Friday, August 14, 2009

Another fine mess you've gotten me into

Okay, the business thing starts tomorrow, and I could just throw up or something. I haven't done this in seven years. I don't really remember what it is that I'm supposed to do.

We have the laptop back, but I didn't really have time to do anything with it before my husband had to go to work.

It has been a busy morning. First, he had to talk to someone about the business. Then, we had to meet the guy to get back our computer and such. We had something to eat, and then we had to go to get the rental equipment. Then we stopped at a store on the way home to get something for my hair. (I haven't done anything special with my hair in so long, I couldn't find anything. Maybe the last time I did my hair was last Halloween, and I threw stuff away after that.) Then we came home and listened to our phone messages and he decided to go back to the rental place to trade something. It seems obvious now, but we got a few things wrong.

My brother called and wanted me to call him back at work. He wanted us to meet with him after work (and my husband usually works too late to do that). Can it wait til Sunday? I really can't think about anything but this business stuff until Saturday is over.

Well, he wanted to talk about the business.

I don't want to talk about the business. I don't really want to talk to anyone about anything for the rest of the day, but I especially don't want to talk about the business. I really can't explain the whole business thing to someone in one day anyway, and I especially don't want to try it the day before I have to get up early and work.

My mom sounded friendly this morning and wanted to know if she could do anything. At first I had said no. Then I thought if she went and got about six hundred in change from the bank so I would have someone to call if I needed any, that would help. And she probably wouldn't even have to bring me any of it, just know that someone can bring me change if I need it helps. No one wants to sell you any change on a Saturday afternoon. Just go buy some change, and if we need it we'll call, and if we don't call just take it back to the bank on Monday. Or maybe we'll buy some of it for next weekend.

Other than that, I can't think of anything that would be helpful. Everybody leaving me alone til Sunday would be helpful.

I keep remembering things that I forgot, and then we have to go and get it. Yesterday I remembered that we didn't have any of those pens that check for counterfeit money. So we were off to the office supply place. This morning I needed hair stuff. I forgot about needing lunch stuff tomorrow.

My husband couldn't find a file that he needed to print some forms from.

Okay. Can't you just copy some?

Yes, but I can't find it. Everything takes too long when you are in a hurry. I can't find it.

But if it is like the one in your hand, can't you just copy it? The printer makes copies.


So he told me to make copies and enlarge them if I could figure it out. Okay. That takes some guess work, but I think I've got the right size on the third try. He said he needed five copies. That can't be right, unless he already has five copies somewhere else. Better make ten copies.

Stuff like that went on all yesterday and this morning. You forget that you need something, and you go to the store, or you forget that you have something or don't know where to find it.

I should be practicing, but he didn't have time to show me much of anything new. So I'm probably not going to practice much. I'm going to put my hair up so that I don't have to do it later. Then I'm going to eat and watch the X-files. Then I'm going to eat some more and watch more X-files.

I hate to even answer the phone. If something is wrong, I can't fix it. And I don't want to explain more about the business to my mom and brother. Whatever they have to say cannot possibly help today. I will just get upset from talking to them. We have the rental equipment, and we have lunch stuff, and we now have copies of forms and I now even have hair stuff. There just can't be anything else. There can't be. I'm done.

And I don't want any more pep talks about I'll do fine if I'll just smile at people.


Ananda girl said...

No pep talks here. I am sorry its so stressful though. Good luck!

dmarks said...

Make sure you get a good chair, and have something refreshing to drink.

Anonymous said...

What excellent phrase