Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gift exchanges

That went well enough, though we did not have all seven of us together at once. Five of us went to dinner, and we saw the other two later. Two of the people at dinner got an IOU, but they didn't seem to mind it that much.

I got baked goods from somebody, though not the somebody I thought. She seemed surprised that we all thought we were getting cookies or something. Some of us got cookies, and some did not. But she still liked the fruit basket.

I received a necklace with a dragon on it. I have several that I don't really wear anymore, but not one like this. And I have this personalized thing coffee/tea thing, and while I don't drink coffee I am trying to drink more tea cause of the whole antioxidant thing. I have some Bath and Body Works stuff and a little digital frame and a really cool watch.

In the official gift exchange I got some DVDs, but after closer inspection they do not quite appear to be what I thought they were. And they are used, which I wouldn't mind so much (especially if they were what I had thought that they were), but these already look used, so now I'm a bit worried that they won't play. My artwork went to someone I don't know very well, but as with the earlier party it made me feel good that what I gave was "stolen." So it seemed to be wanted by someone, and I hope he will be happy with it.

Someone else gave me a DVD of something I like, but I was warned that it might not play on my machine. That's okay, if it doesn't work on my machine I'll find someone else who can use it. This wasn't really a like a Christmas present, this was just, here, someone take this, I don't want it anymore. No problem, I will take it.

Several people left the gift exchange with phasers. Don't mess with us, we're armed now.

I somehow ended up staying out past three in the morning. Most of this year I have tried to stay up til ten and ended up falling asleep at nine or earlier, so I didn't expect to stay out that long, and in fact I had somehow gotten it into my head that it was two hours earlier. Time flies and all of that. Anyway, at some point I thought that it was eleven, and then we watched the new Star Trek movie after that, so I was thinking it was one or so, and then I got into my car and saw that it was after three. So I wasn't in bed until after three-thirty.

Still, I managed to wake up around five and a bit before six I gave up trying to get back to sleep.

Okay, most of the Christmas stuff over for now, except for wrapping a couple of presents. And finishing up the two scarves for the people who received IOUs.


dmarks said...

Sounds like a good time.

If the DVDs are some funny thing that won't play on your DVD player (say, like DIVX burns), you can always play them on the computer and convert them to regular DVDs there.

Ananda girl said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. Now that everything is done, you can relax for a time. Cool beans!