?

I think that the rest of the weekend was similar. I don't remember Monday that well, except that it also ended up with us both complaining about how tired we were. And there didn't seem to be any reason for it. We went to lunch and to run a few errands, and three hours later we were back home watching TV and whining about being tired.

The whole weekend is rather a blur of doing a few things that absolutely had to be done, and not doing much else, and then complaining about being tired. I'm trying to count the things that we did get done. My husband remembered at the last moment that he meant to cut the grass, so he did that the day before yesterday. Now cutting the grass is something worth complaining about being tired, but that didn't happen till the last night so it doesn't explain him being tired the rest of the weekend, and I didn't help him in that activity so it doesn't explain my problem either. He also got his hair cut and went and bought two new tires. Again, not real strenuous stuff. We got one of the cars registered, but there wasn't a terribly long line. And we did a lot of eating out, and we took two boxes of stuff to Half Price Books. Nothing major. I don't think we even did dishes or laundry.

We didn't even go for a lot of walks. We usually go for a walk on every day off, and sometimes Saturday too, but I think this time it was only Tuesday evening. Tuesday we also "borrowed" an AC from my brother. I was told that he had three of them just sitting in storage, and I thought that he'd be glad to sell one. But it turned out that it was only two, and he had such a rough time of it the last time he had to get the central air repaired that he didn't really want to sell either, he just wanted to keep them just in case he needed them again.

Anyway, we put this AC in the window, without bothering to go to the hardware store to buy this foam stuff that's supposed to go around the edges of the window. So we'll have to do that a bit later, and I thought that yesterday we should at least go and buy the stuff, even if we don't feel like doing the actual work involved until Sunday. I just thought that we should go ahead and get the stuff ready so that when we do feel like doing the work we won't have to stop working to go and buy stuff. But we didn't do that cause he didn't even feel good enough to go to the store yesterday morning.

We did have some fun this weekend. Like I said, we went to see Batman. And we went to one of my husband's favorite restaurants. We got a gift certificate to the place for Christmas and still hadn't used it, so we used that and spent nearly another twenty dollars.

When we came out of the restaurant, there was this little orange thing parked next to our minivan. Not the new autumn orange, but more like safety cone orange. It looked like something from Speed Racer, only in miniature. I don't care about cars, but it was really a surprise to come out and find this thing parked next to us. I walked behind it to see what it was.


Who named this thing? Isn't lotus the plant that drugs people into being totally mellow and puts them to sleep? Lotus??? You should maybe name a hearse Lotus, or whatever old rich people buy instead of Cadillacs should be named Lotus. You should name this little orange thing Adrenaline or Kicka** or whatever is Italian for "get the f**k out of my way" (or, as a friend of mine says about such cars "I don't have much of a real penis so I had to buy one"), but not Lotus.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. I'm going to go watch TV or something that doesn't even require as much energy as blogging. Cause I'm tired.


dmarks said...

The worst car name I can think of now is the Tribeca from Subaru. It is a sort of SUV, and SUVs are supposed to be for the rugged outdoors, right? Tribeca is a section of Manhattan.... as far from the rugged outdoors as you can get. Makes as much sense as Jeep coming out with "Jeep Times Square". Not only that, but the Tribeca front grille is hideous.

Back to the Lotus, that is quite an unusual sighting. It's a vaunted British brand and I think you can get one for from $50,000 to $100,000. Something to think of for when you win the lottery, but you will probably want a better-named car.

I don't think I've seen a Lotus. I do know that the Delorean car shape was copied from a Lotus of years past.

And make sure to seal around that AC. Hornets love to get in through the gaps.

The Absurdist said...

Girl, you are tired because it was 101 yesterday, it's going to be 105 today and tomorrow, and we live in hell.

Did you not have a/c before?


laughingattheslut said...

The AC situation could probably have its own post. But we don't have central air, we haven't before had an AC in the particular room we sleep in, and the main AC in the living room is having problems.

And you're wrong, it's only going to be 104 today and tomorrow.

dmarks said...

High of 81 here today. I suppose I could offer to take a few of your degrees to be nice, but that would still leave you in the high 90's.

Mark J Daniels said...

Ah, Lotus, an evocative motor manufacturer from the UK with a colourful heritage.

You can find a lot on their website, but in brief they were started by Colin Chapman who was a famous racing driver in such formulas as prestigious as Formula One.

They've just launched their new Evora at the British Motorshow, but people remember many different Lotuses. The Esprit was made famous in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. The current model that most people are familiar with is the Elise. It's a small two-door sports car with wide sills that requires ladies in short skirts to lose their dignity in order to get in and out of it.

The old joke in automotive terms is that Lotus stands for Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious.

Great cars, great fun.

But not as much fun as The Lotus Position. Ahem.