Monday, August 24, 2009

601th post: Go check out this other blog

Okay, you apparently missed the big 600th post. So go back and read that. Then go and check out David's blog at David would like two thousand readers.

So all four of you (five if you count David), please go over and look at David's blog. It won't take you that long. In fact, it will probably take less time to read his entire blog than it does to read one of my usual posts.

Great. Now David is well on his way to getting two thousand readers.

Okay, now back to business as usual.


David Lee said...

Thank you for the post.
I really think the campaign will get more attention towards the end when I feel more pain. So far, it is nothing out of ordinary since it is only day #8. There have been actually handful of people who have done this for more than 20 days. I just gotta make it more entertaining for the people I guess.

Ananda girl said...

How bizarre.