Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We are expecting snow today

I wouldn't believe them, except that it snowed on Christmas Eve. Yesterday was a fine day, though we found out it was a bit cool to spend much time in the park after we did not bring our coats. But today it is supposed to start snowing at about lunch time. We must remember to go out and buy a few things first, like lottery tickets.

My husband has bought about five or ten pounds of this gourmet Italian bacon stuff. While I would have no problem eating about five or ten pounds of regular bacon, given enough time, I think that I'm already getting a bit tired of this stuff. It is really good for some stuff, but it isn't what I am used to, so I guess that I would rather not have it for breakfast. Anyway, we will go to the grocery store and buy a few things so we can eat this fancy bacon the way it is supposed to be prepared.

I did not find the matching yarn yesterday, so I will put the current scarf aside and start on a completely new one. I have three skeins of soft white yarn, and if I run out I will keep the label so that I can buy more matching yarn. After all of this practice, I should end up with a really nice scarf, though at this rate the pilot will get his Christmas present for Valentine's Day, which would totally be the wrong message.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, that is when the club usually has a fundraising auction, so it is about time that I start looking around to decide if I am going to put anything into it.

I had better get dressed now if I plan to go anywhere before the storm.


dmarks said...

It seems like it never stops snowing here lately.

Have you considered trying the special bacon as a pizza topping? With fennel and all. And also torn into bits in an omelette.

Ananda girl said...

Its snowing here today too. But that's kind of normal for us. Drive carefully!

laughingattheslut said...

The snow wasn't much of a storm, just snow, and it didn't show up until after 3pm. And it wasn't much to look at. I suppose that it made a bit of a mess, but I am thinking that there is not much left of it this morning to cause trouble. They have been going on about how better prepared they are for such things compared to Christmas Eve, but of course when they are prepared nothing much happens.

It was sausage pizza that had the fennel, not bacon. But yes, bacon pizza was the first thing that we had with the stuff. Then there was bacon in salad, and bacon and egg in a tortilla, and then just bacon with cheese and bread and such, and then I got tired of it. Yesterday we had it with the pasta recipe that he wanted to try. It was good, but I could still use a break from it.

dmarks said...

Bacon bits for future salads, pizza, omelettes, etc should freeze OK so you can have a break from this and try it later.

It does sound like you are getting all baconed out.