Saturday, August 29, 2009

Should I go hang out with the Klingons?

Well, that is the question of the day, and I might not arrive at the answer until just before it is time to meet up with them.

First thing to be decided, do I want to hang out with Klingons? Yes, actually, I do. Some of them are friends of mine. And I have been to this particular event before and I enjoyed it. I didn't go last year, but I don't remember why.

Possibly, I couldn't decide what to wear.

And that is getting to be a problem again, and probably it is the main reason I have such a difficult time deciding. I have nothing Klingon to wear, that is for sure. But it isn't necessary to wear anything Klingon. I could wear something Vulcan, but even that is not required. It is acceptable just to go as a human, but preferably, to at least go as a nice dressed human. And I would have preferred to wear a nice dress that they hadn't all seen me wear before.

I haven't had the time or the money to go out and get something new. At this point, I am even starting to worry that I won't have anything good to wear on Halloween.

My friends advise me to wear something that I haven't worn in a while, possibly something that I've already worn to a Halloween party, only remove anything from the outfit that just screams Halloween. The Klingons wouldn't have seen it, and most of my friends will probably have forgotten I already had that dress. The problem with wearing a dress from that far back is that there is probably a reason that I don't wear it anymore. Like it probably doesn't fit me anymore. Or it needs to be cleaned and probably isn't worth spending the money on it.

I have decided not to wear my newest black dress. As I am having no luck with getting together a new Halloween costume, I may end up wearing that to the Halloween party. So putting that one away, what else do I have?

I have one that I haven't worn for a long time, and it has the bra sown in. But, after cleaning it and trying it on, I've decided that it is a bit too snug. I can certainly get into it, but I don't think that I would be comfortable in it for very long. And then there are two other dress that I think I look good in and would be comfortable in. One of them I wore last time I went to this thing. The other one I haven't worn in a while, and the Klingons haven't seen it, while most of my other friends have. But both of these require a certain black bra which I have, but at the moment, I cannot find it.

If I eliminate everything else that I would find to snug or otherwise uncomfortable, I'm left with a few things that look rather dull as they are, and I haven't the time to make them look more interesting.

So if I am going, I will either need to find the missing black bra, or, I will look dull.

And what is the point of going to hang out with Klingons if one is going to look dull?

Then I come to the questions like, am I in the mood for this anyway? Maybe I should know that with the way everything else is, I probably won't have a good time anyway. Maybe I should just skip it. But I usually have a good time at this sort of thing, and it has been such a long time, and I need to go out and at least try to have a good time, don't I?

And then last of all, there is the money situation. Going to this thing will cost me at least fifteen or twenty dollars. I spent about that on groceries yesterday. Maybe I would be better off keeping the money to buy more groceries. Anyway, part of this thing is to collect for a charity, so you bring stuff to donate, and for me that would be about five dollars of the groceries I bought yesterday. And then there is at least another ten dollars to go to the thing, and the gas to go to the thing. And then there is more money that I might spent once I get to the thing, and while I probably won't spend a lot of extra money, it is good to at least take some extra money, just in case.

Almost two weeks ago, my husband and I had what I thought was a strange conversation about the new business. The salesman had quit, and I took over his job. And I did the best that I could, but really, I'm just not into sales. So if the salesman had done his job, he and my husband would have split the money that they took in, after they took out the money for the rental equipment and paid for the expenses (not all the expenses, just the ones specifically for that particular account), which when I did the sales part turned out to only be about nine hundred dollars, but if the salesman had stayed probably would have been more.

So my husband was willing to split the money with the salesman, but after I did the work instead, he asked me if I expected half of the money. And he seemed to be saying that he knew I had worked hard and deserved to get paid something, but not half. So it seemed an odd thing to say, that the other guy deserved half but his wife did not. And of course, considering the small amount that we made, it seemed odd to discuss how it should be divided anyway. We need to pay the car and the rent, and I doubt that there is going to be much left to split after that anyway.

If we had made several thousand dollars that we imagined that we would make, I damned well better get half. But from the money that we did make, I didn't expect that much. I wanted to go out to dinner at least once (which we did way more than once and spent too much), and I wanted some garden stuff, and I wanted to go ahead and buy tickets to this and to the Halloween party. So I don't think that I'm being unreasonable about spending this amount of money, except that I didn't really plan to spend as much as we did at restaurants, and I don't know how much more money will be coming in for the next few weeks, and I didn't have enough left to pay the credit card people.

So maybe I'm feeling a little guilty that I forgot to put anything aside for the credit card. But really, if I skip this, I still won't have enough to pay them anything this month. I'm just wondering if I will feel bad about spending the money next time they call.

Well, I had better go look for that black bra.

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