Saturday, December 26, 2009

The seventh day of Christmas

The sixth day of Christmas was yesterday, actual Christmas Day itself. I didn't do anything. While it isn't unusual to do very little on Christmas Day after we've already had our main family thing the night before, it was unusual to do nothing at all. Mom called once just to see that we were okay, and that was about it. Mom didn't invite us to do anything, and no other relatives called to suggest anything. If grandma was up to having visitors, no one mentioned it to me. And my brother did not call to suggest watching a movie.

Which was just as well, as I spent most of the day with a bit of a headache. Other than that I tried to work on a scarf while I watched some of my Stargate DVDs. Before yesterday I hadn't found any serious problems, but now it looks like disk five mostly doesn't work.

I mostly feel better now. The seventh day of Christmas (and the eighth day of Christmas), is a shopping day. So I am just sort of sitting here, debating with myself if and when to venture out. I don't especially want or need anything in particular, and I probably won't get any really good deals for about a week, but I will probably go out and have a look anyway. I'm thinking that a bit before seven would be good. That is when Target will open. And then there is Walmart, which I would avoid today, except that I again need some yarn, and I would rather just try there than head out to Hobby Lobby again. I love Hobby Lobby, but it is a bit far away for what I would like to do today, plus it is right near the mall and I don't want to deal with the traffic. I just want to look at a few things and go back home.

And I am wondering about the ice. There was ice on the 24th, though there did not seem to be much actually on the streets. But I do think that there was probably ice on the parking lots, since there was ice on the driveways and sidewalks. And it hasn't been enough above freezing for it to melt, and since there were no cars driving about to wear it away, whatever ice was there on the night of the 24th must still be there.

If I knew that for sure, I would just stay home. As it is I will probably get dressed as soon as I finish this and go have a look for myself.


Ananda girl said...

Well if you go out, just be careful!
Other drivers are preoccupied this time of year and so many stupid accidents happen. But have fun shopping too!

dmarks said...

And let us know what interesting sales you find, too.

laughingattheslut said...

Well, I don't do much buying on this day, only 50% off. 75% is more interesting to me, and even then some stuff can wait for the 90% off sale.

So for my first trip out, the good news is that I only spent about twenty dollars or so. The bad news is that about half of that was cookies.

Not entirely cookies though. At 50% off I'm just not that excited about the Christmas decorations and such, unless there was something that I just really really wanted, which this year there wasn't. But at 50% off you might as well buy food and such that you will buy anyway, except that this food is either green and red, or else comes in a package that is green and red. So there were a lot of green cookies, cause I figure I will buy cookies anyway. I usually don't buy so many all at once, but I do buy them. Two packages of the cake-like cookies with frosting, oreos with green insides, and little gingerbread men that are not available most of the rest of the year. And then there were nuts and sausage and crackers, and then there were non-Christmas items that just happened to be on sale, like hot chocolate and bread.

Anyway, this is getting a bit long, so I will continue the rest in a new post.