Monday, December 21, 2009

No more Survivor

Last night was the season finale of Survivor, and I did not watch it. I am happy to say that I did not watch any of this season. Not the first episode, not the last episode, not any episodes in between, not one of those "highlights of" video clips, not part of an episode that a friend said I should see, nothing. Zip. Did not watch it at all.

I loved the first season. I loved it so much that if I'd gotten home in time I probably would have made an audition video for the second season. I watched the first season and the season season and the third season and really enjoyed them and I watched and enjoyed many seasons after that.

And then I noticed sort of a sexual harassment situation on one of the shows that resulted in the woman leaving. Not that I'm saying the man really meant to do anything bad, or that he was trying to get the woman to have sex with him, or that he did it on purpose to get the woman to leave, just that there is already a total lack of privacy on the show, and there really isn't anything set up to handle such things if there is a real problem.

And then it happened again, a woman got really upset, and the woman left the show.

Besides the fact that people accidentally see each other naked on the show, if you want to run around naked all day, there's really nothing to be done about that. And if you can use that to your advantage on a challenge, or if you can just annoy other people to death with it, no one will stop you from doing it, and it might even improve the ratings and be encouraged.

And then I started to notice the physical challenges. Some of the stuff used was poorly constructed, and there is no safety equipment. And people get hurt, and again it is good for the ratings.

I was thinking that I shouldn't watch the show anymore, that I shouldn't encourage this sort of thing, but then I still watched the pirate island one and the all-star one. It started to get interesting again, but still nothing was done about safety equipment or people running around naked.

In the all star game, Susan left after getting upset when Richard played a challenge against her naked.

I seriously tried to stop watching the show after that. Not that I stopped watching right then, I watched the rest of that season, but I wanted to stop watching any seasons that followed. But I would see part of show with a friend and start watching again after that.

Okay, so I didn't watch much of the last season, and I couldn't tell you anything about many of the seasons before that. I think that I might finally be over it.

Now if someone comes up with the Stalking the Wild Asparagus show, I would probably watch that. I might even try to be in that. But I'm not interested in Survivor anymore.


Ananda girl said...

I think it outlived itself by at least one season. But then, I was never really into either. I understand it was a game, but at the same time it seemed to me that it brought out the worst rather than the best in most people.

dmarks said...

Long after everyone else is forgotten, "The Other Richard Hatch" might live on, and end up in Trivial Pursuit questions or something.

I hardly watched it ever. But sometimes I sort of wish I had watched the Rupert episodes.