Friday, July 03, 2009

A lot happened yesterday

Okay, the first thing that happened yesterday was that I noticed Hulu has the third season of Sliders. I used to really love Sliders, but I didn't get to see it much after it switched to cable. So now they have the third season, which is mostly stuff that I haven't seen since it was originally on like ten years ago, and maybe soon they will have the stuff that I never saw on cable.

So that was nice. I was just hoping that wasn't the end of my good luck for the day.

My husband had a meeting with someone about the planned business thing. It was all very exciting. He printed out a lot of stuff and put on a tie and went off to meet someone who might hire them for their first account.

And then he locked me out of the house, which I have already written about.

My husband's meeting seemed to go okay. We'll just have to wait and see. He was only supposed to do this thing on Sundays and maybe Mondays, so that he and the other guy wouldn't have to take time off from their regular jobs. Only, with the way things have been, there hasn't been any work at their regular jobs. So this woman he spoke to talked him into working for her on two Saturdays instead of two Sundays, which means that he will have to ask for time off. And if you can't work on Saturday then they probably won't schedule any work for the rest of the week either. So he has basically asked off for two weeks, and he's not even sure that they will make any money.

Still, it is a bit exciting that he will finally get this thing going in August.

So after getting a little bit of work done and making lunch and then washing dishes and such, I watched a couple of the Slider episodes. And then my husband comes in with the mail, and there is this odd package for me. He said that it felt like asparagus plants. Did I order any asparagus plants? No, I did not order any asparagus plants. It is too late in the year to order asparagus plants. And I don't remember ordering any plants. In fact the only thing that I remember ordering for a while in the Star Trek t-shirts, but they are supposed to take ninety days.

But it did turn out to be my medical/science shirt. So that was cool. I hadn't checked on the order since last week, so I went to check, and it had been sent on the 30th. So I checked on the other orders, and another one had been sent on the 30th, and one had even been sent on the 26th. So I called to ask if the other t-shirts had arrived, but so far they haven't.

But it is still nice to have the one, and now I'll know better if I want to order a bunch more.

I won't be doing anything of interest over the weekend. We don't have any money. I mean, we seriously do not have any money. All this time off, and no money. Not even money for little things that I should get at Home Depot to work on the backyard.

Back to watching Hulu.


Ananda girl said...

Wow. That seems lucky. I love to get stuff out of the blue.

I guess you have to take risks to get going in business.

Money is so tight everywhere.

dmarks said...

Ananda: Out of the blue is right. A Starfleet science/medical shirt is blue-colored.

So, are the shirts good and worth it? I haven't ordered mine yet.

Ananda girl said...

dmarks-- lol Lots of coincidences today.

I forgot to say earlier that I love Sliders. I'm glad to hear that they're on Hulu and to be reminded of them, laughing... thanks!

laughingattheslut said...

I have not yet decided if I like the shirts enough to order more of them. So far I am not liking the color so much. More of a teal like in DS9 than the almost baby blue of TOS.

I should post more about the shirts later. Maybe I shall have a picture taken.

dmarks said...

That would be nice, I think. People are searching to find out what they look like. I know this because they are coming into my blog from such searches.