Thursday, December 03, 2009

Maybe we will just call that a practice piece

Okay, so my husband is gone for the week, and I have dreams of getting the house cleaned while getting this knitting done. The piece on the machine is for a friend, and it needs to be done before the 19th.

If R and J are reading, they can either stop reading or keep their mouths shut.

Okay, so I imagined that on Monday I would at least knit 36 rows and get some cleaning done. And I got to work on the knitting right away, as soon as he left the house. And I would get some of it done, realize that I had made a mistake, and then have to unravel the piece back to row 9. I tried again, knitted a few more rows, decided that I didn't like the way it looked, and again unraveled the piece back to row 9.

At this point I decided that diagonals were the problem. I made a new design with rectangles and started again with that on Tuesday.

So that looked better, and by Tuesday night I was at about row 50. I hadn't do anything but knit and watch a little TV while I was eating or just resting. The knitting hurts my back, so my back is killing me. The knitting machine works better if I am standing up, but to see what I am doing I have to sit down. So it is stand up, sit down, bend over and look at something, stand up again, etc....

I make a mistake, and then I have to unravel a few rows.

I do nothing but knit, watch TV, and eat. I haven't had time to clean anything yet. I haven't done the laundry. I haven't even done the dishes. This is very bad. And my back is killing me.

Wednesday morning, I decide that the design is still a bit too complicated, and the glow in the dark part just isn't working. And I see a major flaw at row 9. I take the whole thing off of the machine and start over.

After spending most of Wednesday knitting, I am now at about row 70. I will have to add the glow in the dark stuff later. My friend might be getting an IOU for Christmas.

My back is killing me. I need a break. Today I will probably not knit anything before lunch. I really must at least wash the dishes. I plan to run some errands and watch a movie at the dollar place.

Okay, so I'm at row 70. By now I expected to have twice that done, plus have a lot of cleaning done. It is Thursday. I have to have a lot of cleaning done by Saturday or I cannot go out of town on Sunday, and I will be gone at least until Wednesday, so I can't work on that particular knitting project until probably next Thursday. That was why it was so important to do most of it this week, and I am only on row 70 of a project that has about 470 rows. Plus there is more work to do on it after I take it off of the machine.

I will be doing more knitting when I go out of town. I would usually take the knitting machine with me, but not this time. This piece is too complicated for me to move it. I will work on other projects. I will take almost finished pieces with me and add the fringe. And hopefully I will get the round knitting machines to work and make a new scarf (hopefully two) that I can put in the gift exchange that is on the 13th.

I am not getting enough sleep. And my back is killing me.

I had the strangest dream last night. My husband shot someone, and I was pretty sure that he was going to shoot me too. And then we were hiding somewhere. I had lied about the shooting, but then the evidence just didn't match up with what I had said, but by that time we were gone. I try to help him, but he just becomes this crazy homeless person. I go home and tell everyone that I lied because I was afraid of him. It takes me a while to get that I really was afraid of him. I have to get a divorce, and deal with all the hassles of that, and find out that there additional problems when trying to divorce a crazy homeless person who is wanted by the police.

So that was a pleasant way to start the morning. I sort of feel sick.

So, it is Thursday, and so far no one has called me about Grandma. I expected to hear something about her on Monday or Tuesday. I wonder if the plans were postponed, or if my mom just finally decided to leave me out of it. I should call her and find out what is going on, but I really don't want to. I think that I will have one more day of peace and not call her til tomorrow. I should at least tell her that I'm planning to go out of town on Sunday.

Okay, enough of this. Time to wash some dishes.