Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to the usual stuff

Well, I had my three days alone and ended up not doing much of anything different than I would have done if he had still been here. But I do have a much cleaner dining area, though it still needs some work. I have made enough of a dent in it that I will probably move some more furniture and clean behind that. That is a great bother but it should be done once in a while. I am even thinking that while I am in the mood for it I should try and clean behind the major appliances in the kitchen.

In any case I won't be doing much of that today, but maybe tomorrow. Today we are going to go and have lunch with one of his brothers. That would be fine, except for the reason for the visit. Last week, since the unemployment check still hasn't arrived and he needed expense money if he was going to go to work, my husband borrowed some money from this brother. So the brother gave him a check, and my husband went to our bank and cashed it and put half in the checking account and half in his pocket. Then he went out of town to work.

After that, the brother calls to say that we shouldn't cash the check. He has the money, but he didn't put it in the account soon enough to cover the check, so we should wait a couple of days before cashing it.

First, if we could have waited a few days, we probably wouldn't have needed to borrow the money in the first place. So of course we took the check to the bank the day after he wrote it. Second, if he had more money in his pocket than in his account, why didn't he just loan the cash instead of writing the check?

Okay, so we are going to meet up for lunch so that he can give my husband some cash so we can deposit the cash in the bank to cover the check before the bank finds out that it isn't good.

Recently, we got another account at another bank, so that if this business thing works out my husband would have a different account for that. And that account also comes with another personal account, and that bank is the bank that we have the car loan with. So we thought it would be easier to transfer funds from that account to pay the car loan rather than mailing a check or going to the bank every month. So my husband did the payment online, and he didn't see the usual stuff like a confirmation number or action pending or anything like that. So after a few days of not seeing any evidence that the car payment had been made, he tried again. So now they have taken two car payments and say that we are overdrawn and have been charged a fee for that.

So that's been fun.

After lunch and hopefully straightening out some of the banking stuff, we are off to run some other errands. Like, I've run out of birth control pills. And the husband needs some stuff to do with the business thing, like he needs to rent some equipment and put a reserve on that, and he needs some Spanish translations of things and he needs copies of that.

I might have some more time to myself next week, or I might go with him somewhere, or both. In either case we will need expense money, and we are still waiting for the damned unemployment checks.


dmarks said...

Does your state do the thing where unemployment money goes into a debit card, instead of having to wait for checks?

laughingattheslut said...

That is what they said, but that seems silly to me. If they have the option of doing more than writing a check, wouldn't direct deposit be better than waiting for cards to come in the mail?

Okay, so I guess that we are waiting for a card to come in the mail, not a check.

dmarks said...

I didn't know about direct deposit into your own account (if they even do that). But the way the card works in Michigan, you get just one card, and a new account at Chase Bank. From then on, they direct deposit into that new Chase account, which your debit card is tied to.

Ananda girl said...

That is what they do here. Our Food Stamps are that way too. Saves a lot of paper I guess and its good for those people who do not have a bank in town or I.D. for check chasing. We don't have a bank here, so it is a huge hassle if you don't have direct deposit... especially in the winter when you may not be able to drive to a bank.

Why does that take so long? Weird. Here they give you the card when you sign up and you just keep calling to check your balance until the money is there.

That was an odd mix-up with the check.