Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Movies and bad dreams and junk

We went to see The Book of Eli on Monday. I liked it. Dmarks will probably like it. A lot of other people won't care for it much. I had almost figured out the ending, about the book, but not quite, and it was just a bit better than what I had imagined it would be. Dmarks will probably guess it more correctly.

And then we went to see 2012 at the dollar theater. Well, I still tend to call it the dollar theater. It is more correctly called a second run theater, and the price is now gone up to $1.25 or $1.75, depending on what time of day you go. And I had wanted to 2012 when it came out, but my husband did not want to see it, so after a few weeks had passed I decided that I might as well wait for it to be at the second run theater, which happened just this past Friday. So I was planning to go sometime this week, and as we had other business in the area yesterday we both went, and I talked him into seeing the movie with him on the condition that I buy him a hotdog. I buy hotdogs at this theater, because they are a dollar, and that is about what they are worth, and I rarely buy any food or drink from theaters because the price is nowhere near what the food is worth.

And when we got to the theater, there was a line of people, which is rare on a weekday, and we wondered what was going on. And then I remembered that it was Tuesday, and I almost changed my mind about the whole thing and left. But it turned out not to be so bad. Anyway, sometimes the theater will run a promotion that makes the tickets fifty cents on Tuesdays, and I had forgotten about it and forgot that it was Tuesday. So this theater that is almost empty any other time that I would go actually had people in it. And this has always puzzled me, and I would never make a special effort to be there on a Tuesday to save fifty cents (now seventy-five cents or even a dollar twenty-five after six). Isn't a dollar or so cheap enough? I would much rather pay a little extra money and not have to deal with all these extra people. So I wonder what all these other people are thinking, that two of them don't want to spend four dollars and fifty cents (or five dollars and fifty cents after six o'clock) to see a movie and eat a hotdog, but on Tuesday they will stand in line to spend three dollars for the same thing. It isn't like actually seeing a movie for free, or seeing the movie before anyone else does, or getting a first run theater ticket for half price, or getting popcorn and such for half price.

It puzzles me, but the promotion obviously works for the theater.

And I have recently found Redbox video, which is a vending machine in a grocery store. That and the pay at the pump gas is probably the main reason that I still have an ATM card, otherwise I would have gone ahead an closed the account while I don't have a job. So we have recently watched Battle for Terra (which is rather like a cartoon version of Avatar, only without the avatars), and yesterday I also watched Carriers. I didn't watch Carriers when it was at the theaters, cause I had not heard of it. It is one of those movies about a plague that could totally wipe out humanity. I tend to watch a lot of those, and this one I had not even heard of. It isn't the best movie, but it isn't bad either. And it stars our new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine. And I was thinking that they were going to Port Aransas or South Padre Island, except that at the beginning of the movie they have surf boards, and there is no surf to speak of in Texas.

So of course after having seen The Book of Eli and Carriers, I tend to have weird dreams. Really depressing dreams where people sit around waiting for something bad to happen, and there's no gas, and maybe we have to move or something. So last night I had this dream and we had to move. I have dreams about moving, cause I hate moving. When I was eleven and I moved for the first time, it was all a big adventure, but mostly since then it has just been a big hassle. You have to throw things away, and while it is good to throw away stuff once in a while, this is different, as you end up throwing out a refrigerator or something like that, cause it just isn't worth spending money to have it moved. So I had this dream where we were moving, either back to the house (which is impossible), or back to the apartment (which is impractical). Neither makes any sense. And I have a deadline and no money to pay to move the big items like the refrigerator, and I have to throw away my artwork.

For some reason in this dream I am also trying to make out with a certain friend, and there are all these other people around, and that doesn't seem to bother me. So that is something that I would never do, especially with this particular person, as one of the nice things about him as that he is not overly touchy-feely and gives me my space, and it is just hard to imagine us ever being anything but friends so why would I ruin it by trying to make out with him? Luckily I do not expect to see him for a while, and I hope to get this image out of my head before then.

Anyway, I had this very disturbing dream about moving all of my stuff to another place which makes no damn sense, and then I woke up and could not get back to sleep after that.

I do not think that I will do much of anything today. After a couple of days effort (you didn't think that I did any work at all with all of the movie watching), I have sold a box of books and donated a box of clothes. My husband also sold a box of books and donated a lot of clothes. So that is something, but as usual I do not even see the empty space of where the items used to be. It is hardly worth the effort, if getting rid of stuff does not result in having more space. Still, I should have another go at it.


dmarks said...

The trailer for "Eli" looked good. A movie reviewer I listen to every morning, named Chuck Rich, hated it. However, I consider him one of those "reverse reviewers": I tend to like what he hates, and vice-versa. As I've mentioned before, I to tend to like post-acocalypse movies and books. Reviewer Chuck Rich hates them. I saw the beginning of Ebert's review on it, and it just looked like a weirdly-written review.

Otherwise in terms of movies, I might see "Smoke Signals" tonight. It's free, and the director will be there. We've been chipping away at the extras on the newest ST movie, and took time to see "Trials and Tribulations" (the DS9 Tribble episode) for the first time since the episode premiered.

One interesting thing in the extras of the ST movie are the shots of Klingons at the prison planet, running around in Darth Vaderish masks. But anyway...

Theatre food prices are ridiculous. But hey, thet's where they make a lot of profits. One thing I like about the State Theatre is that they often give out popcorn and drinks, and the normal prices are quite low (like %5.00 for medium bucket and drink). The "community" movie theatre in your area is probably like that. Or should be.

Ananda girl said...

I will see Eli eventually no doubt. But the movie I am really excited about at this point is The Wolfman.
I know, the theme is sort of overdone, but I have rarely seen a movie with Anthony Hopkins in it that I did not like and it also has Benicio del Toro in it... and he makes a wonderful evil thing.

Dreams can be very unsettling to me too. Especially when they involve people that I care about being in danger or trouble.

In a way I think they also are stress reducers, even the bad ones. Sometimes they help me to focus on what is behind my concerns. I don't know if I am the only one who feels like that or not.

dmarks said...

On the Wolfman movie, by going back to at least some version of the Lawrence Talbot character from the classic Lon Chaney movies, it makes it more interesting to me, and yes, more original... I don't think they've touched on the Talbot story for decades.