Friday, August 07, 2009

Stuff must all be done by Tuesday

Today we will have to go and see about paying the car insurance, and then we will have to withdraw whatever is left in the account and pay cash for everything. My husband has canceled the overdraw protection on the account. I am thinking that is a mistake, but he did it anyway.

This could get ugly.

So he will take cash with him on this trip (if there is even enough money left for going on the trip), and I am still not sure if I am going with him. The originally planned three night stay is now only a two night stay, cause there just isn't enough money left to drive up there the day before. It is unpleasant to have to make a long drive before having to put in a full day of work, but he has done it before. The reasons for me going with him are now down to possibly having a swim (if we can get a motel with a pool), going to a free museum, and looking at a historical building Thursday morning before lunch, which he might not feel up to anyway after all the work and the driving on Wednesday. The motel without the pool is ten dollars less, so we would probably not bother with the pool anyway.

Maybe I will just stay here. I don't know.

I have now had a look at the scheduled week after next, and it involves two days in Oklahoma, but not two consecutive days. This usually means that we would just stay in the motel for the extra day and find something fun to do. But with the way things are now, we might just have to drive all the way home and then drive back the next day, cause we might not have the extra money for the extra motel stay.

In fact, if the business thing does not work out, I'm not sure we will have any money at all. I know that we don't have anymore paychecks coming in before then, and I'm not sure that any expense money would be reimbursed by then either.

And of course one of the days he is supposed to work in Oklahoma is the day before the second thing with the new business. So that is bad anyway.

For my part, I have to clean the living room area.

Of course, I am always having to clean something and making a big deal about it, but this is different. It isn't so much that I have to make anything clean, and it certainly isn't about making anything look neat and orderly. It is about just needing some temporary floor space. When my husband goes to pick up the rented equipment, he will need to put all of that stuff in the minivan, which means that all the stuff that he normally carries around in the minivan will have to go someplace else. So I'm trying to make room for it in the living room, which means not only doing the normal cleaning and such (which needed to be done anyway), but now I'm also pushing stuff against the wall and stacking things on top of each other.

I made a start on that yesterday, so I hope to get finished with that today. If I don't finish with it by Tuesday, I will have to stay home from the trip whether or not I want to go.

The good news about the cleaning is that I did find the weedblock fabric that I had misplaced earlier. And it wasn't even under a pile of stuff, it was just leaning against the wall in a dark corner where I didn't see it. So now I can go out and finish that little piece of the garden path and see how it looks before I buy anymore gravel.

Not that I will have any money for buying more gravel anytime soon, but it would still be nice to see how it looks.

So that is what I am doing today. Anyway, I should feel a little bit better after we go and pay the car insurance. I have gotten behind on bills before, but never on the car insurance, and the idea of being without it really makes me nervous.

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Ananda girl said...

I can imagine that it will be a big relief to take care of the insurance.

Glad you found the weed fabric and can do that spot of your walk way.