Saturday, July 18, 2009

A month ago

Last month at about this time I was getting ready to hang out with my friends. I was working on a new witch hat, which was supposed to be for the Harry Potter premiere, but I had also hoped to wear it that Saturday to show off to my friends while we did this goofy thing at one of our usual get-togethers. I didn't get finished with the hat and wore one of my old hats that Saturday, still thinking that I would finish the new hat in plenty of time to wear to the Harry Potter premiere.

And I asked for details on the Harry Potter premiere, but there didn't seem to be any solid plans to do anything specific, other than we were committed to being at a particular theater. No one really seemed very interested in getting an early start getting ready for the thing. We went to dinner or something.

And that same Saturday, I picked up some DVDs that my friend from the great white north wanted, only he hadn't seen any, while around here they were for sale at a discount. So I was supposed to buy the DVDs, and then I would send them to him and he would send me the money for the DVDs and the postage. Before sending them on to him, I was going to watch them, in part to make sure that they weren't damaged, as you can only get refunds or exchanges a week after purchase, and if he found out that they were damaged after I sent them it would be too late to do anything about it.

So it is a month later, and I still haven't sent him the DVDs. I did watch most of them that first week, though to tell the truth the last two disks were more skimmed through than actually watched. They didn't seem to be damaged, though I did notice that they sometimes didn't show the main menu when asked. So not so much damage, more of a glitch, and for all I know it has more to do with my VCR than the DVDs themselves. Anyway, it didn't seem like something that was worth going to exchange for another set, since next set would probably have the same problem (if in fact there was a problem at all and not just a quirk of my VCR), and this set had already been inspected for damage. So I should have just said that the first week that I had them, but I forgot. And now I realize that I have had these things three weeks longer than I planned to, and I just forgot to ask about sending them.

I never finished the new witch hat. I never made any additions or repairs to any of my costumes. I didn't go with my friends to the Harry Potter premiere, and when I went to my local theater, the only part of my costume that I wore was the scarf. I had changed my mind from wanting to go all out and be at the movie theater with my friends all four days to thinking that maybe I just wouldn't go at all.

Okay, so today is the day of one of our usual get-togethers, and afterwards they will be going to that theater. So I'm thinking that I would like to go just this last day, just to see if the decorated the theater and what everyone else is wearing. I shouldn't waste the gas, but I'll be going almost halfway there anyway, so it wouldn't be that much. I am trying to decide if I want to get all dressed up, or if I just want to wear my regular clothes and look around for a little bit.

In either case, some of my friends will want to go to dinner, and I have to decide about that. I shouldn't spend the money. So, should I go with them and just maybe buy a soda, or should I eat with them, or should I make excuses and not go at all?

This has just be the strangest month around here with the money problems and me constantly changing my mind about things.


dmarks said...

I'd say "go for it". Get the soda, or get a slice of pizza and water. After all, you said you will be halfway there anyway, and you have been thinking on and off about this for a while.

There's a chance we might go see the movie today. It's too late for the premiere festivities, so we will probably leave our Gryffindor scarves at home. But on the other hand.... it's kind of cold now, so maybe there is wisdom in wearing them. If we go. It's not a matter of cost (the tickets are free), but a matter of both of us being well enough to go.

About the DVD problems? Some DVD players are cantankerous, and like old men, they get more cantankerous over time.

Ananda girl said...

I agree with dmarks... go! Have fun and enjoy it. A cup of soup or a side salad does it for me.