Monday, July 28, 2008

This and that

First, I'm going to remind everyone that Stargate: Continuum comes out on DVD tomorrow, and all of my fellow Stargate fans need to see it. In my opinion it is a lot better than Stargate: The Ark of Truth. Continuum is a time travel story, where we see what might have happened of the Stargate program hadn't worked out the way it did. I like time travel stories, if they are done correctly. Anyway, I like this story. I've already seen it, almost a month ago, because we were downloading a couple of episodes that my husband thought we had missed, and we downloaded this by mistake.

Yesterday we went to see The X-Files; I Want to Believe. It was okay, but I didn't like it as much as the first movie, and that one wasn't my favorite movie either. I guess I was expecting aliens in this one, and there were none. I don't remember the whole of The X-Files the way I would remember Star Trek the original series, or the way that I remember stuff that I'm watching right now or the way I'd like to say I remember everything in Stargate. A lot of what I do remember is about aliens, but that's not to say that the entire series was about aliens. There were also ghosts, and mutant people, and lake monsters, and an insurance salesman who knew when everyone was going to die. But normally when I think about The X-Files, I remember aliens, and I was sure that in a preview for this movie I had seen a reference to aliens (black stuff in someone's eyes, but that just turned out to be plain old blood), so I guess when I didn't see aliens that I was disappointed. The other thing that may have been a disappointment for me was that the plot doesn't really get weird like an x-file til near the end. You know that something bad is going on, but except for this pyschic guy leading everyone around there doesn't seem to be any weirdness that would normally be associated with the show, and the psychic guy could be faking. So most of the movie seems like a more traditional FBI/cop drama about catching bad guys that gets really weird in the last twenty minutes or so.

We have watched the last episode of Baby Spice the Dinosaur Slayer season two, and one of the main characters has died. Of course, it is a sci-fi show about time anomalies, so we will have to want til season three to see if the character stays dead.

We have already wanted the first episode of The Fringe, and I think that we are going to like that a lot. FBI agents running around looking for mysterious stuff and conspiracy theories and all of that make it seem a lot like The X-Files, only with better lighting. The first episode is so much like The X-Files that you wonder why Chris Carter isn't suing J J Abrams. Chris Carter, on the other hand, has a show called The Eleventh Hour, which I have not seen yet, but it looks a lot like The X-Files only without FBI agents.

My husband and some others are all excited about a sequel to the movie Tron called TR2N. I can't say that I'm all excited. I can't even say that I even liked the first movie. I like character driven stories, and I like plot driven stories, but I can't say that I like "gee look at the cool special effects" driven stories. I don't think that I really cared about it at all the first time I saw it. When I saw it later, I thought it was cool that Bruce Boxleitner and Peter Jurasik had been in a movie together before either of them had heard of Babylon 5. But that was about it. So I never got the big deal about the first movie and I don't really see why they decided to do a sequel twenty-five years later, but I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there saying the same thing about The Dark Crystal.

I continue to water my garden through the terrible hot whether, but other than that I'm not doing much work on it. I have not seen one single bee this whole summer. I'm not getting much out of my garden except for peppers, which is somewhat to be expected since most of my plants are peppers. But I also have three eggplants which have yet to produce anything, grape and cherry tomatoes that rarely have any tomatoes, several regular tomatoes that have only just now managed to produce one tomato (that was eaten by birds before I found it), and a zucchini plant which is only just now about to give me one lonely zucchini. I know that the whether is partially to blame, but this is a bit much.

Business is bad, and my husband had only been scheduled for three day weeks for several weeks. And now this week two of his days were canceled, so he's only working tomorrow. Of course, we still won't get any work around the house done. We didn't even put the foam stuff around the air conditioner yesterday.

Yesterday we found a travel coupon book in with the free advertisements at the movie theater, and we were looking through it a bit while we were waiting for the movie to start. We use a lot of these coupons, though not recently. Anyway, these coupons have the price of the room if you use the coupon, and the name of the motel, and the location of the motel, and a little list of reasons that you might like the motel such as free breakfast or heated pool or whatever. So we were looking at the coupons, wishing that since we have all this unexpected time off that we had enough money to go someplace. And on the cover of the little booklet it says something about getting away to South Padre Island, and then it says which page the South Padre Island coupons are on. So I turn to that page and there are a couple of coupons that give the name of the motel, and the location of the motel, and reasons why you might like the motel, and maybe even some dates saying when the coupons were good for (except for special events and weekend rates may be higher). But there were no prices on these two coupons. I don't think that I've ever seen coupons without prices before.

Seems like I had more to say, but I don't remember. That's plenty of nonsense for now anyway.

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dmarks said...

Count me as one of those excited to see the TRON sequel being underway. Just as I am also excited about seeing something new in the world of "The Dark Crystal": both are two of my favorite movies from that era, even though "Dark Crystal" is the one I have called my favorite movie of all time since the 1980s.

I have read that Jeff Bridges, a favorite actor of mine, is in "TR2N". I have not heard the same about Bruce Boxleitner. However, Bruce was TRON, so I can't imagine doing a movie about the TRON character without having the TRON actor. As far as TRON not being character-driven goes, it was sort of a mess, with so much edited out or canceled before the final cut, so the story in the end result really suffered.

David Warner was the villain from TRON. He was also in "Babylon 5", but just for that one first-season episode where he was the Seeker for the Grail.


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