Thursday, January 14, 2010

Plans for the weekend

I should finish the scarf today. Well, that isn't exactly true. I should finish with the scarf being on the machine today, and then there is still a bit of work to be done (and I'm not sure how long that will take as I have never tried some of it before), and then there will be the usual bit of joining the edges and adding fringe and such which will take four or five hours.

Anyway, I am hoping that if I really work on it I should be able to finish it by Saturday and give it to my friend.

Even if I don't get it done by Saturday, it still feels good that the end is in sight, for something. And Saturday should be fun anyway. A day out with my friends is usually good. We have games and trivia scheduled. This year they expect so many people will want to play that it is planned that we should play on five-person teams. Last year it was an individual event, and I won, which means that plenty of people should want to be on my team.

I would rather have it all decided before Saturday, but so far I've only asked three people to join me (I can't decide who should be our fifth), and only one of them has emailed me back. He wants to be on my team, and he just thinks that the rest of it will sort itself out on Saturday without any problems.

Also on Saturday, we are supposed to dig up a time capsule. Or, at least, someone else is supposed to dig it up earlier so that we can have it opened on Saturday. There are plans concerning this that might get us thrown out of the restaurant, but we will see what happens.

I'm not crazy about that restaurant anyway, I just never know where else we should go.

I can't remember if we had originally planned to dig up the time capsule at the ten year point, or if they just thought it was a good idea to do it now. We had buried the thing at the home of a couple who got divorced a couple of years ago, and she's having trouble paying the bills by herself. Maybe it is just a good idea to dig up the thing while it is still her house.

Anyway, there is talk of putting new stuff in it and burying it again. I have given no thought as to what I would add. Nothing comes to mind, except maybe a scarf, and I'm not going to waste making a scarf to put into a time capsule.

It is one thing to make a scarf that no one will ever buy, and quite a different thing entirely to make a scarf that no one will ever see.

As for the rest of what is going on here, it is about the usual. We have been told that we have twenty-five weeks left of unemployment, my husband has no schedule for the next two or three weeks after Saturday, I am now told that while I thought at least everything was okay with the car we are a month behind on the payments, etc.... And I get nothing useful done with my time while my husband is home, and so now of course he is home all of the time.

But at least I'm going to go do something fun on Saturday.

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