Friday, July 10, 2009


So I had a day by myself. Nothing exciting happened. I didn't go out and do anything crazy. I didn't start any new projects.

On the other hand, I didn't feel so bad that I had to spend the day in bed. Next month I will probably not be so lucky, but today was okay.

The bad husband didn't call yesterday. He did check in several times this morning, but I was outside the first couple of times. Nothing exciting happened to him either.

Oh, well. fifty bucks is fifty bucks.

I've been having some problems with blogspot lately, so I'm not even sure if anyone will be able to read this. Just sometimes I go to my blog, and I don't see the last thing that I posted. But I know that it is there, so if a click a few things I eventually find it. But, of course, I know that it is there to look for it. Other people don't. So if you don't see it right away, I assume that you go somewhere else and read someone else's new post. It's weird.

I am very slowly getting around to cleaning the kitchen and what is supposed to be the dining room. We rarely dine in it. It is usually just full of boxes and other stuff that gets in the way. It usually doesn't occur to me that this is a problem. When we first got married, we didn't have a table anyway, and we very quickly got into the habit of eating dinner while watching TV in bed. So what did we need a dining table for? We have a table now, but I haven't gotten back into the habit of using it to eat on. So it becomes a place for art projects. Or, at least, it becomes a place for art projects when I have an art project and I don't have too many boxes in the way.

Right now the table is full of canned goods that I am trying to sort through. I've had some of it a long time. I can't find dates on some of them. I wonder if some of it isn't good to eat anymore.

Anyway, this is the serious cleaning that involves moving a bit of furniture. I rarely do this at all, and I don't think that I've done it this late in the summer before. It is too hot to move furniture. But, at some point I got seriously into moving the boxes around, and then scrubbing the floor, and then I thought that I might as well move some shelves and clean behind them. And now that I've started that process, I should probably go ahead and finish it.

I now have three of the Kellogg's Star Trek t-shirts. I still didn't take a picture of any of them. I will have to do that after my husband gets back. I think that I bought forty-two boxes of cereal. But that's alright. I got a good deal on most of it, and we are actually eating the cereal. We still have a lot of it, but I doubt that it will last all year like I first thought.

My mom hasn't called yet. Hopefully that will last another day or so. Though it won't last for much longer, as there is a family thing that should be coming up soon. It has just occured to me that we will probably go to lunch or something, and I don't have any money.

This sucks.


Ananda girl said...

Well maybe if she wants you to go to lunch you can use that as an excuse... sorry mom, can't afford it right now.

As long as you have cereal you have food.

I have had trouble with blogger too. Sometimes other people's posts do not show up on my dash. I have missed dmarks posts that way a few times and other ones. It upsets me. So now I check the ones that I follow most closely.

dmarks said...

I hope blogger/blogspot is not collapsing from its own weight.

I had to move an organ today.